Discover How to Use Group Coaching to…

-Work with your ideal clients to catapult their results

-Create a transformational coaching experience

-Multiply your income, while offering an affordable alternative to 1:1 coaching

-Impact more people, while making more income


The Art of Group Coaching is a virtual training program designed for coaches, trainers, workshop facilitators and seminar leaders. In fact, anyone who works with groups will benefit by this program.


Group Coaching is a process where you take all of the powerful skills that you use to work with groups, and bring in coaching techniques to inspire your group participants to create results that they’ve never dreamed of.

It’s a perfect win-win for you and your clients.

For you, group coaching means expanding your core message to more people in less time while multiplying your income.

For your clients, it means learning and benefiting from your expertise for much less than the cost of individual coaching.

And with the simple, step-by-step specific structure I’m going to take you through, you can just plug this offering into your business and watch the results as they flow in.

connieA Wealth of Practical Tools and Guidance

I gained a wealth of practical tools and guidance that help me set up my own group coaching course with ease. From something as simple as how to set up a group course from a technical perspective to a step-by-step guide that helped create an agenda for every class I lead.

I would absolutely recommend this course to others. Thank you for a great class, Karen!

Connie Whitesell, SPHR, ACC, CPC

 joanne-waldman1Confidence to run a successful, profitable group

Since I had been a trainer and coach for many years, I was not sure what to expect when I took the Art of Group Coaching course. I was looking for a new perspective on coaching groups.

I have received a ton of materials to use and review, a plan for how to structure a group and I have the confidence that I can run a successful, profitable group.

Joanne Waldman
St. Louis, Missouri



The Art of Group Coaching is filled with slide decks, templates, audios and transcripts, with everything already taken into consideration, so you don’t have to waste time and energy re-inventing the wheel.

You will receive instructions from a-z that will allow you to easily and effortlessly create and deliver your own wildly successful coaching group. From innovative facilitation ideas to every last detail on how to use the model to any frequently asked question about group coaching you can think of.

Here’s What You’ll Discover:

  • The one step that you absolutely MUST take to create a safe environment for the group
  • Secrets of high level group coaches, including what to talk about week by week (and my favorite topic that works like a charm every time!)
  • How to create a group with no content at all (really!)
  • Effortless simple strategies to give your clients the support they need, when they need it
  • A proven strategy that will allow your clients to measure their progress in a group setting—this is one of the hesitations with people who think one-on-one coaching is the only way to go—and now you’ll have the perfect solution!
  • Flawless techniques for dealing with the inevitable person who will try to monopolize the group with their own issues
  • A step-by-step formula to fill your groups with ease
  • A method for leveraging your time, talents, and treasures to serve MORE clients in LESS time
  • A system that takes the mystery out of what it takes to attract ideal clients to your group, consistently
  • An easy way to promote your groups in a highly leveraged manner
  • How to confidently and naturally have conversations that will encourage clients to say ‘yes’
  • Clarity and confidence in pursuing your dream of having a deep, lasting impact on the lives of others
  • And much more!



Module 1. Discover the Art of Group Coaching Model: Learn the six steps to running your coaching groups, with ease and joy!

blue-check-markThe three elements that will guide you to facilitate any group with ease and joy

blue-check-markA simple, standardized process to follow that works with any group that you want to offer

blue-check-markStep by step instructions on how to support your group members to receive the most value from your group interactions

blue-check-markTemplate that will help you outline your group during the class

Module 2. Understand Logistics in Group Coaching: Create a structure to support your group coaching clients to get the results they came for

blue-check-markLearn the optimum numbers for how frequent to meet with your group, how many months your groups should last, and number of participants

blue-check-markFind out the ins and outs of guarantees, handling cancellations and payment options

blue-check-markHow to determine if a virtual or in person group is a better option for you

blue-check-markHow to enhance your group coaching offerings with features that will cost you little in terms of time and money, but be very enticing to your clients

blue-check-markA process that insures that the group coaching clients can measure their success and be ready to go on to your next offering

Module 3. Incorporate Facilitation Confidence Boosters: Learn behind-the-scenes insights and ideas to make group coaching easy and rewarding for you, the coach!

blue-check-markScripts on how to begin and end your groups with exact wording – no guesswork

blue-check-markExact set of guidelines that you can customize for your own groups to insure high participation of all participants.

blue-check-markHow to bring together a group that is completely aligned with you and with each other

blue-check-markWays to manage your energy so that you can hold the space for a group easily and in fact, be energized by the group

blue-check-markA template that I will walk you through so that you are confident in your abilities and ready to coach a group

Module 4. Listen to a Group Coaching Demo: Experience a “live” and unplugged demonstration of a coaching group

blue-check-markBe a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ and listen in to a demonstration of group coaching with a real group

blue-check-markHear the exact questions used by the group coach to bring out the best in each group client

blue-check-markObserve the rhythm of a coaching group as it unfolds

Module 5. Prepare the Structure of Your Group: Design Your Groups so that they deliver Maximum Transformation and Results for your Group Members

blue-check-markMake the 2 most important decisions to create ease in attracting your ideal clients

blue-check-markCreate simple and lucrative investment packages with an easy to use template

blue-check-markDesign a campaign that runs in the background to support the enrollment process

Module 6. Create a Compelling Registration Page:  Develop an Irresistible Proven Page with the Right Content and Design and a System that will Lead Your Ideal Clients to Your Page

blue-check-markCraft your registration page knowing exactly what to say and in what order to make it compelling

blue-check-markDesign a campaign to attract your clients to your preview event and group using proven techniques

blue-check-markUse email and social media marketing to bring the right people to your page

Module 7. Design Your Marketing Preview Event:  Learn a Process of Easily Walking Your Future Clients through a Taster to your Group that will Help Fill Your Group in Record Time

blue-check-markUse a done-for-you example set of emails and social media posts to drive participation to your event

blue-check-markLearn the steps that you must take, and in what order, to insure maximum registration from the event

blue-check-markCraft incentives that will insure early registrations

Module 8. Become Proficient in Client Enrollment:  Implement an Effortless Group Coaching Enrollment Process that Inspires Prospective Clients to Join Your Groups

blue-check-markBe able to use enrollment conversations as an additional strategy to increase the size of your groups

blue-check-markKnow how to inspire prospective clients in enrollment conversations to join

blue-check-markUnderstand powerful step-by-step formula for leading future clients to an enthusiastic “yes!”










My group was filled within 3 hours of the official public launch

I took Karen Cappello’s Group Coaching Course this past year and was finally ready to launch my first group in January.  It was synchronistic that she offered a new course, “Fill Your Coaching Group with Ease” just as I was preparing to launch.  This course was EXACTLY what launched me into action and gave me all the tools and steps I needed to fill my group!  

By starting with enrollment conversations, I had the group filled all except for one spot.  Then when I made my official public launch to my email and social media lists, I had that spot filled within 3 hours! 

My group is filled, everyone has paid in advance and I’m ready to bring the fantastic community together.  Thank you Karen for your wisdom, grace and support!

Chris Hazen Molina
Life Coach | Consultant
Tucson, ArizonaSave


Completely filled my first online course within 48 hours of opening it for registration

Karen draws from a vast experience supporting coaches to build their businesses. She accesses a deep well of knowledge gained through many years of experience building her own successful business and mentoring countless others to do the same.

Each session with her was loaded with ideas and strategies that ultimately helped me to completely fill my first online course within 48 hours of opening it for registration. That is an amazing result!

Even more importantly, Karen has a soaring spirit that is born of great love, and the outworking of her spirit gave me great inspiration and confidence to do what I have never done before: to successfully launch the foundation of my life’s work.

I am eternally grateful for Karen’s presence in my life.

Leon VanderPol
Founder & Director
Bali, Indonesia






This program is for:

~ Coaches who want to learn how to bring their 1:1 coaching skills into groups

~ Trainers who want to accelerate learning in their classes

~ Workshop facilitators who want to create a deeper transformation in their workshops

~ Seminar leaders who want to encourage more engagement and contribution from their participants

Since taking the Art of Group Coaching, I’ve grown in confidence and got 3 new coaching clients!

I honestly don’t know how to thank you enough and express myself in the way that the great coaches on your site have. So here goes. When I read about the group coaching program I was so excited at the prospect of speaking to Karen, let alone being a part of the course.

After speaking to Karen and being a part of the course, I had to write in and just say what a fantastic course it was, led by a coach who I have grown to feel such admiration for. The flow of the material was fantastic and I learned so much. I have invested in some great courses in the past but I honestly took away so much from the Art of Group Coaching that I feel it’s the only course I should have invested in.

I have since grown in confidence and even got 3 new coaching clients ready to be a part of an amazing experience. I am fully equipped with tools that I know will make a difference to my business and niche.

Adil Imam
Certified Mastermind Executive Coach,
Life and Youth Development Coach
Toronto, Ontario, CanadaSave


Consistently over-delivered on my expectations

When I began this course, I was fuzzy about how to conduct group coaching. I didn’t feel confident and I worried that I might lapse into group counseling or too much teaching.

Now I am totally clear on how to conduct group coaching and my confidence has soared. The structure that Karen taught us to use for group coaching was superior!

Now I have the skills, experience and confidence to effectively lead group coaching programs. I’m clear about the differences between group coaching, group counseling and group teaching. I have valuable tools and resources that will benefit me greatly in conducting my group coaching programs.

Thank you, Karen! You consistently over delivered on my expectations for the course.

Deborah Lindholm, MACP
Money Success Mentor
Chester, VT



When I enroll in The Art of Group Coaching program, I will receive:

  • 8 Modules delivered by Karen Cappello, MCC
    • The Art of Group Coaching Model
    • Logistics in Group Coaching
    • Facilitation Confidence Boosters
    • Group Coaching Demo
    • Preparation of the Structure of Your Group
    • Creation of a Compelling Registration Page
    • Design of Your Marketing Preview Event
    • Proficiency in the Enrollment Process
  • Facebook community to support implementation of the concepts
  • Audios of each module
  • Slide deck for each module, along with printable black & white version
  • PDF course templates, done-for-you forms and scripts
  • PDF transcripts
  • Free lifetime access to all upgrades of this program

This program has been sold for $797 USD previously. It’s is no longer sold separately and is now part of the curriculum for the Coaches Quick-Start Intensive. Click here to learn more. 

 More confidence and enthusiasm for an experienced facilitator!

Even though I had conducted team coaching for the federal government for a year, Karen’s course was a wonderful refresher. It allowed me to be creative in the way I structure my businesses’ group coaching offerings.

I will proceed with more confidence and enthusiasm because of the information and experiences shared during the group coaching class.

Anne Kelly, ACC, CLC
Professional Certified Coach


Confident that I can perform group coaching with consistently beautiful results

I wanted to be a group coach before I even knew what one was. I would hold groups of people and we’d work together and sometimes it would be beautiful and other times it would be a train wreck – I could never tell what the difference was, except that something was missing from the ones that would go off the rails.

After working with Karen – now I know. I know what makes the difference, and now I’m confident that I can perform group coaching with consistently beautiful results.

Dawn Lamond
The Empathic Coach
Reston, Virginia