Hi, today I want to talk to about why clients really buy from you, and it’s not what they think actually.  The same answer came from two different questions that our Coaching Success Club members asked this past week and they all boil down to the same answer.  So here are the questions.

The first coach asked, “I’m in my enrollment conversations.  I’m going really deep and my clients are getting aha moments before they’ve even started working with me.  And this is the value of coaching.  This is what coaching does.  Yet, then when we get to the end of the session, of course, they’ve already gotten their aha moments so they don’t want to continue on for coaching.  They feel like they’ve gotten what they needed.”  Has that ever happened to you?  It’s happened to me before, especially in the early days.

Another coach asked this question.  She was at an event; she did facilitation, some type of training.  This was actually with financial planners and they got so many aha moments and found out the best practices for each other.  They loved her presentation.  But at the end, they felt like they got what they needed and people were not moving forward into coaching.  So in both of those cases, the clients got what they thought they needed, but not exactly what they really needed to make lasting changes and transformation in their lives.  This is, I think, something that is so important for us to recognize as coaches.

So I want to go back to a study that was done.  I believe it was even in the 90’s.  It was a while ago, but it really stuck with me.  And this study said that they did a training with a group of managers.  After the training there was a 22% increase in productivity.  So you could say maybe that those managers got some aha moments.  They learn something, they brought it back and they got this 22% increase.  Part of the group got 8 weeks of coaching, two months apex coaching, and their increase in productivity was 88%.  That’s a big difference with only 8 weeks of coaching! Now, as coaches were not that surprised because we know the value.  But others would be surprised by that.

So my answer to the two questions that have to do with clients getting there aha moments (and then thinking that was it) was kind of like this idea of ….remember that quote…. “If you give a person a fish, they can eat for a meal. But if you teach them to fish, they can eat for a lifetime.”  So getting an aha moment is like getting a fish.  You can eat for a meal, you feel full.  You think, you know it’s a great thing.  But it doesn’t really teach you how to eat for a lifetime, doesn’t really teach you how to do this for yourself.  This is what the people need, the potential clients that have gotten her aha moments.  And they even know they need it.  They need help in implementation.  They need help in creating a new life after this aha moment and integrating what they’ve learned into the pattern of their everyday.

So what happens sometimes and we know this about in training, we know this a lot, you go to a training, you get a lot of great information, a lot of great moments.  But when you go back into your life to put into practice, you’re still in the same life.  To overlay that pattern onto, that new pattern, onto your old life, you need accountability.  You need to change some of the actions you’re taking.  And to do that by oneself is very tough.  It can be very challenging.

Doing that with the help of a coach can make all the difference.  So the next time you’re in a meeting or an enrollment conversation and your client has gotten an aha, or they’ve gotten some learning or they have a plan. They know what to do.  It’s up to you as a coach to say, “Look, that’s all great. Well and good.  Congratulate and acknowledged them for that.”  Let them know that you can help them to make sure that this plan gets implemented to make sure that their patterns change in their everyday life.  This really makes sense for them.

Think about those financial planners, just a very simple idea.  You know, maybe they’re making $100,000 a year and that’s pretty conservative for financial planner.  If they had that aha moment and they made $122,000 a year, that’s pretty good.  It’s almost 25% more.  And you know in a few years they’re going to get an extra $200,000.  But, think about this. What if they made $188,000 more a year?  In a few years, they’re going to get much more.  In fact, they’re going to get a quarter of a million.

So there is a huge benefit to implementing with coaching.  And actually, that’s why we’re adding, with our Coaching Success Club, we’re adding some implementation days.  Our next implementation day is coming up in June.  Wwe’re going to help all of our members,, who have learned so much!  Their getting a lot of help with the Q&A calls, tech, marketing, all kinds of things to really make this implemented into their business.  So if you see the value of implementation and you like to join us, go to coachingsuccessclub.com.  And join as soon as you can because mid-June the pricing is going to go up.  You’ll get that implementation day if you join now and you’ll get it at, what I feel, is a very reasonable costs for any coaching business.  And we’d love to have you. It’s just, just an amazing community of coaches. So if you’d like, join us coachingsuccessclub.com.  I’m signing off now.  Wishing you lots of love and great joy and tons of success in your business.