In developing my coaching practice, I have learned the importance of taking inspired actions. By that, I mean actions that resonate with my essence energy and values. These actions allow me to radiate my true self. When I radiate my true self, the clients that come to me are a mirror of that to me. They are a perfect fit. When my actions are not inspired, I find that I attract a lot of high maintenance clients, ones that are not a good fit.

When I first came into coaching, I had a post-it note on my wall with a quote from Abraham-Hicks. And it said, “Line up your energy and take the inspired action.” That really became my business development plan, and it remains my guiding light to this day.

Inspired actions are those that come from my most natural, brilliant, authentic state. There were other actions that came to my mind in the early days of coaching. Sometimes I was tempted to take actions out of fear or scarcity or lack. I was just starting my business and I wanted to do it right. I wanted to be a success. I looked around me for those who were successful and what actions they were taking. I was afraid to trust myself.

I would hear from a six-figure coach that there was a great new marketing idea I just had to try. Or another coach had done a certain action that increased their mailing list by thousands of people. Or there would be a discount to sign up for a marketing program in the next 24 hours, and I was afraid that I would not have the chance to buy that package again at that price. I was so tempted to do those things, and yet I knew that they were not inspired, because my main motivation was out of lack of confidence in my own abilities.

How to determine your inspired action

One way I was able to distinguish my inspired action in the case of a 24 hour sale was to ask myself “Is this something you would do anyway?” I also asked myself the question, “Is this a HELL YES!!” If it is not a “Hell, yes” it is a “Hell, no!” That one came from Alan Cohen and is a quick and easy way to decide. Another way is to see if the action aligns with my values and my essence energy.

Once I start taking the inspired actions they have a mind of their own, and things start moving, things are good. If I am doing an action that is uninspired, my experience has been that it doesn’t start moving. It’s a sign that it is not right.

I always go back to lining up my energy. If I line up my energy things will be clearer to me. And by the way, I do get into uninspired actions sometimes. We all do. When this happens to me, I get on the phone with my coach and I hear myself saying “Well that didn’t work out the way I had planned it.” So I line up my energy and choose another action.

Years ago I heard the analogy that a rocket to moon is off course around 90% of the time. I can be off course. It’s just a matter of lining back up. So when you do get off track, just keep moving and lining up your energy, look for your next inspired action and you will get there.

Inspired actions will lead you to inspiring results!