I received this question on group coaching a couple of months ago:

“I’m thinking of doing no “teaching” but doing laser coaching for each person so that everyone can get some experience of my coaching. Is that a good idea and any recommendation on how to best do this?”

First of all, this is a GREAT idea!  “No teaching” is actually the best way of being a group coach.  This allows you to focus on bringing out the wisdom of each person in the group, rather than sharing your own.

And laser coaching in the group will not only help the person who is being coached; there are hidden benefits for everyone in the group.  Laser coaching of an individual will bring an energetic shift to every group member.  Because of the connection that you do in the beginning of your group meeting, the group becomes an energetic whole.Sfondo con persone che saltano - Background with jumping people

There’s an energetic hologram

When one person is coached, that person becomes an energetic hologram of the whole group, and brings a question that others in the group also have on their minds.  When this question is answered, everyone else who was wondering about that question receives an answer.

One of my favorite self-development teachers, Abraham-Hicks, says it is easier to hear the answer when you are not asking the question.  This shows that even though only one person is coached, everyone in the group receives the benefit.  And sometimes others receive even more benefit than the one being coached!

Not only is there the benefit of the answer, there is the benefit of the shift.  The shift occurs when the person being coached has an insight, or an ‘aha’ moment.  At that moment, each person in the group shifts.

There is so much value in offering laser coaching in a group coaching experience, including the most obvious support to the person being coached.  It’s a great idea to do laser coaching in your groups – everyone benefits!