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Leadership & Executive Coach Certification Program


Leadership is about inspiration and enjoyment.
– Karen Cappello, MCC



The Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Program teaches leading-edge communication techniques and coaching skills. This provides coaches with the ability to coach in the executive and business space, while training leaders to become certified coaches.

If you have been a leader and want to add coaching to your leadership skills, have the time and commitment to devote to a course that will show you how, you have what is required to take this program.

“We need leaders who are emotionally intelligent, and able to model and champion cooperative working. They’ll coach, rather than command; they’ll be driven by empathy, not ego. The digital revolution needs a different, more human kind of leadership.”
     -Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF)

The values of this program are: Servant leadership, Integrity, Positive Impact, Joy and Flow.

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Program Outcomes and Learning Objectives

Upon graduation you will:

• Be a Certified Executive Coach™ who is able to help people transform their businesses and lives using a proprietary coaching methodology.

• Have the skills, experience, and training you need to start coaching professionally—and with confidence—immediately after the 3-day intensive.

• Have access to the tools you need to be able to shift your clients limiting beliefs so they can have the breakthroughs that cause them to catapult to their goals.

• Have access to a deep understanding of emotional intelligence so you can help your clients reconnect to their intuition and unlock the potential that is within them.

• Have the business tools you need to launch your one-on-one coaching practice or add coaching to your existing business. You can start building a client base and see an immediate return on your investment.

• Be able to access a community of Certified Executive Coaches from all over the world who are available for support, collaboration, and sharing resources.

• Have the education to be eligible to apply for Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation. You will receive 60 hours of Level 1 training hours when you complete the whole program, or 30 hours if you complete the in-person version only.

• Have the education to be eligible to apply for the Board Certified Coach credential from the Center for Credentialing and Education. You will receive 60 hours if you complete all 6 modules and 30 hours if you complete the first 3 modules only.

• And so much more! Keep reading to discover what becoming a Certified Executive Coach will mean for you both professionally and personally…

Leverage for Leaders has been qualified by the Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc. (CCE) as a Registered Credential Training Provider, RCTP No. RCTP1008-BCC, to provide training courses qualified for credit for eligibility for the Board Certified Coach credential. Courses that qualify for CCE credit are clearly identified. Leverage for Leaders is solely responsible for all aspects of the training courses.


A Message from
our Founder

Hi, I’m Karen Cappello.

“This isn’t just another training program. It’s a way of communicating that inspires everyone around you.”

I am the founder and director of the Leverage for Leaders program.

Why am I so driven to help leaders? I was there. I was in many leadership positions and those positions were hard for me, as I felt pulled in two different directions. I wanted my employees to be happy and I also wanted our customers to be happy. I knew that as long as our customers were happy that our business would be profitable and fund the lives that my people desired.

There were days when the goals of both groups seemed in opposition to each other. Our happy employees were off at their kid’s soccer games, and our customers couldn’t get the answers they needed. Or our customers were happy that they got their deliverables on time, and our employees missed important family events to make that happen. And I was in the middle of it all.

When I left the corporate arena, I said I will never manage people again. It was just too hard.

When I came into coaching, I realized that if I had coaching skills when I was back in corporate, I could have managed people without being caught in the middle. I could have stayed in that leadership position and inspired everyone around me to do their best, while I remained calm and confident.

Instead of being successful and completely overworked, exhausted and tired, I could have success with ease and joy. Using coaching skills in my communication has given me the way to lead with ease, and help others to do the same.

From CEOs to non-profit board members to business professionals, learning a leading-edge, innovative way of communicating and presence has changed their lives.

When I realized that my impact as a leader in the coaching community could be used to train executive coaches who could help leaders enjoy their success and lead with ease, I knew that it was time for me to share this transformative and deeply-needed methodology with other coaches.

This is my life’s work. My desire for you is to join me, my world-class talented and accomplished curriculum leaders and your proficient and gifted peers in the Leverage for Leaders Executive Coaching Certification Program.



Founder & Master Certified Coach
Leverage for Leaders Executive Coaching Program

Our programs have been trusted by people from some of the world’s leading organizations.

A Compentency-based Learning Platform

Our Pledge to Compentency-Based Training: Criticism-Free Learning Zone


Our curriculum leaders and program participants  commit to supporting a positive learning environment through creation of a criticism-free learning space.

We believe that each person has innate wisdom. We believe that each participant has their own answers, and it’s our mission to elicit their most creative solutions to the challenges that they are facing.

In all aspects of the program, we honor the insights and ideas of each person. The learning environment focuses on what’s working, and refrains from calling attention to what’s not working. This enables the learning to accelerate by tenfold.

Certification Information

Introducing the Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Program




• Up to 48 hours of synchronous learning—done as an initial in-person intensive followed by on-line learning —spread out over 9 months so you get more access to your trainers, your peers and the energy of your learning partners. 12 hours of practice coaching outside of the learning environment.

• Support from mentors who will lead you through the process of external certification, easily and effortlessly.

• A training manual that provides hundreds of pages of information, diagrams, flowcharts, templates, reflection forms and a comprehensive facilitator guide so you can reference your learning easily outside of the classroom.

• An online group where you’ll have access to all lessons, videos, files and support material.

• Breakfast, lunch and snacks in a luxurious physical space for the in-person portion of the program.

• So much more—keep reading to get all the exciting details on the extensive executive coaching curriculum.


Program Delivery

A Balance of Proven Methodology & Practical Application

The Leverage for Leaders curriculum is a combination of proven methodology with practical application. It blends your unique leadership experience with a powerful coach approach. By helping you get more in touch with your intuition and gut instinct and enhance your ability to articulate your vision and knowledge to others, you will become a more inspiring leader in every area of your life.

Your curriculum will be delivered to you in numerous ways including:

• A three-day in-person intensive to introduce coaching skills and allow you to get in touch with your authentic self, how you thrive and how you show up in the various roles you have in life.

• A reference manual that is full of information, diagrams, templates, and reflection forms to give you a reference for the curriculum.

• If you choose the 60-hour program, live group classroom virtual you’ll be learning from our faculty members in real time and where you can ask questions and go deeper into your coaching skills.

• If you choose the 60-hour program, live one-on-one calls with a mentor you’ll be given competency-based feedback on your coaching sessions so you can hone your coaching skills and get your questions answered.


Explore the Possibilities

Imagine What’s Possible for You

Imagine having coaching skills that inspire your clients to be their best selves.

Imagine having executive presence and confidence within you to work with the highest level leaders.

Imagine doing meaningful work that also allows you to become the highest version of yourself.

Imagine waking up every single day excited to go to work and see the life-changing impact of your actions on your clients.

Imagine hearing about your client’s success stories as they transform their own teams with your support.

Imagine setting your own schedule and rates and working in a way that allows you to thrive on all levels.

Imagine collaborating with other coaches to create workshops and programs that allow you to build community and a following of people eager to be coached by you.

Clear your mind for a moment.

Imagine being a leadership & executive coach, inspiring others to be their best. Now, ask yourself what would be possible for you if you were that coach. The truth is, you have been that coach for your entire life. Now, let’s get you certified so you can make it ‘official.’


Program Outcomes

What Makes Us Unique

When you complete this program, your life will change and you will have the credibility to prove it.

• An official certificate that shows that you are a Certified Executive Coach, that gives you instant credibility, so that can begin coaching leaders and executives right away.

• Business development training built in to the curriculum so that you will have leading-edge marketing and sales techniques for opening or expanding your own coaching business.

• Access to an international community of executive coaches who are available for ongoing support so you can keep experiencing breakthroughs long after the training is completed.

This could be the best thing you ever did to transform your own life and confidently lead others. Set yourself up to create a successful life and business that you truly enjoy!


Program Principles 

What We Believe

At Leverage for Leaders, we are called to be a part of a much bigger movement towards creative thinking and leadership that is inspiring and empowering so that freedom, health and joy may be shared for generations to come.

We are here to serve coaches who also have this call to support a shift towards leading-edge, collaborative practices in business, management, leadership and personal evolution. 

We are here to provide the framework for international empowerment and to inspire business leaders and executives into viable and sustainable professional practices.

We are here to help those on a mission to leave a positive legacy with their life’s footprint and to reach farther to create a much larger positive impact on people’s lives, both locally and globally.

We believe that you can have the positive impact that you want to have in the world.

We believe that all human beings are perfect, complete and whole at their core.

We believe that you can learn faster and better in a criticism-free environment.

We believe that you can create significant income through helping others create positive outcomes in their businesses and lives.

We respect you.

    The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
    – Peter Drucker

    Inspired Leadership Curriculum

    Our syllabus is filled with excellence in learning.

    • Many coach training programs include a high percentage of self-paced and asynchronous learning. Not Leverage for Leaders! Over 70% of the 60-hour curriculum is delivered in a synchronous format with 40% in-person and 30% via face-to-face video classes.
    • Leverage for Leaders is accredited both as an ICF Level I training program and CCE provider and a CCE (Center for Credentialing & Education) training program.
    • We make your credential application experience easy.
      • As an ICF Level I training provider, all the education and mentor coaching needed for you to apply for the ICF ACC credential is included in the full program.
      • Part I or Part II can be purchased as a stand-alone program with 24 Continuing Education Units for any ICF coaches renewing their credential.
      • Part II can be purchased as a stand-alone program with 10 hours of included mentor coaching for any ACC coaches renewing their credential.
    • The Value: The mentor coaching portion of the training in Part II could easily cost $2,000 when purchased separately. Leverage for Leaders includes the required 10 hours of mentor coaching in this Level I training program which prepares you for your ACC credential with the ICF.

    Coaching Intensive

    In our coaching intensive you’ll learn the coaching methodology. We’ll go through each of the core competencies. You’ll see them demonstrated, and also have the opportunity to practice them right in the class.

    Part 1


    • Modules 1-3
    • 3 days In-Person
    • 24 hours total

    • External Coaching
    • 6 hours total

     Module 1

    Introduction to Leadership and Executive Coaching

    Hours: 12
    ICF Competencies: All

    In this module you will learn:

    • What coaching is and how it differs from consulting, counseling and mentoring

    • Ethical consideration for working with clients and sponsors.

    • The ICF Code of Ethics.

    • What each of the core competencies are and how to incorporate them seamlessly into a coaching session and coaching program.

    • Best practices on how to set up the coaching relationship for maximum client results, including how to start, continue and complete the coaching engagement

    • About coaching tools, processes and assessments that support the coaching relationship and faciilitate client growth.

    Module 2

    Coaching as Communication

    Hours: 6
    ICF Core Competencies: Embodies a Coaching Mindset, Establishes and Maintains Agreements, Cultivates Trust and Safety, Maintains Presence, Listens Actively, Evokes Awareness, Facilitates Client Growth

    In this module you will learn:

    • How to self-manage as the coach so that they are fully present with the client.

    • About the different levels of listening and how and when to use each level.

    • A method of inquiry that supports greater openness and initiative from others.

    • How to support others in designing meaningful actions that will catapult them to their goals through inspiration.

    • A way of managing progress and accountability that will honor the gradual, client-centric, learning process while still supporting the outcome that the client has envisioned.

    Module 3

    The Coaching Foundation Session

    Hours: 6
    ICF Core Competencies: Embodies a Coaching Mindset, Establishes and Maintains Agreements, Cultivates Trust and Safety, Maintains Presence, Listens Actively, Evokes Awareness, Facilitates Client Growth

    In this module you will learn:

    • Everything they need to know about the importance of setting a strong foundation with their client to begin the coaching process and help the client get the most from the coaching.

    • A proprietary Coaching Foundation Session process that has been very well-received by leaders around the world

    • Insights, processes and formulas to help clients establish their personal map of their Authentic-Self, Thriving Life, and the leadership roles they play.

    • The tools needed to be effective, including a step-by-step facilitator’s guide and a template for a mind-map report to further the client’s work on their Authentic-Self and Thriving-Life.

    • From a demonstration of the whole entire session by the trainer, so they can see the session in action and ask questions to help them fine tune their coaching skills, approach and style.

    • How to facilitate the entire foundation session, and practice doing this with a class peer, so they’ll be completely ready to do this with their own clients.

    Grow Your Professional Skills


    In addition to the core competencies, you’ll gain leading-edge sales and marketing techniques so that you can grow your own coaching business with ease and joy. You’ll also learn support processes to use with your clients, you’ll get mentored on your coaching and develop your coaching style. 

    Part 2


    • Modules 4-6
    • 24 hours total

    External Coaching
    • 6 hours total

    Module 4

    Tele-Class Titles: Career Fulfillment, 360 Process & 360 Roundtable
    Hours: 5
    ICF Core Competencies: Embodies a Coaching Mindset, Establishes and Maintains Agreements, Cultivates Trust and Safety, Evokes Awareness, Facilitates Client Growth

    Support Processes for Client Awareness

    In this module you will:

    • Additional coaching tools, how to hone their coaching skills and practices that they will use with clients to create greater awareness throughout the entire coaching engagement and within each session.

    • Understand how to support their client to: self-generate their own criteria, and unique success formula, for choosing their next promotion or job.

    • A process for conducting 360-degree interviews to help the client understand their strengths and opportunities for growth.

    • Learn how to use the 360 feedback to develop a full coaching program.

    • Learn how to engage in best-business coaching practices and ethical sponsorship agreements.

    Module 5


    Tele-Class Title: Individual and Group Mentor Coaching
    10 hours total
    ICF Core Competencies:

    In this module you will:

    • Practice coaching in 7 group sessions, and 3 1:1 sessions.

    • Be observed in your coaching by a PCC level trained mentor coach, who will share where your coaching is aligned with the ICF Core Coaching Competencies.

    • Naturally become a better coach and receive support to develop your own style.

    • Observe others coaching and see different perspectives on coaching responses, avenues and delivery.

    • Complete mentoring requirements for ACC credentialing with the ICF.

    • Receive written/typed feedback forms from the mentor coach outlining: 1) the competencies demonstrated, 2) how the coach positively impacted and supported the client (client gives feedback on what worked best for them), 3) ideas for adding other competencies to their skill-sets and 4) the coach’s personal goals to work on in their coaching approach, style and/or delivery in future sessions.

      Module 6

    Growing Your Coaching Skills &  Business

    Class Titles: Professional Skills & Business Development
    Hours: 9
    ICF Core Competencies: All

    In these modules you will:

    • Leading edge marketing and contracting sales techniques that align with the coaching competencies they already have.

    • Ethical best business coaching practices on defining and communicating their coaching services.

    • How using coaching skills in program marketing and outreach allows for business growth with ease and joy.

    • Their ‘sweet spot’ of coaching excellence.

    • How managing energy relates to client success and how to help a client self-assess their relationship to their prime resources: time, energy, talent, money.

    • How to craft their own unique leadership message that will extend their coaching success by aligning their values with the companies and clients they will serve.

    • How to support a client through limiting beliefs, fears, obstacles through the coaching skills of: active listening, coaching presence, powerful questions, direct communication and establishing trust and intimacy.

    World Class Program Leaders

    The expertise and experience of our leaders is extraordinary.

    • Our team has more than 50 years of combined corporate leadership experience and more than 70 years of coaching experience.

    •  Three hold the highest level ICF coaching credential of MCC (Master Certified Coach) which is held by only 4% of the ICF credentialed coaches worldwide.

    • Each leader has decades of experience coaching executives and managers in corporate settings.

    Karen Cappello, MCC, BCC
    Founder & Master Certified Coach

    Karen is a master certified executive coach. Karen is a coach trainer, communication specialist, professional certified coach, and motivational speaker. She collaborates with executives, entrepreneurs and coaches to significantly enhance communication skills and promote beneficial business outcomes. With over 25 years of experience and expertise in business management, financial planning, and higher education, Karen brings a broad-based background to her coaching.

    With over 17 years as an executive and business coach, Karen takes a very solution-focused, strength-based approach. Her coaching style is engaging, supportive and practical. Working together, Karen’s clients are able to brainstorm and apply their most creative ideas to the challenges they are facing each day. Under her guidance, solutions appear that had not been seen before.

    Karen has served as president of a privately held semi-conductor manufacturing firm with preferred supplier status to Motorola Inc. As an estate and financial planner, Karen was affiliated with PartnersFinancial, an independent financial group. In her first two years in estate planning, she qualified for Million Dollar Round Table status and obtained her Series 7 license.

    As a featured monthly speaker to the guests at Canyon Ranch Health Resort for over two years, Karen brought forth her passion for direct communication, coaching and emotional intelligence.

    Her level of excellence is evidenced by her Chief Learning Officer position with International Coach Academy, out of Australia, and her ongoing work with Ford’s Global Leadership team.

    Karen has presented at international conferences all over the world.

    Scott Masciarelli, MCC, BCC

    Scott is an Executive Leadership Coach and Trainer with over 25 years of business and leadership experience in the United States, Latin America and Middle East. Scott has successfully led multicultural teams, with a coaching approach, through reorganization, expansion, start-up and a corporate merger. Scott understands people and knows how to educate and inspire them to create sustainable results.

    Jamie Davidoff, MCC, BCC

    For over 19 years, Jamie has been an Executive & Leadership Coach and Organizational Culture Consultant – following 12 years as VP of a commercial real estate development organization and 5 years with IBM. Industries include tech, pharma/medicine, financial services, education, and more. Jamie brings a passion for empowering executives, leaders, and coaches to grow and develop their potential to amplify positive impact for themselves, their teams and organization/clients, and the world.

    Tammi Wheeler, PCC, MA

    Tammi is an ICF-certified executive coach and engaging leadership expert. She incorporates a neuroscience-based, rapid-change coaching approach that gets results. With over twenty-five years of experience in business leadership and HR, including Intel Corporation and Nike, and as the founder of PeopleSense, she has partnered with CEOs, vice presidents, senior managers, executive directors and their teams from nonprofit organizations to multi-billion-dollar global organizations. Her passion is helping leaders and their teams achieve and enjoy their full potential.

    Katie Berigtold

    Katie is dedicated to helping coaches find the right programs to achieve their goals. With her awesome expertise, Katie is committed to helping every coach achieve their full potential and get well-paid for the transformations that they support their clients through.

    “Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting and most importantly, a way of communicating.”
    –Simon Sinek


    Program Outcomes

    What Makes This Program So Valuable?

    What makes the Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Program so valuable is its unique combination of foundational coaching methods, practical learning materials, small community of highly successful business people, leading-edge business development practices, and world-class trainers.

    Here’s a breakdown of everything you get when you join us for the Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Program:

      • 30-60 Hours of Exclusive Training

      • Reference Manual

      • World-class Program Leaders

      • International Group of Executive Coaches

      • Private Online Student Community

      • Certified Executive Coach Certificate

      • Certification Support

      • Hours of Coaching Experience


      And for those who take the 60-hour program,

      • Mentor Coaching

      • Leading-edge Business Development Support

          Now it’s time to make a decision.

          “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” –Tony Robbins

          Registering for the Leverage for Leaders Coach Certification Program will shape your destiny as a leader in a positive way!

          NEXT PROGRAM: February 24-26, 2025
          at the Ventana Canyon Club & Lodge in Tucson, Arizona


          (Early Adopter Pricing until November 20, 2024)

          Part I (30 hours in-person)
          Regular price $6000
          Early adopter price $5000

          Part II (30 hours online)
          Regular price $4000
          Early adopter price $3500

          Full course (60 hours)
          Regular price $7500
          Early adopter price $6500

          Contact us for payment information.
          Third party funding and payment plans are available.


          What is the Leverage for Leaders Program?

          The Leverage for Leaders program is a coach training program that offers leaders an intensive and transformative certification program so they can enjoy their success and lead with ease.

          The original program was named Leverage for Lawyers and created by a lawyer who was supporting outplacement for lawyers who had been let go from large firms. It helped them to find the next job in their career.

          In 2011, Karen Cappello was given the intellectual property rights to expand the original program to include leaders and renamed it Leverage for Leaders.

          In 2012, Leverage for Leaders was named one of the founding approved training providers for the Center for Credentialing and Education.

          The program was offered to small groups of leaders in the Tucson, Arizona area for the next few years and was very well-received.

          In 2018, Karen decided that the program was too valuable to be done on a small scale and decided to get a second external certification from the International Coach Federation and offer it more regularly.

          Where else can I learn more about Karen Cappello?

          You can learn more about Karen here and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/karencappello

          What are the important dates and deadlines?

          The training intensive dates are listed on this page.

          How long is the Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Program?

          The Certification Program is 7-9 months long which includes a three-day intensive and the online learning portion. For the intensive only, the program is three in-person days.

          What is the class schedule like for the Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Online Program?

          The schedule involves live conference calls every month plus practice coaching between the live calls. Expect to dedicate approximately 5-6 hours each month to coursework.

          What time zone does the Certification Program schedule use?

          The in-person portion is in US-Arizona time zone and the virtual portion is in US-New York time zone.

          What language is the program delivered in?


          What can I expect from the Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Program?

          You can expect a comprehensive learning experience where you are supported in becoming a successful leader and coach and feel ready to launch your professional practice or add coaching services to your existing business.

          Is the Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Program accredited?

          We are currently accredited by the Center for Credentialing and Education as one of their founding training programs. We are also accredited by the International Coach Federation for Level 1. And if you have a current ICF credential, you will receive CCE’s for your participation, for your next renewal.

          What type of credential will this program qualify me for?

          For the ICF, this program will give you the educational hours for the first credential (ACC). For those who qualify for the CCE, this program will give you the educational hours for the Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential. Check with us directly to see which credential you are eligible for. 

          Is this a business program?

          This is not purely a business program although for those that take the 60-hour program, we do train our participants on leading-edge sales and marketing techniques so that they can successfully launch their professional practice as a Certified Executive Coach.

          Will you help me set up my business?

          For those who take the 60-hour program, business development is included. For the In-person intensive only, it is not included. However, we do have another course that is specifically focused on business development that you may register for.

          How does the registration process work?

          Please speak with our team to start the registration process. After our conversation, you’ll receive an invoice, and once we receive the payment, you’ll be sent more details on what to expect in the time leading up to the start of this life-changing Certification Program.

          What are the registration requirements?

          We ask that everyone applying has experience as a leader and in business. You do not need to already be a coach to apply. In fact, this program will train you in all the coaching skills you’ll need. And if you are already a credentialed coach, you can use these hours for renewal of your credential. DELETE: and is not for those who have already taken coach training.

          Who is the ideal Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Program participant?

          The ideal participant is someone who is interested in being an executive coach and having a greater impact on their community through a coaching approach to personal development; someone who is energized by the thought of spending time learning about your authentic self as you learn about the unique and proven methodology of the coaching process.

          Our ideal participant is someone who loves to show up to a learning environment with their full presence work with other talented leaders to create a space to learn both content and practice, and have life-changing breakthroughs; someone who is ready to invest the time, energy and finances into an experience that will change the way they work and live while also giving them a measurable return on their investment; and, most importantly, someone who feels uplifted as they read over the details of this transformative Certification Program!

          Can I talk to someone before I register?

          Absolutely! Book a call to connect with us. We look forward to getting to know you and hear your desires for what you would like to get out of the program.

          What is the curriculum like?

          The curriculum is practical and involves a combination of learning theory and applying what you’ve learned. You’ll learn about coaching, and you’ll also learn about yourself. Our top priority is that you graduate with the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful executive coach. 

          What kind of support do you offer students besides the course material and classes?

          You will be supported in numerous ways throughout the course by our world-class curriculum leaders, your mentor, and your peers. Should you need extra support at any time, please reach out. We are here for you!

          What is your class attendance policy?

          In order to successfully complete the Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Program, you must attend all three days of the in-person intensive ‘live.’ This is essential to gain the foundation you need. For the on-line learning classes, we understand that life happens and have ways to support you should you have to miss a live class.

          Will I have to travel for any course-related activities?

          You may have to travel for the in-person intensive, depending on where you’re located. You only have to travel as far as your computer for the online classes. All virtual classes are hosted online through a teleconference platform and course content is accessible in digital format via your computer.

          Where does the program take place?

          The three-day in-person intensive will take place in a luxurious setting in Tucson, Arziona. The following 30-hour online program takes place on Zoom.

          What technology will I need to participate in the online Certification Program?

          You need a device that allows you to access the internet. You can use a phone, computer, or tablet to do so. We’ll go over more information on how to set yourself up for technological success in this Certification Program during our intensive.

          Do I get to keep all my Certification Program materials?

          Yes! Your reference manual and training materials are yours to keep. We want you to have all the reference materials you need to support you before, during, and after this life-changing Certification Program. All templates are yours to use with your own clients. You can easily change to your own banners and copyright.

          Is there more of a focus on certain topics over others? How is the program structured?

          Our main focus during the Leverage for Leaders Executive Coach Certification Program is to develop your leadership and executive coaching capacities so you’re set up for success when you complete and use these skills in your current business or start or level up your professional practice. The Certification Program is structured in a way that you get a balance of theory as well as application and business training.

          Do I have to know about coaching to do this Certification Program?

          All the coaching-related material we cover is relevant to the work you’ll be doing as a leader and no previous coaching experience is required. As long as you’re open to learning about coaching to enhance the way you communicate, you’ll get a lot out of this program!

          What is the class size?

          To ensure an intimate and supportive learning experience, class size is limited to 12 students.

          Who else is in the program?

          The other people in the program will be leaders like you who are ready to up-level their ability to have a positive impact in the world, while being able to enjoy their success. We usually have a combination of business leaders and professionals.

          How much time can I expect to spend on coursework each week?

          Expect to dedicate approximately 1-2 hours on average every week to coursework.

          What are the requirements for course completion?

          You will be required to complete the required course modules, exam, and evaluation to receive your certificate of completion. You will have 30 days from the final class to complete your exam and evaluation. Upon completion, you will receive your certification within 5 business days.

          When do live virtual calls take place?

          Virtual conference calls happen at a time that is DELETE: agreed upon by convenient for the students in the class.

          Who teaches the course?

          Our trainers are Master Certified Coaches who have years of experience both in coaching and coach training.

          How much does the Certification Program cost?

          The pricing is listed on this page. We realize that this is a significant commitment for you to undertake and we promise to commit to your success. We have payment plans and third-party funding options available.

          What’s included in the Certification Program investment?

          Your investment in this Certification Program includes all course materials, breakfast and lunch for the in-person intensive, online conference calls, mentor coaching and ongoing support from the various members of our team.

          Are there any additional costs associated with the Certification Program?

          If you need to travel to the in-person intensive, you’ll be responsible for your own transportation and hotel costs. Your breakfast and lunch are included, and you’ll be responsible for any additional meals.

          Is there a deposit to hold my place in the Certification Program?

          There is a $1000 non-refundable deposit to hold your space. We limit the group size to ensure that each participant gets the attention they need. Your spot in the Certification Program is not guaranteed until we have received your deposit.

          The balance is due by two months prior to the start of the program.

          Are there monthly payments available?

          Yes, we have monthly payments through third-party funding for those who qualify.

          What types of payment are accepted?

          We accept online payments through Stripe and PayPal.

          What’s your refund policy?

          If you withdraw from the program for any reason, we must receive that request in writing. All withdrawal requests received more than 30 days prior to program start will receive a full refund, minus US$1000 deposit fee. From 30 days in advance until the start of the program, no refunds are given. However, you can apply what you’ve paid to another program in the future (up to 2 years from your withdrawal date).

          Registering for the Leverage for Leaders training is a life-transforming decision, and we want to ensure that you stay empowered and aligned with your decision.

          What do I need to do next?

          To be part of this life-transforming course, contact us at concierge@leverageforleaders.com and we’ll answer any further questions you have and get you registered!

          NEXT PROGRAM: February 24-26, 2025
          at the Ventana Canyon Club & Lodge in Tucson, Arizona


          (Early Adopter Pricing until November 20, 2024)

          Part I (30 hours in-person)
          Regular price $6000
          Early adopter price $5000

          Part II (30 hours online)
          Regular price $4000
          Early adopter price $3500

          Full course (60 hours)
          Regular price $7500
          Early adopter price $6500

          Contact us for payment information.
          Third party funding and payment plans are available.

          This is a concierge-level learning experience.

          • Jumpstart your learning with our 24-hour, in-person intensive at the Ventana Canyon Club & Lodge in the beautiful Catalina foothills of Tucson, AZ.
            • We have secured special pricing for Leverage for Leaders participants.
          • During the in-person intensive, start each day with an included continental breakfast and enjoy a delicious lunch and afternoon snacks. We take care of the basics so you can focus on the learning.

          • At Ventana Canyon Club & Lodge, there is plenty of time to interact with your peers and facilitators enhancing learning and networking opportunities, and to go outdoors for a walk in the beautiful foothills of the Catalina mountains.

          “Coaches are changing the world. There’s something powerful that happens when a person gets coached. It’s not just about the coaching. It’s about the transformation that’s going on in that person, right alongside the conversations and actions.”
          –Karen Cappello, MCC

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