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Had my first $10,000 revenue month

I just graduated as an executive coach and I had an unstructured program that I wanted to get out there to more people. Through Karen's coaching I was able to gain clarity on how to structure my program and get it out there in a big way.

The reason I worked with Karen is that she's a group coach expert. And her style of coaching is to gain clarity and to move forward with ease and joy. She makes things simple which makes it easier to accomplish it and get it out there in a bigger way.

Karen is an intuitive coach so she is able to tap in and help me focus and prioritize. I was very green about launching my first coaching VIP coaching program. Karen guided and coached and helped through the unknowns to focus, prioritize, and organize this launch which was a success!

I gained confidence. As an entrepreneur, you get exposed to many ways of launching a business. Karen simplifies and breaks it down into pieces and makes it easy. Karen is trustworthy, amazing and is there for you in every way. She is in your corner which is why I continue to work with her.

In working with Karen, I had my first $10,000 coaching revenue month.

Stacey Cripps, ACC, CPC
Chicago, IL

Started my executive coaching business from scratch

I'm so glad I hired Karen as a mentor coach! Her listening ear and guidance were super helpful as I started up my executive coaching business from scratch in 2016. I realized I was getting value out of the conversation within the first 20 minutes, which is how good coaching should be! Within four months, I achieved my monthly income goals -- which was two months ahead of my own expectation. Her coaching also helped me decide on pacing that worked for me. I really like her motto, "Success with ease and joy," because that has become my mantra!

Andrea James
Solve for X Coaching
Seattle, WA

Underestimated what is really required to go from employee to entrepreneur

I began coaching with Karen as part of the Executive Leadership Program while I was a manager at Ford. When I went on to start my own coaching business, I continued to work with Karen as my 1:1 coach.

Although I had been working very hard on mindset - I underestimated what is really required to transition from employee to entrepreneur. In preparing for my journey, I worked with several coaches over the last couple of years.

What makes Karen unique is she really listens and “gets me.” She knows exactly which thread to pull to unravel my own blocks that reveal the greatness I already had inside, and she always finds that missing puzzle piece that I need to take the next step.

Cheryl Thompson, CEO
Livonia, Ml

I received my first VIP client!

During our coaching time together, Karen had been encouraging me to ask for a higher coaching rate. Wouldn’t you know it, a potential client just happened to call me out of the clear blue sky? Sure enough, I requested (and received!) my premium VIP asking rate. I was elevated to a level I’d never been before.

Karen helped me expand my business model, as well as to create different ways to reach and connect with more clients. Karen took me from a more limited mindset and helped me expand my awareness and belief to be open to the higher amount of value that I offered.

And that’s when I received my first VIP client, and I continue to operate and receive from this elevated space. Karen is a wonderful “Coach’s Coach.”

I highly recommend working with Karen, as she brings a powerful combination of her spiritual essence and her strategic business guidance to expand and strengthen your coaching practice.

Christine Hazen Molina
Life Coach and Consultant
Heartfelt Workforce + Lifeforce
Tucson, Arizona

Significantly expanded my corporate and executive coaching business!

I knew I would receive value through my work with Karen, but I never could have dreamed it would translate to thousands of additional dollars in income. This is what Karen does - she takes what you already have and she helps you to expand that in ways you had not considered possible before.

With her seamless professionalism, vast experience in the business and coaching worlds and ability to focus on her clients like a laser beam, her coaching is nothing short of transformational.

If you are open to learning what you didn't know that you didn't know, and then taking action based on that new knowledge to create something truly exciting, you are ready to work with Karen Cappello.

Karen helps me take my business where is deserves to be!

Jamee Tenzer, PCC, BCC
Los Angeles, CA

Filled my women's group immediately

I started working with Karen because I wasn’t getting enough of the clients that I knew I was capable of serving. I produce amazing results with my clients, and I wanted to fill my offers and raise my revenue.

Karen got me into the mindset that my coaching was a business. I discovered that I had seen myself as a coach and not a businessperson. That mindset expansion was very important to me. It got me into the activities of what you do in a coaching business–phone conversations, laying out a strategy, etc. It was a huge shift.

I immediately got into action. I filled a women’s group of 12 immediately and did it with women who hadn’t necessarily worked with me before, so it was an expansion of my tribe.

I started thinking about how to take material and repurpose it. That shift has lasted. I started keeping track of income on a daily basis, I could see the results of my actions for the good or the bad! It helped me zero in on what was working and what wasn’t.

Karen was a delight to work with and held me accountable, always in an encouraging and positive way. She worked with me to expand myself and my ideas. I always felt like she had my back. It was a great experience!

Barb Eisele, NCC
Tucson, Arizona

Found my way forward from orthodentist to coach

I reached a point where I was in a transitional state in my professional life. My profession is that I am a dentist and orthodontist. I had taken a sabbatical from dentistry and I was a bit confused as to where I wanted to go.

I wanted to get coaching to get clarity about where I wanted to take my professional life. I also felt drained physically and emotionally because I was in a turmoil as to what to do. I had a coach in the past for a brief period. I wasn’t sure if it would help me but my husband Taymour is a professional coach. He had been trained by Karen and she came highly recommended by him. He was absolutely right and we were a very good match.

We had a great connection right from the start. I trusted Karen. She is a coach and also trusted advisor. During our coaching sessions I felt she was non-judgmental and she provided me with a safe environment to think and express myself and get clarity on my way forward.

Karen’s caption is “with easy and joy.” I really feel it is true and it resonates with me. She is very authentic and it comes across in her style of coaching.

During our coaching, I really understood and applied the importance and philosophy of self-care. By learning to apply self-care I realized that investing in my self-care gives massive returns to me with respect to my personal and professional relationships.

From our coaching, I received clarity in the path I want to follow, more confidence and a realization of where my own coaching niche would be in the coaching business with my husband.

Now that I am moving to coaching, I am looking to Karen as a mentor in developing my coaching practice

Coaching with Karen has been, and continues to be, a joyous and enlightening journey. I intend to continue with long-term coaching, as this is what is necessary to get the greatest reward.

Dr. Mariam Motamed
Gallup Certified Strengths Based Coach
London, United Kingdom

Financed my dream to move to France with my coaching income

When I started working with Karen, my dream was to move to France and to work at a spiritual retreat center with my husband. I wanted to save enough money from my coaching to be able to support the international move from Kenya to France, and to make my coaching business transportable enough to support my family no matter where I lived in the world.

In working with Karen I learned about pricing, structuring packages of various types, and doing group coaching. I also clearly articulated my dreams and my niche coaching market, which made choosing my clients far easier. I became more comfortable marketing myself as a spiritual coach and a spiritual director.

I started offering coach training, mentor coaching, and running coaching groups, which increased my income by extra $10,000.

I am moving to France this year, a move which is being financed primarily from my coach training and mentor coaching work. In France, I'll be leading trainings, hosting retreats, and coaching volunteers in a family and marriage counseling ministry.

Christi Byerly, PCC
Alsace, France

Realized actions I can take that give me great benefit right away

Karen is exactly the right coach at exactly the right time for me!  During our VIP Day she created such a safe and supportive environment for me to really dig deep and explore some issues around building and marketing my coaching business. 

Karen  walked alongside me to realize actions I can take that will give great benefit right away, within my budget, in a prioritized way.  With so much to learn and so many bright, shiny objects, it’s important to have a partner like Karen to help facilitate self-awareness about what is realistic, what feeds my passion, and will help me get there – as she puts it – with ease and grace. 

I walked away excited to tackle my action items, and they’re already paying off.

Jeannie Duncan, PhD
CEO, Founder
Phoenix, Arizona

Karen helped me remember how much I love the work I do

Karen has an amazing way of inspiring, while guiding me to gaining new perspective. She has been artful in helping me to see my self-imposed limitations and also see the possibilities in a much bigger way. She gave me a confidence boost. She helped me remember how much I love the work I do and the value I offer to my clients.

Suzanne McFarlin, BCC, ACC
Executive Director,Greater Tucson Leadership
Executive and Leadership Coach

Karen helps me listen to that small, tiny voice that often sounds like a whisper as it holds the truth and the power of my being

I want to acknowledgement an incredible Coach in my life: Karen Cappello - you have often reminded me to that life just doesn't happen for no reason at all. It's remembering to listen to that small, tiny voice that often sounds like a whisper as it holds the truth and the power of my being, guiding me on this journey.

Thank you for giving me the space and time to truly define and hone in on that which "I am" and helping me to do it with ease and joy! ♥ I honor you for being there when I needed and always having the perfect questions and statements to get me through to the next step. Feeling blessed with your guidance and entrepreneur expertise.

Thank you thank you thank you!! Much love and light to you - Namaste ♥

Ele Radoslovich
Durango, Colorado

Received the inspiration and confidence to successfully launch the foundation of my life's work

Karen has magical powers. I say this with a smile on my face, but in its own way, it’s true. It’s one of the reasons I chose to work with her as my mentor coach for the launch of my online school and coach training program.

Karen draws from a vast experience supporting coaches to build their businesses. She accesses a deep well of knowledge gained through many years of experience building her own successful business and mentoring countless others to do the same. Each session with her was loaded with ideas and strategies that ultimately helped me to completely fill my first online course within 48 hours of opening it for registration. That is an amazing result!

Even more importantly, Karen has a soaring spirit that is born of great love, and the outworking of her spirit gave me great inspiration and confidence to do what I have never done before: to successfully launch the foundation of my life's work. I cannot speak to the importance of this aspect of her being enough, for it is the source of her magical powers.

I am eternally grateful for Karen's presence in my life.

Leon VanderPol
Founder & Director
Taipei, Taiwan

I now have a deep trust in myself which has allowed me to help twice as many people and multiply my income

Coaching with Karen has been one of the best business investments I have made. Her support has been truly invaluable. One of the biggest things I've gotten from Karen, is a deep trust in myself that radiates in everything I do. Before working with Karen, I had the skills, marketing know-how, and drive to reach my goals, but I needed someone who "got me" to help me put all of the pieces together. Karen's business savvy and loving nature help me make smart, confident decisions, and not over think things. Karen has brought a much-needed EASE to my business that has allowed me to help twice as many people as when we started, and multiply my income (both of which are now growing exponentially).

Without Karen, I may have given up. I am not one that gives up easily, but I started to feel isolated and alone in my business and the day-to-day stress was not sustainable. It was even putting a strain on my close relationships, which are a high priority in my life.

Karen Cappello is more than a coach & mentor. She is a connection I will always cherish-- a kindred spirit, a trusted advisor, and inspiring colleague. I feel truly blessed to know her, and my only regret is not having hired her sooner!

Danielle Louise Ross
Portland, Oregon

Generated new business after my first coaching session and the numbers continue to grow

Want to transform your business? I have three words: Work. With. Karen.

After my first coaching session with Karen I had generated new business that more that covered my investment in coaching - and the numbers just continue to grow! Karen blends coaching and mentorship in a beautiful dance that inspires her clients to move forward in powerful ways. I can't recommend Karen enough!

Dana Zurbuchen, ACC,
Verona, Wisconsin

The value I receive from working with Coach Karen has far exceeded my investment

Karen Cappello is a remarkable mentor coach on many levels. Coach Karen comes to her work from such a committed and connected place. She cares so deeply about my success and I really appreciate that “it’s all about me” when I’m coaching with her. Karen always meets me where I am “in the moment.” She asks intuitive questions that inspire me to delve further.

Karen provides additional ideas and resources and tools with such ease during our coaching conversations, that I have achieved my desired outcomes much more quickly!

Coach Karen’s energy and attitude and approach to life and work and the world is simply refreshing. Her energy is so uplifting and so supportive and loving, yet she is always there to challenge and help drive you to new levels. Karen coaches with purpose and has helped me move forward with her systems and tools and processes. In addition to Karen’s amazing support, these practical tools are exactly what I’ve needed to learn. In summary, Coach Karen breaks through limiting beliefs and blockages while helping me employ practical tools to make it all happen.

The value I receive from working with Coach Karen has far exceeded my investment.

Dick Eaton
Executive Leadership Coach

Secured a contract that is worth 5 times what I have paid for my coaching!


I had made the decision to retire from my full time, and lucrative, career at the end of last year and to pursue coaching full time. Because of this I wanted to be sure that I was going to get started on the right foot and move ahead in the best way for success.

Karen has been the perfect coach to keep me on track, focused, held accountable and I cherish the relationship that we have developed. She is brilliant in that she is always bringing it back to what is important and - most of all - what matters to me as I build my business so that it is the most congruent with my personality and spirit.

Through her I have found the confidence to narrow my niche to leadership and business. I have made the decision to begin my business in Kuwait and the Middle East where opportunities have opened for me in the areas of coaching and training. Within my first two months I have written two large-scale training and coaching proposals (something I have never done in the past).

After just 5 months of coaching with Karen, I have secured a contract that is worth 5 times the investment what I paid for my coaching! And that is just one contract.

Karen has been crucial in recommending resources and always there to review my proposals, discuss pricing and strategy. Her input and guidance is invaluable and it is extremely comforting to know that I am working with a successful coach who has already done what I want to do.

Scott Masciarelli, CPC, BCC
Clear Insights Coaching

My confidence level has soared, and I gave notice at my job

diane-fleck-photoSince beginning coaching with Karen, I have had so much ease and fun in the enrollment process, made back my investment and more, and gave notice at my job.

My confidence level has soared. I know how I can make the income to contribute to our family's goals. Thank you, Karen, for believing in me. And even more importantly, helping me believe in myself!

Diane Murray-Fleck
Portland, OR

Charging almost double after only a few months of coaching, and clients are paying my new rate

You are an amazing coach! Seriously Karen - the difference in my coaching practice prior to Karen and now after a few coaching months with you is astounding! ALL of my clients are now paying my new rate, which is almost double what I was charging when we began coaching. Thank you!

Leslie Zimmerman, PCC, BCC
Ohio, USA

Brought my marketing to the next level, including 4 new clients immediately!

I have known Karen Cappello for many years as a fellow coach and dear friend. I noticed right off a ‘magnificence’, a light that set her apart from others as a financial planner and business mentor coach. There is a depth to Karen and her work that let me know I would become her client this past summer.

What an amazing coaching experience…a powerhouse of Support and Wisdom from this mentor coach that brought my marketing to the next level, including four new clients immediately! I love how she uses the power of intuition and the higher self to move the client forward---me this time! Her program stands out far above the rest for me. She is authentic through and through and operates her high vibrational energetic business from that authenticity. I so appreciate you, dear Karen, for the magnificence, the magic and the miracles we co-created together!

Sharon McWilliams, CLC
Pee Wee Valley, Kentucky

Coaching revenue 3 times my investment in just 5 weeks!

Working with Karen has been a hugely empowering experience. Her support, intuition and guidance have given me what I need to boost my coaching practice to the next level.

In just 5 weeks of working with Karen, I have brought in 5 new coaching clients with a revenue 3 times my investment! If you want to get serious about taking your business to the next level, coaching with Karen is a great place to start.

Tara Chrisco, PCC
St. Louis, Missouri

In just one conversation, I received a new client referred to me by someone I already knew!

I hired Karen to help me quickly and easily take some next steps with my leadership coaching practice. I felt stuck in my process and uncomfortable with selling my service, despite previous successes.

Karen has a huge treasure chest of information, tools, and strategies.

With Karen’s guidance I discovered an approach that feels completely authentic, conveys my enthusiasm, and draws on the way I love to interact with people.

As a result of Karen’s coaching I’m now feeling confident in my ability to move forward and generate more clients. I have received a new client that was referred to me by someone I already knew, just by having one conversation. Success with ease and joy? Absolutely!

Deb Waterstone, Learning Coach
Madison, Wisconsin

A Wealth of Practical Tools and Guidance

I gained a wealth of practical tools and guidance that help me set up my own group coaching course with ease. From something as simple as how to set up a group course from a technical perspective to a step-by-step guide that helped create an agenda for every class I lead.

The actual coaching experience gained through the course helped me feel more comfortable and confident in my abilities to lead a group. And I enjoyed getting to know Karen better and having the opportunity to connect more deeply with the other participants.

I would absolutely recommend this course to others. Thank you for a great class, Karen!

Connie Whitesell, SPHR, ACC, CPC

Confidence to run a successful, profitable group

Since I had been a trainer and coach for many years, I was not sure what to expect when I took the Group Coaching Certification course. I was looking for a new perspective on coaching groups.

I have received a ton of materials to use and review, a plan for how to structure a group and I have the confidence that I can run a successful, profitable group.

Joanne Waldman
St. Louis, Missouri

Since taking the Art of Group Coaching, I’ve grown in confidence and got 3 new coaching clients!

I honestly don’t know how to thank you enough and express myself in the way that the great coaches on your site have. So here goes. When I read about the group coaching program I was so excited at the prospect of speaking to Karen, let alone being a part of the course.

After speaking to Karen and being a part of the course, I had to write in and just say what a fantastic course it was, led by a coach who I have grown to feel such admiration for. The flow of the material was fantastic and I learned so much. I have invested in some great courses in the past but I honestly took away so much from the Art of Group Coaching that I feel it’s the only course I should have invested in.

I have since grown in confidence and even got 3 new coaching clients ready to be a part of an amazing experience. I am fully equipped with tools that I know will make a difference to my business and niche. If I continue to generate such volume it’s not too long before I WILL start working with Karen one on one and that’s my promise to her.

Adil Imam Certified Mastermind Executive Coach, Life and Youth Development Coach
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My confidence increased tremendously, and I also experienced great personal insights and growth

erika feresten photoI wanted to take the Group Coaching Certification course so that I could learn how to effectively coach a group and increase my confidence as a group coach.

Not only did I learn the logistics about how to plan and implement group coaching; my confidence increased tremendously. During the course we actually designed and facilitated our own group coaching session with our peers. I was absolutely thrilled that this course also gave me 12 CCEs!

Karen created a safe and supportive structure that allowed me to put my concerns about conducting a group coaching session aside and just do it; this was priceless.

In addition to my goal of learning how to conduct a group coaching session, I also experienced great personal insights and growth through participating in my classmates coaching sessions. Karen’s group coaching course is like the gift that keeps on giving as I continue to receive benefits from the course even after it’s done!

Erika Feresten Life Coach
Los Angeles, California

I am confident in my group coaching abilities

Leslie Gross photoAs a new coach who has always loved the group process, Karen Cappello’s Group Coaching Certification course was just what I was looking for. This course helped me to develop the skills and confidence I needed to get my coaching business started. Karen brought together professionals with different passions and styles in a way that we all learned from one another.

Now that the course is finished I am confident in my ability to create and facilitate amazing group coaching experiences. Thank you Karen!

Leslie Gross
Tucson, Arizona

Conducted 9 group coaching sessions with 3 different groups since receiving my certification

Dang photo

After taking the certification course, I now understand the process of group coaching through the 6-step model. This model is very handy and easy to understand and implement. I learned the skills and knowledge from my fellow coaches. I have applied the group coaching model to my work and it bears results immediately.

I absolutely love the interaction part of the course. I mean you have to be a group coach and coach the group for a whole session. That's both pretty interesting and quite challenging at the same time. And through the interaction I learned from other fellow coaches, which IMO is priceless because each of us brings our own uniqueness into the group.

I've conducted 9 group coaching sessions with 3 different groups since receiving my certification last month. Much positive feedback has been received. I've been talking about this course to my friends as well. Thank you, Karen for an awesome group coaching program. I learned so much from you and the group!

Đinh Hải Đăng
Coach and Product Content Developer
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This training is paying off in more ways than one!

Marcia Smtih photoI am a Health Coach, who wanted to launch out into the world of group coaching. I felt I lacked the skill and tools to effectively get this off the ground. Based on a discussion I had with Karen, I felt this course would give me the tools I needed to get my coaching group going. This had seemed difficult until I started the course.

It was such a learning environment and hands-on from the very beginning. I saw my confidence levels rise with all the presentations that came forward on the calls. It was as if someone knew exactly what I needed and provided it all. Each call provided a new tool. I was able to put together my own group coaching program and launch it.

I am very excited. I am proud to say that my programs are filling up. I also got a job today to create a two-day workshop for executives and managers.

Karen, your training is paying off in more ways than one!

Marcia Smith CPC/CHHC
Trinidad and Tobago

Empowered by this certification program!

When I heard that Karen had a group certification coaching program, I was thrilled to learn more about this, since I hadn’t seen such a program available through my other resources.

I enjoy working with groups and I have been interested in group coaching. I was interested in learning how to organize a coaching group, create activities to bond the group and how to present content to offer group coaching. I received more than I had anticipated!

I learned and practiced the six steps to the art of group coaching and these steps were so amazing in how they connected the group and created astonishing results! The power that was created by the group coaching and the bonding was energizing and inspiring.

Thank you Karen for an awesome group experience and training! I feel empowered by this certification program and I am starting my coaching groups immediately!

Laura Diaz, Life Coach
San Diego, CA

Confident that I can perform group coaching with consistently beautiful results

I wanted to be a group coach before I even knew what one was. I would hold groups of people and we'd work together and sometimes it would be beautiful and other times it would be a train wreck - I could never tell what the difference was, except that something was missing from the ones that would go off the rails.

After working with Karen - now I know. I know what makes the difference, and now I'm confident that I can perform group coaching with consistently beautiful results.

Dawn Lamond, The Empathic Coach
Reston, Virginia

Karen’s knowledge, experience and heart-centered coaching is invaluable

This course creates the perfect environment for learning. Each student feels supported and appreciated, which in turn helps them support and appreciate their fellow students. Karen has a way of putting people at ease, allowing them to do their thing more comfortably.

What I learned from Karen's knowledge, experience and heart-centered coaching in her group coaching training is invaluable! Thank you, Karen!

Pamela Rudisill, CPC, GCC

Consistently over-delivered on my expectations

When I began this course, I was fuzzy about how to conduct group coaching. I didn't feel confident and I worried that I might lapse into group counseling or too much teaching.

Now I am totally clear on how to conduct group coaching and my confidence has soared. The structure that Karen taught us to use for group coaching was superior! Now I have the skills, experience and confidence to effectively lead group coaching programs. I'm clear about the differences between group coaching, group counseling and group teaching. I have valuable tools and resources that will benefit me greatly in conducting my group coaching programs.

Thank you, Karen! You consistently over delivered on my expectations for the course.

Deborah Lindholm, MACP Money Success Mentor
Chester, VT

One of the most valuable investments in myself ever

I took the Leverage for Leaders training because I wanted to add coaching skills to the “toolbox” of techniques that I use every day as a lawyer, arbitrator, mediator and advisor.

It wasn’t until after I had completed the course and began working with my first coaching clients that I fully realized how fundamentally different coaching is from any of these other disciplines. Yet at the same time, coaching techniques and practices have made every aspect of my professional and personal life easier and more joyful.

I work with dozens of individuals and organizations daily and whether they are my law firm clients, fellow non-profit board members or just personal friends, I use my coaching skills and coaching principles to develop and nurture positive relationships that help others reach their goals while I reach mine.

This training has been one of the most valuable investments in myself that I have ever made.

Sandy Froman
Tucson, Arizona

Changed every relationship in my life for the better

I took this course because I was told that it would change every relationship in my life for the better. It did that! A highlight of the event is that it changed my relationship with myself, and also the relationship with my sons.

I found that the course allowed everyone the ability to be honest and commit to their own growth and learning. It was very refreshing and expanding for my mind.

While I highly recommend this course for personal development, I have also been able to begin a private coaching business because of it. Even though I have been a successful businessman my whole life, I am now able to do a better job of listening and mentoring.

Thank you to Karen and all of the rest of the class members for an extraordinary experience!

Fred Sowerby
Tucson, Arizona

randy-skinner1I am pleased to write a note of support for the Leverage for Leaders Coaching Academy. The information presented was excellent and timely. It has positively changed the way I interact with others and I highly recommend this program to others.

I will be forever grateful to Karen for the insights she provided and the lessons I learned from her.

Randall D. Skinner Ph.D.
Thatcher, Arizona