Leverage for Leaders Policies

The following policies are designed to create clarity and safety for our students and trainers. We are committed to an excellent experience for everyone.

Refund Policy

If you withdraw from the program for any reason, we must receive that request in writing at concierge@leverageforleaders.com. All withdrawal requests received more than 30 days prior to program start will receive a full refund, minus US$500 deposit fee. From 30 days in advance until the start of the program, no refunds are given. However, you can apply what you’ve paid to another program in the future (up to 2 years from your withdrawal date).

If you withdraw mid-program, you can join another program (up to 2 years from your withdrawal date) to make up the missed portion.

Complaints Policy

If you are having a disagreement, challenge, dispute or other grievance with a particular trainer in our program, please address your issues directly with your trainer. If you are still not satisfied, then, send an email to our Founder, Karen Cappello at karen@karencappello.com or if you want to talk, leave a voice mail at 520-299-0001.

We are obligated to report all complaints that pertain to these policies to the Center for Credentialing and Education within sixty (60) days of our initial knowledge of the complaint.

Accessibility Policy

Leverage for Leaders is committed to conducting all programs in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar state, federal and local laws, and provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to training course trainees with qualifying disabilities. This includes physical, visual and auditory disabilities, consistent with applicable legal requirements.

If you are in need of  appropriate accommodations, email  with your request.

Satisfaction Policy

During the course of your program, if you have any concerns or complaints that require our attention, please start your discussion with your trainer. If that is not possible, you are uncomfortable doing so or you don’t get satisfaction, then please contact me, the founder, at karen@karencappello.com or call me at 520-299-0001. I will get back to you within 48 hours and we will work out a solution.

Non-discrimination Policy

Leverage for Leaders does not discriminate against any individual or group with respect to any service, course, or activity on the basis of gender, race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, age, organizational membership, or any basis prohibited by law.

Confidentiality Policy

Leverage for Leaders is committed to  protect the confidentiality of information related to course trainees, including the identity of trainees, and the information and materials submitted by trainees.

Conduct Policy

All representatives of the program must communicate and interact with all parties in a professional and appropriate manner.

Code of Ethics

Leverage for Leaders is committed to adhering to the ICF and CCE Code of Ethics.

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