Magnificent Coach,

Because of a computer glitch, we re-did two of our most popular self-study programs. As they say, our loss is your gain!

The information in these two training courses has been updated with what I learned in a 90-day program where I brought in over $100K of new revenue in 87 days. It takes focus, strategy and mindset to make this happen. I’ve shared all of these with you in this program.

Just imagine what will be possible for your business: the income you’ll be able to bring in and the impact you’ll be able to make with 16 modules of support from a master coach, who’s been there, done that.

In the Ultimate Guide, you’ll get all the tips, tools and techniques from both the Fill Your Coaching Practice with Ease and Art of Group Coaching programs, the new and improved versions.

These self-study programs have sold for over $1500 combined.. Because I want to get this information into the hands of more coaches, your cost will only be $500 for BOTH of these courses.

Love and great joy,

PS – For anyone who purchases the Ultimate Guide, you will receive $500 off of any of our Quick Start Intensive groups in 2020. 


PS – Thank you for being a coach and serving others to be the highest version of themselves. It would be my honor to guide you through what it really takes to grow your coaching business with ease and joy!