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You can create a highly successful coaching practice with ease and joy.  You truly can make a living from something that is as natural to you as breathing.

Are you a new coach who is wondering if you can create your coaching practice YOUR way and still be successful (ie, profitable and happy)?

Whether you are still in coach training or have received your credential (or somewhere in between), you have come to the right place. I invite you to relax, take a deep breath, and keep reading.

You probably came into coaching having had the experience of working for someone else. And while you were able to implement many of your ideas, there was a part of you that could never be fully expressed. Except on nights and weekends, where you attended self-development workshops, healing seminars, and gathered in community with like-minded and -hearted people.

Your friends and family have all come to you for support and direction. Time and time again, what you did in your free time was much more satisfying and powerful than your day job.

You have been a catalyst for growth for everyone around you for as long as you can remember. You thought that you had to keep your work and your life separate, that you could never really be paid for doing something that you loved so much. And then you learned about coaching. You felt a stirring in your heart and soul.

You wanted the freedom to set your own schedule, to be fully present with people in a way that transformed their lives, to have a strong influence on the evolution of consciousness of the world. And you wondered if you could really make a living out of something that was as natural to you as breathing.

Having a profitable coaching business and enjoying its creation is not an either/or proposition. You may be thinking that either you have a profitable coaching business, and work hard and long hours to achieve it, or you can enjoy the creation. And if you choose the latter, you may not be very profitable for a long time. It doesn’t have to be this way.

It can be a ‘both/and’: both filled with ease and income-producing. Both profitable and fun!

Whatever your own natural process is – whether you like to build things slowly and steadily, or quickly and easily, you can have the business and lifestyle that you dreamed about when you first stepped into coaching.

As a professional coach, you absolutely can

  • Make a contribution to the world by doing what you have been doing all your life: listening to the hearts and souls of others and supporting them to achieve their dreams.
  • Create your business with ease and joy, using all the wonderful spiritual development principles you have taken a lifetime to learn.
  • Develop your coaching practice with a process that is enjoyable, graceful and profitable!

Hi, I’m Karen Cappello and I am a mentor coach. Mentor coaching blends the powerful process of pure coaching with valuable insights and resources from my own experience of developing a coaching practice with joy and ease.

When you coach with me, you will also have access to the brilliance of many magnificent coaches that I have learned from over the years, all within the bounds of confidentiality. Through coaching and training hundreds of coaches, I have accumulated quite a repository of knowledge.

If you want a successful coaching business while enjoying the journey, I can help you achieve that and more.

Love and great joy,

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