The Main Attraction - Group CoachingThe six-step model of group coaching has supported countless coaches over the years and helped them get their core message out in a bigger way. So far we’ve reviewed:

In step 4, we arrive at the main attraction…Coaching! Group members are given an opportunity to share their challenges, any confusion or limiting beliefs and be coached around them. Group coaching uses the same ideas that are true for individual coaching. All group coaching clients are infinitely resourceful and know their own answers. As a group coach, you elicit the magnificence of each group member and facilitate their individual learning and growth.

You do this using all of your coaching skills, and especially those of deep listening, asking powerful questions, acknowledging insights of group members and getting them into action toward their goals and holding them accountable.

The coaching is the centerpiece of a coaching group. It takes most of the time. A typical coaching group outline will be:

  • 5 minutes: Connection
  • 2 minutes: Reminder of the Agreements
  • 5 minutes: Content and Questions
  • 43 minutes: Coaching
  • 5 minutes: Closing

In the very first group meeting, use the coaching time to determine the intentions of the group members and allow them to speak them out loud. Ask a simple question like: “What do you want to receive from this group experience?” or “At the end of our time together, what would be an outcome that you would be thrilled about?”

As each group member speaks, write down what their intention is. This is what you want to strengthen and acknowledge as the group moves forward. Very much like an individual coaching engagement.

In the last group meeting, go back to these, and acknowledge the progress of each member. You can do this by giving a certificate, or even an award to each member. The last meeting is one for celebration!

During the coaching part of any group meeting, remember that when one person is making a shift, everyone else in the group participates in this energy. It is not necessary for someone to be coached directly in order to make a shift. In fact, Abraham-Hicks, one of my favorite self-development teachers, says that it is easier to hear the answer when you are observing, and not in the energy of asking the question. No matter who gets coached, everyone benefits!

Demonstrate Self-Care by Modeling Self-Care

As a coach in a coaching group, there is a matrix of energy going on. There is the energy between and among the members, the energy between you and each member, and the energy within each person with their own heart and soul. As a group coach holding the space for all this energy, your own self-care is extremely important!

Also, most coaches are givers. We are used to being there for everyone in our lives. We love to give. Yet, as a group coach, you are there to receive. You are there to receive the questions, the insights, the celebrations of your group members. Exquisite self-care will help you be filled up, so you can hold the space for all the energy and are able to receive from the group.

Self-care is important for your group members also. Whatever the topic that has drawn them to the group, they are learning about their own self-development and inner growth. That is the nature of any type of coaching. As a group coach, your modeling of self-care is one of the best ways to demonstrate self-care. People will learn by your example, so give them this example as your gift to them.

Set up a self-care regimen that works for you.

As a group coach you create a safe and sacred space for growth for each of the members. Make the space one of acceptance, as free from criticism and judgment as humanly possible. Just like individual coaching. 🙂

Karen Cappello is what Malcolm Gladwell calls an “outlier” in Group Coaching. Coach Karen has spent over 10K hours in the past ten years learning about, being trained on, and conducting group coaching and facilitation. Karen Cappello offers a Group Coaching Practicum and Certification for coaches wanting to create deep and quality coaching experiences at an affordable investment for their clients…with a spiritual foundation. Coach Karen truly enjoys connecting with other coaches on Facebook and Twitter!