Ksenia Korableva, New York, NY

I met Karen on the phone call during Global Coach Conference. Her presentation was perfect - very well structured, interactive, strait to the point and very helpful for coaches at the beginning of their career. She demonstrated a lot of expertise about coaching field. I also had a coach session with Karen afterwards and I found her to be very supportive and caring coach. She helped me a lot. All the best to you.

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Joe Grant, MBA Sacramento

If you want to get "unstuck" NOW, enroll in whatever Karen is doing and walk along with her for awhile. She can discern very quickly, and very gracefully, what is constraining you, but also very quickly get you ON the right path, and then lift your spirits to move forward IN the right direction. Book a strategy session with her and you'll see what I mean.

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Diane Murray-Fleck, Portland

Since beginning coaching with Karen, I have had so much ease and fun in the enrollment process, made back my investment and more, and gave notice at my job. My confidence level has soared. I know how I can make the income to contribute to our family's goals. Thank you, Karen, for believing in me. And even more importantly, helping me believe in myself!

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