I read an article this past summer on leadership in Forbes, and the points make a great case for how we coaches are perfectly poised to help executives become great leaders. I’d like to share a few main points that were really relevant to coaching.

The first thing great leaders do is they find purpose. Who better than a coach to help someone find their purpose? In fact, in addition to life purpose, there is a work purpose. In the Leverage for Leaders coach training, we call this the ‘core work contribution.’ When a leader knows what their core work contribution is, it makes it easy for them to lead with passion.

Another thing that great leaders do is they develop awareness. Sound like one of the coaching core competencies? That’s because it is! The article mentions that great leaders do this through “listening, engaging, observing and learning.” A coach can help an executive develop awareness, and model all of these qualities for their client.

One more thing that reminded me of coaching: great leaders get personal. They are engaged, and are empathetic, kind and compassionate. They know that business is about people. Coaches can support great leaders to show their human sides and be personal and still very much respected.

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