The Energy of Your BusinessEverything in my life has energy, and yours also. If you have a relationship with another person, it’s easy to see that the relationship has its own energy. It’s an amalgamation of two people. That makes sense to me. This thing about a business having its own energy was a little strange at first. Perhaps that’s also different than how you usually think about your business. We’ve all heard of a business having a mission, but not necessarily a soul.

If you know your essence energy, values and purpose, then it’s really easy to make decisions.

I would call my personal essence energy, “tender exuberance.” I feel this love and tenderness. I also have this very exuberant feeling within me. That’s my own true essence energy. I will say that it’s not present all day, LOL! Well, it is always present, but I’m not always present to my essence energy. 🙂

How to Dialogue with Your Business

One technique is automatic writing. I would ask a question of my business like, “Hey, KC Coaching, what would you like to do for the next project?” Of course, I would be in a quiet space where I was uninterrupted. I would light a candle. I would have some music on.

I would print the question. Then I would let myself write. Even if you feel strange, consider a tip from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. You can write, “I feel strange writing about this question. I don’t even know what I’m doing here. This seems a little silly.” You can write those things. At some point, if you keep writing, something is going to come through that you didn’t consciously know. That’s really platinum information. You could do this writing as a way to dialogue with your business.

One of the things that is easiest for me is if I get in a very quiet state. I like to do this as I’m waking up, when I’m naturally in a meditative state. Or before I go to sleep I’ll ask a question. Then, when I wake up in the morning, the answer to that question will be whatever thought I have. Maybe I have a color on my mind or a person. I just stay with that image.

The unconscious often speaks to us in parables and metaphors. We love metaphors as coaches! Just stay with it for a while and find out what your business wants.

The other thing that happens is synchronistic experiences. If something out of the blue happens in terms of my business, if someone contacts me, I pay attention to that, especially when I didn’t send an email out for it. I didn’t do anything purposely. It just shows up.

How to Connect with the Energy of Your Business

Let me take a step back. Sometimes I do things and I haven’t connected with the energy of my business first and they’re coming from my mind. Sure, I get a certain amount of traction there. But taking inspired action from the energy of my business works like magic. It works with more ease, joy and flow. When I notice that it’s not moving smoothly then I say, “Oh, yes.” Then I connect back with the energy of my business and ask for that juice and energy. When something is energized, it really takes it all to another level. It creates ease.

I have clients who channel, who receive messages from spirits. I will ask them to get into their channeling space during our coaching session. We will make up a list of questions beforehand. Then they will get into that space and I’ll ask them the questions when they are in that space. I will usually write the answers down or we record it. It’s really powerful stuff. They are accessing a part of themselves that is so deep and bypasses their conscious mind to get their answers.

Years ago, Abraham Hicks said that if you could be in pure positive energy for 17 seconds, it was worth 1,000 man hours of actual work. The idea was to line up your energy. Get into this very positive energy. Then take action. It really does make a huge difference to line up the energy first and invite the energy of your business into every single project or launch.

Expressing the Energy of Your Business in Your Marketing

I work with two magnificent social media specialists and they each help express the energy of my business. The first is Nichole Santoro whose BlogTalkRadio show, “Get Social Coach!” is an engaging show about how coaches can use social media more effectively. Her approach to marketing and social media is also very much aligned with ease and flow. Nichole recently interviewed me about, “The Energy of Your Business.”

Click below to listen to the full episode (30 min.):

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I also work with Michael Moriarty on Karen Cappello Coaching Facebook and 10K Platinum Group Facebook. He’s wonderful! Michael is the one sharing all these tranquil images of inspirational quotes to help brighten your day – and also, to give YOU content you may share on Facebook as you wish! Michael has always assured Carolyn and I, “If it’s something you don’t like, just delete it.” Over time, he has come to understand what we really do like, and that our goal is always to inspire others.

How My Business Energy Led to Group Coaching…

Years ago, I became an Inspired Learning Master Facilitator. All of these years I’ve done facilitation and group coaching. This came from the energy of my business. In the last few months, all of a sudden, one day this past December, I wrote up this entire course. And now, I have my first group for group certified coaches starting this week! People are so excited. It’s been really easy. There was no “push” to it at all. I think that this is a niche that is very welcome for coaches.

Sure, group coaching is about providing an affordable offering to more coaches, about better leveraging your time…

But there is this other piece of it that the energy of my business was telling me about. That is the part about how I intentionally work with “lightworkers.” (If you want to learn more about lightworkers, you may be interested in a book by Doreen Virtue called, The Lightworker’s Way.)

All Coaches Are Lightworkers

We bring light wherever we go. It’s being together in a group of lightworkers and doing this kind of work. You might even be thinking to yourself, “Are your corporate clients ‘lightworkers?’” They probably are. They may not be as conscious of it, but some of them are. Perhaps your role as a coach is to help your corporate clients become more conscious of their abilities to be a light.

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