The concept of essence energy came to me when I first began to do speaking engagements. I wanted to have a deliberate way to get into a state of being that was very powerful for me while I was up in front of the room. I wanted to have a way of quantifying my own energy.

What I have noticed is that each person has their very own essence energy. Your essence energy is the energy that you exude when you are feeling empowered and strong. It is the feeling you have that comes from deep within, like the name that describes my true self. It’s that feeling you get when you have gotten up on the ‘right side of the bed.’ Or when you think that you should go out and buy a lottery ticket. Or when all the lights have been green as you travelled to your destination.

I know a coach whose essence energy is ‘serene heart.’ When I am with her, I feel genuinely loved in a very secure way. She just exudes this energy of peaceful, loving kindness.Abstract yellow background

I also had a friend years ago who taught power yoga. He was able to wrap himself up into a tiny ball, and to stand on his head in the middle of the room. He had such control of his physical self that he could have been in the Cirq de Soleil. I would call his essence energy ‘powerful control.’

As you think about this concept of essence energy, how would you label yours? Is your energy peaceful and calm? Is it exuberant and joyful? Is it more like a glow or a sparkle?

I want you to define your essence energy. By doing this, you are taking a step back from looking at any goals, the actions you are going to take, and even your values. The reason that I want you to know your essence energy is that when you learn to deliberately connect with that energy and put yourself in that state, everything else will flow from this.

Once you know your essence energy, when you have a business decision to be made, you can use it as a gauge. Just think about making the decision a certain way, and notice if the feeling you get brings you closer to your essence energy or further away.

Pay attention to your feelings as you are talking to potential clients or as you are reading articles on how to market your business. If you begin to feel your essence energy get stronger, then you will want to explore further whether this is the right client for you. If you feel your essence energy diminishing, this person is probably not a good fit.

Your essence energy can be really helpful to keep you true to yourself. Whenever you start a new business, everyone around you has their own opinion and their own ideas about how you should do it. And most of them feel a very strong need to express that.

People will tell you what is really popular right now in marketing trends. They will let you know what worked for their brother-in-law. You may even find your own family members giving you advice about what they think you should do.

And here is where it gets very confusing. The actions that you take that are not in alignment with your essence energy will not work in a powerful way for you. So you can try the ideas you get from others, yet if they do not resonate strongly with your essence energy, they will most likely fizzle. And then others around you will give you more advice. They will think that obviously you must need it, as those other ideas were not working – LOL!

When you know your essence energy, you can immediately sort through the confusion, and know exactly which ideas will work for you. You can override any limiting beliefs that the answers will come from outside you. You can be empowered at any time, just by focusing on what will bring you back into that feeling.

I have named my essence energy “tender exuberance.” It’s a feeling of bubbly and sparkly energy. There is also a feeling of tenderness that accompanies it when I am in my true essence. This feeling of tenderness adds a connection to others along with the effervescence. That is my essence energy. And I hope that you can feel that energy emanating from me through this article.

So now that you have a description of what essence energy is, why it is important, and some real-life examples, what is your essence energy? I’d love to know, so please reply and share!