During this Thanksgiving week, I’d like to share a poem that I wrote when I was in the 4th grade:

“Thank you God for my mouth to talk,
Thank you God for my legs to walk.
Thank you God for my ears to hear,
Thank you God for my family dear.

But most of all for my eyes to see
My loving Father thee.”

Of course, I was in Catholic school when I wrote the poem, and the language would be different for me today.  Why I love this poem, and why I am sharing it with you is that I have always been very grateful for my ability to connect with my inner guidance.

As coaches, we are in tune with that inner guidance.  Whether we call it intuition, God, Spirit or any other name, it is very clear when we are tapped into an energy that is greater than ourselves.

It is a wonderful gift to the world, this ability we have to see the spirit of each person that we come in contact with through this energy.  It’s a wonderful gift to be able to see the brilliance of every person, every act and every moment.

I am grateful for so much, and my ability to access my own inner guidance is toward the top of the list.  And now that I am not in the 4th grade anymore, I would add an alternate last line:  “The spirit of you in me.”

Thanks for sharing your spirit with me.  Happy Thanksgiving!