Whoever you talk to, there are certain bright lines, or must haves, to create your six-figure coaching business. Clarity on these sets you up for momentum and results.

I see so many coaches out there following different programs and mentors and getting overwhelmed and confused. They’re spending tens of thousands of dollars and untold hours creating businesses that will not bring in their ideal clients.

What does it really take? Here are six pillars that will be the foundation of your successful business.

  1. Know your ideal client and the challenge that you help them solve. When you begin with this pillar, you will be able to connect so deeply with those you are meant to serve and they will recognize you as their coach.
  2. Create your signature program. Test out different tactics and strategies with your ideal clients to make sure you know what works best to help your ideal clients get the results that they are looking for.
  3. Design your investment packages. Start with one simple offer and create a VIP version and a starter version. This makes it easier to sell. Repetition creates recognition.
  4. Implement effective marketing strategies that bring ease. There are simple and effective ways to do this that avoid detours and keep you on a straight path.
  5. Learn how to lead conversations that generate cash. Your presence and energy are most important here, and there are powerful questions you can ask that allow your ideal clients to sell themselves on working with you.
  6. Manage your energy. This is the most crucial overarching pillar of all. When you are in your own authentic energy, you attract your perfect clients.

These pillars are the bright lines for your business. Don’t create your website or get your social media presence going without getting clarity on these pillars. With this clarity, your business will soar.

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