Discover How to Create a Lucrative, Growing,
and Sustainable Coaching Business 

-Attract Your Ideal Clients with Ease and Joy

-Fill Your Coaching Practice Quickly and Effortlessly

-Fulfill Your Dreams and Desires



You want to make coaching your life’s work. You want to be your own boss, and have the freedom to make your own decisions in your business, set your own hours and work with the clients who make you HAPPY!

You’re a positive self-starter. You jump into everything you do with optimism and passion — including your new coaching career!

You love the intimate conversations and deep listening you get to do as a coach. Bringing your full presence to each coaching session is a joy for you. In fact, you’re as transformed and uplifted by your coaching sessions as your clients are.

But when you move from the client-work into “business-mode,” you get stuck. You don’t know where to start. There are so many different programs out there. You attend free summits. You participate in complimentary giveaways. You hear about expensive year-long programs with million-dollar coaches and wonder if you should take the money out of your 401K and invest in them. It’s all very confusing.

And you notice your energy dipping. You still love coaching, it’s just that creating a business around it feels really overwhelming. You’re willing to do the work. You just want someone to show you the clearest path to your goals. You don’t want to waste any more time or energy or money on what isn’t going to help you.

You’re Not Alone…


TRUTH: You already have all the skills necessary to build the coaching business that you want. You really do.

Unfortunately, you DON’T know the very specific formula which must be followed in a very specific order to create ease in building your successful coaching business. It’s not a secret, but if you don’t know this formula, or if you do the steps out of order, that’s when confusion sets in and you find yourself working harder without the desired results.

You need a Step-By-Step System that allows you to effortlessly:

●     attract clients who love you, pay you well and appreciate your services

●     fill your coaching practice (whatever that means to you) easily and steadily

●     wake up excited to have an enrollment conversation with a potential client (instead of dreading the call)

●     Have more time for yourself and grow your business while prioritizing Self-Care


I am a Master Certified Coach who has spent over 10,000 hours working with and training coaches, guiding them into lucrative and fulfilling practices.

I am going to give you the Exact Formula and the Specific Steps to Take to Launch Your Business!

I have two coaching businesses which are both new and I needed support and guidance as to how to build my businesses and get new clients. The Fill Your Coaching Practice with Ease program was so easy to follow. I use the modules as resources all of the time. 

My coaching business came directly out of participating in the program. I was able to narrow down my niche and define my client avatar. I now have a brand-new website, FB page and business cards. I just did my first speaking engagement as a coach and it was very well accepted.

This program helped me gain clarity around my life and career coaching niche. I also learned a lot about getting speaking engagements and how to set them up to build clientele and connections. All of the marketing ideas really gave me a great base of education from which to build my business. The Facebook group allows for a wonderful sense of community and is a powerful resource for information and feedback.

The confidence I have gained in marketing has allowed me to reach out, take a chance and market myself. Through that, I have more coaching clinics, one on one coaching and other business this year. I’m on track to at least double my business from last year.

I walked away from the program with much more confidence in my abilities as a coach and a business woman.

Lisa Eklund, CPC
Sherrill, NY




Y​ears ago, I made the decision to retire from my lucrative corporate career to pursue coaching full time. Because of this I wanted to be sure that I was going to get started on the right foot and move ahead in the best way for success.

The information in Karen’s Fill Your Coaching Practice with Ease program has been instrumental in getting my business going on the right track from day one. I found myself listening to the audios again and again to capture the wisdom that was shared. Those audios and the content have fueled the growth that I have seen in my life and business.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that I could build my business so that it is the most congruent with my personality and spirit.  Through Karen’s guidance, I’ve found the confidence to narrow my niche to leadership and business.  Her input and guidance is invaluable.

I’m now an internal coach in a travel agency (part-time), serve my clients around the globe and create and facilitate retreats and transformational adventures around the world.  I’m doing the work I love, traveling and making a great income – all on my terms! 

Scott Masciarelli, ​PCC​, BCC​
Washington, DC




I’ve been using your strategy session script and have had very positive results. Also, tried the marketing email template and signed several new clientsThanks so much!!

Cathy Taughinbaugh
Certified Parent Coach
San Francisco, CA


Karen helped me to create my Signature Program in UNDER 9 MINUTES!

Amazing, right? Karen is thorough, knowledgeable, and an excellent communicator. She understood my purpose, my passion, and guided me to a Signature Program that will change many many lives!

I recommend that anyone who needs assistance and is overwhelmed with creating their own Signature Program use Karen as their guide.

Marcia Bennett
Productivity and Time Management Consultant

Thank you for this program. I loved it and was reminded of things that matter. I appreciated the spiritual perspective and tenderness you brought to this teaching and your processes. I am at a crossroads in my work and truly starting anew in building my business so this was timely and helped me to organize my thoughts and actions. 

Again, thank you for modeling a solid program with meaningful content and delivering it in a way that demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about, you practice what you “preach,” and you care. 

Dori A. Klass, MBA, PCC
Executive Coach; Leadership Educator; Organization Development Consultant; Meeting Facilitator & Speaker
Tucson, Arizona





The Fill Your Coaching Practice with Ease Program is a training program designed for coaches who want to organize their ideas into a business that is lucrative and sustainable. In fact, any solo professional will benefit by this program.

During our Fill Your Coaching Practice with Ease Program, I will:

●     Guide you through the step-by-step formula to fill your practice

●     Show you how to leverage your time, talents, and treasures to serve more clients in less time

●     Take the mystery out of what it takes to attract ideal clients, easily and quickly

●     Help you determine if your niche is a viable one

●     Teach you how to outline your signature program

●     Demonstrate how to confidently and naturally have conversations that lead to paying clients

●     Share specific strategies so that you have a stream of your ideal potential clients signing up for enrollment conversations with you

●     Leave you with clarity and confidence in pursuing your dream of having a deep, lasting impact on the lives of others


The Fill Your Coaching Practice with Ease Program is a SELF-STUDY 8-Module Course.

I’ll be sharing my slide decks, templates, audios and transcripts — everything you need so you don’t have to waste time and energy re-inventing the wheel.

You will receive instructions from A-Z that will allow you to easily and effortlessly create your own lucrative coaching business. From innovative lead generation ideas to every last detail on how to design content that will sell to any frequently asked question about growing your coaching business that you can think of.

By the end of the program, you’ll have:

A customized niche that combines your passion, your experience and your ideal clients’ challenges

A signature program that you positions you as the expert in your field

Your free offer outlined and your follow up sequence written so you can begin building your mailing list

Exact pricing and packages that you can begin using immediately

A step-by-step process for enrolling your ideal clients that includes a script for your conversations

Templates and tips to book free speaking engagements where you can meet your ideal clients (these work both in-person and online!)

Simple strategies to bring your potential clients into enrollment conversations

Powerful ways to manage your energy as you grow your practice

It’s highly recommended that you be enrolled in or have taken coach training before registering for this program.

And you’ll also be part of a secret group on Facebook so that you can connect with other members of the community who have taken the program. This “mastermind” environment allows you to network with potential joint venture partners and choose an accountability buddy!








Module 1

Receive Your Niche: Make the most important decision you will ever need to make for your coaching practice effectively, with ease and joy!

blue-check-markThree Mega Niches and 29 Powerful Niche Marketing Opportunities

blue-check-markNiche Brainstorming Worksheet – How to find a profitable niche that is authentically aligned with you

blue-check-markStep by step instructions on how to determine who you serve, their biggest challenge, and the solution you help them realize

blue-check-markEasy 3-part process to determine a working niche during the class

Module 2

Create Your Signature Program: Clearly articulate the process and BENEFITS of your coaching in a way your clients completely understand and desire!

blue-check-markStep-by-Step instructions on how to articulate your process to clients in a way that will have them excited to move forward with you

blue-check-markEasy ways of being clear about the outcomes and results that you offer potential clients

blue-check-markHow to create tremendous value for your clients, while costing you very little in time and resources

blue-check-markA signature program that is simple to create, that will impress your potential clients, and make it easy for them to buy

blue-check-markA template of a 4-step signature program that is simple to create, that you can customize with your own steps and fill out right during the class (this is completely new and I have not even shared this with my VIP clients yet!)

Module 3

Grow Your Community: Implement proven list-building strategies to grow your business in record time with a strong community of raving fans

blue-check-markLearn techniques, tools, and tips to help you build your list quickly and easily

blue-check-markDiscover strategies I’ve used to build my list steadily and consistently

blue-check-markHow to gain a large influx of subscribers at one time

blue-check-markHow to use your list to insure a predictable and consistent income

blue-check-markCreate your free offer with an easy template right during this class, that will lead your ideal clients into your community

Module 4

Save money on glasses eyewear. Woman happy and excited over savings on buying eyewear glasses. Piggybank and woman wearing glasses isolated on white background.Design Investment Opportunities and Packages: Craft offers that are lucrative, completely aligned with the true value your clients receive from their coaching and easy to say ‘yes’ to

blue-check-markTechniques to increase your capacity to receive by releasing non-serving thoughts and beliefs about money

blue-check-markHow to be confident in what you are charging and banish enrollment conversation ‘gremlins’ forever!

blue-check-markChecklist of all the different offerings you can have, done for you, where you just choose the ones you want to use

blue-check-markSimple pricing formula worksheet with actual pricing included – Use this template as a draft to price your packages or just use these actual prices

Module 5

Two business women having a conversation while walking in the big city.Learn a Winning Client Enrollment Conversation: Implement an effortless coaching enrollment process that inspires prospective clients to work with you!

blue-check-markThe powerful techniques and exact phrases used by 6- and 7- figure coaches in enrollment conversations

blue-check-markHow to inspire prospective clients during enrollment conversations – no selling involved

blue-check-markHow to deeply and authentically connect with your potential client in the enrollment conversation

blue-check-markAn effective script to use in your enrollment conversations, with in-class demonstration of how to improvise when needed

Module 6

Craft Your Signature Talk: Establish your credibility as an expert by leveraging your unique story!!

blue-check-markDevelop a powerful 45-minute presentation that opens doors of opportunity, allowing you to speak live in front of your target niche

blue-check-markShowcase your Signature Program so that they ask “How can I work with you?”

blue-check-markCaptivate your audience with your unique story and draw them into your tribe as you share your values

blue-check-markTemplates for your Publicity Folder, complete with biography, one-sheet, headshots, and strategies to book lucrative speaking engagements!

Module 7

Successful business woman with arms up - isolated over a white backgroundMarket with Ease and Joy: Utilize simple and effective strategies to initiate enrollment conversations

blue-check-markNow that you’ve mastered your enrollment conversations, we’ll show you how to setup simple ways to bring your ideal potential clients into these conversations

blue-check-markHow to initiate a sales conversation using emails and casual outreach that feels authentic to you

blue-check-markLeverage my proven ‘one-sentence’ messaging templates to start conversations with your ideal clients on social media

blue-check-markFacilitate effortless market research and enrollment conversations with anyone anywhere using my 7-point questionnaire

Module 8

Beautiful young woman resting at home in a cozy armchair with a cup of tea. Interior.Master Your Energy: Understand the importance of self-care for the long-term success of your business

blue-check-markUnderstand your unique essence energy and how you can use this in your enrollment process

blue-check-markMap out your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual self-care regimen

blue-check-markEstablish accountability protocols for self-care – we build it into your calendar!

blue-check-markHow to manage the inevitable seasons of “stuck” and bring yourself back into energetic alignment with your true essence












I’m so glad I hired Karen as a mentor coach! Her listening ear and guidance were super helpful as I started up my executive coaching business from scratch in 2016.

One of the most helpful parts of our coaching was the information she shared with me about creating coaching packages and programs, which is what she goes over in her “Fill Your Coaching Practice with Ease” program.

Within four months, I achieved my monthly income goals — which was two months ahead of my own expectation. Her coaching also helped me decide on pacing that worked for me. I really like her motto, “Success with ease and joy,” because that has become my mantra! 

Andrea James
Solve for X Coaching
Seattle, WA




I was one of the attendees ​in​ ​Karen’s​ very first “Fill Your Coaching Practice” offerings​.  From that beginning, and from hiring Karen to be my coach, I was able to build a thriving voice coaching practice, earning my PCC in 2012. 

This course g​ave ​me the basics ​I​ need​ed​ ​and ​remind​ed me​ of the simple yet powerful things ​I​ need​ed​ to do​. Since I took the course,​ ​Karen’s​ expanded ​it​ from 4 modules into 8​.  I’m looking forward to taking it again. In addition to getting the benefit of her growth throughout these years​, I’m looking forward to​ her vast​,​ yet clear expertise on practice-building​ for coaches​.   

Instead of spending thousands on overwhelming courses that don’t actually equip you to build your practice step by step, spend a few hundred on this rich, clear, highly useful course that Karen is offering.  Having lifetime access let’s me listen to the material again and again. 

Nicki McClusky, PCC
Self-Talk Coach
St. Louis, MO​




Creating a program is a critical ingredient of communicating and delivering personal services but can be so challenging for the new entrepreneur.  

Karen deftly led me through a process which had me translating my muddy ideas into a concise package in a mere 20 minutes. Her intuitive approach and quick assessment of my offerings generated results that I can now confidently use to market what I love to do most!

Sandy Johnson, ACC
Executive Coach
Toronto, Ontario




Karen Cappello’s Fill Your Practice program gave me both the direction and motivation to finally get my practice up and running.

From the very first class, I have taken away priceless information about how to determine and narrow my niche so that I can show up in a way that future clients see me. Karen is so talented in her ability to meld spiritual principles with specific tools to create a coaching practice that you love in a crystal clear way.

Thanks Karen!

Jennifer Padawer
Certified Personal & Professional Development Coach
New JerseySave



Since participating in Karen Cappello’s Fill Your Practice program, my coaching business has grown to the point where, I have not had the time to make the previously planned full move to Vancouver, as I have chosen to be available for my clients’ growing businesses.

Karen taught me how to support my clients to grow their businesses by unimaginable volumes. This exponential growth is the result of Karen’s Enrollment Process and her Coaching Metrics.

Additionally, as a result of Karen’s program, I am transitioning my coaching practice to focus specifically on coaching entrepreneurs, as that is who I am and I have a lot of fun and ease in helping others grow great businesses.

Karen, thank you so much for your valuable insights, professionalism and generosity in sharing your knowledge. In the past I worked with great coaches, however their focus was on coaching me personally, you focused on growing my business! I have had many successes (plus pressure) in the past, but now I am successful and happy, and my clients are growing fantastic, value-driven businesses.

All the best to you.

Kaitlin Eckler
Career Coach/Consultant
Toronto, Canada





I am very grateful for Karen Cappello’s course, “Fill Your Coaching Practice”.  It has been amazing to find out through this program how I could easily promote and grow my coaching services!

Before, I started this program, I did not have a system or strategy to the way I was building my business.  I was not working a specific plan that was leading me to increasing my clientele.  

This course has helped me in creating a picture of my ideal client and the category of people whom my practice would better serve!  In addition, it has given me the tools to highlight my signature talk and provide coaching packages that my clients need.  

There is a wealth of information, guidance, process scripts, and steps from which I am creating systems for my coaching practice.  I would highly recommend this program to new coaches who are struggling with getting their business started.  

Laura Diaz, Life Coach
San Diego, CA






Frequently Asked Questions

If you have already downloaded the free programs about receiving your niche and designing our signature program on the Resources page of my website, you may be curious: “Is this paid course going to be the same information that I’ve just downloaded for free?”

I can assure you that it’s not. One of my top values is generosity. The information in these 2 modules goes beyond the free programs. It will be based on some of the information that’s in these programs, with the addition of new insights, done for you templates, and a deeper dive.

Plus, I’ll be walking you through the processes personally.  If you’ve already downloaded the free programs, and have studied them, you’ll be more familiar with the content and insights I will share.

And with a repetition of the basic information, you’ll get so much more out of hearing the content again.  Repetition is part of the learning process. So the foundational parts that you’ve heard before will be strengthened, and you’ll receive even more with the additional new ideas you’ll hear.

You may be saying, “This sounds great!  I’m a brand new coach.  Will this program really work for me?”

As a new coach, it’s so important for you to get started off on the right foot, doing the right things in the right way.  The best way to do that is to learn from someone who’s ‘been there, done that’ and to model your business after someone who already has systems and strategies in place.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and energy by getting this information now. The forms and templates in this program alone will save you hours and hours of creating your own.

Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  All you have to do is learn from the experience of someone who have gone before you and knows the way.

Or you may be wondering “This sounds great but I just don’t have any time for this.  I’m so busy working in my business that I barely have time for anything else now, including my family.”

If that’s the case, this program can save you lots of time. Once you know the steps (and each one builds upon the next), you can move forward with confidence and ease.  There’s no wasted time, so you will have the time to spend in other areas of your life.

And if you don’t know where to start, you will likely procrastinate, and then your business won’t get the attention it needs to grow and thrive.  This program will help you to start, go at a pace that is right for you, and put in a strong foundation for your coaching business.

Maybe you are thinking ‘I’ve just invested thousands of dollars in my coach training program, and want to recoup that before I spend any more.”

While that is a smart way of thinking, this program is more affordable than most, and the alternative of trying to figure it out on your own. Or in the worst case scenario, you could take so many detours that you have spent much much more than this and are still not even close to filling your practice.

This is an investment in your future, the future of your coaching business and your family.  You’ll be able to quickly recoup your expenses, and if you put just one or two of the strategies you learn in place, you’ll make your money back and more.

Here’s a question worth answering: If you could generate even just 1 new client from what you learn in this program, you would way more than double your investment.  And when you have a system for doing that again and again, just imagine how that could transform your coaching practice well into the future…

Karen’s Fill Your Coaching Practice with Ease is having a direct affect on the way I am thinking about the programs I have created and will create in my business. 

Karen is clear and gives step-by-step processes to really bring ease to what I offer. 

Thank you Karen!

Barbara Eisele, MC, NCC, PCC
Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer
Tucson, Arizona



Thank you so much, Karen, for helping me to create my signature program in less than 7 minutes. It has taken me months to come up with a Signature program, I have been all over the place with trying to tie it all together. 

It was such a blessing to speak to you and you nailed it! Not only did you help with the Signature Program, but you helped me with the title for my Signature Speech too. Simply Amazing!!!!

Please allow me to say you are phenomenal at what you do. Please keep serving. I love your spirit and authenticity.

Vernessa Blackwell, MBA, CJRGC
CEO, Founder and Author
Grief and Joy Restoration Coach
Waldorf, Maryland




This program was superb, and just what I needed at the time. Karen’s presentation style is wonderful, warm and inspiring.  She is always gentle, yet her enthusiasm has a way of infusing you with renewed energy.  

Before I made up my mind to be a part of the program, I had told myself that I have heard it all before and was not going to hear anything new. Well, “shame on me” because I heard some new and valuable ideas, and what wasn’t new was framed in a fresh and helpful way.

I enjoyed the contributions and questions by all of the members, and felt every minute of the time invested here was well worth it. I am wrapping up some projects I had hanging for some time, and structuring some new things as a direct result of the program. Thank you, Karen!

Iris Arenson-Fuller, CPC, ACC
Bloomfield, CT




When I enroll in the Fill Your Coaching Practice with Ease program, I will receive:

  • 8 Modules designed and delivered by Karen Cappello
    • Receive Your Niche
    • Create Your Signature Program
    • Grow Your Community
    • Design Investment Opportunities and Packages
    • Learn a Winning Enrollment Process
    • Craft Your Signature Talk
    • Market with Ease and Joy
    • Master Your Energy
  • Downloadable Audios of each module
  • Facebook community to support implementation of the concepts
  • Slide deck of each module, along with printable black & white version
  • PDF course templates, done-for-you forms and scripts
  • PDF transcripts
  • Free lifetime access to all upgrades of this program

This program fulfills 12 hours of ICF Resource Development CCE’s. You can request a certificate upon completion of the program.








This program has been sold for $797 USD previously.
is no longer sold separately and is now part of the curriculum for the Coaches Quick-Start Intensive.
Click here to learn more. 


I’m confident in  this program , so here’s your guarantee.  If you complete the first module and you don’t feel it’s for you, we’ll apply what you paid to another program. Just let me know within 48 hours of your purchase. You have my word on this!

Love and great joy,

 Five years as a coach and I found myself full of stress and frustration.  I might be a coach, but I know nothing of starting up a business.  I came across Fill Your Coaching Practice with Ease and I was super excited because I wasn’t getting clients and had no idea where to start.  

I signed up for the introductory webinar and it was so comprehensive that I could not pass on the opportunity to learn more.  I’m so glad I did! I’m doing much more for my business sans all that effort. 

Coach Karen truly is magnificent! Not only is she warm and friendly but most importantly, she helps you get laser focused on your goals in order to fill your practice with ease! She more than delivered on her promise and look forward to working with her again soon!

Ladyann Marie
Essentially You Life Coach



Before I started working with Karen, I was almost on the verge of giving up my business. I had become so discouraged from my lack of success after being in business for almost 5 years, it just didn’t feel worth all the effort and hard work anymore!

What impressed me most when I first started working with Karen was her incredible generosity, intuitiveness and amazing ability to easily and effortlessly help me get back on track with my business (AND making more money!!) in a way that felt joyful!

Karen’s ability to ease my feelings of discouragement and disappointment while gracefully moving me towards inspiration and motivation felt effortless.

I had previously invested thousands and thousands of dollars in programs and seminars to get my business off the ground and making money, and NOTHING came close to the results I had from working with Karen!

I am so incredibly grateful for Karen’s support and guidance. As a result of having worked with her, I’ve doubled my income and have a business that brings me so much joy, I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning. Nothing in my business feels like work anymore because I’m having so much fun!

And amazingly, that fun and joy I’m feeling has translated into a LOT more money. I’m working with people I love doing the work I love to do and every day I feel blessed. None of this would have been possible without the support and guidance I received from Karen’s coaching.

If I could say one thing, it would be if you’re in business to make money, live your joy and love what you do, do NOT hesitate for a moment to work with Karen. She will effortlessly guide you to exactly where you want to be in your business and make it fun in the process!

Karen, I LOVE YOU!!! And am grateful every day for your incredible coaching!!! It produced amazing results in both my life AND my business!!!

** In memory of Dawn Allen, a gifted coach and friend