Dawn Allen, Inspired Heart Coaching, Medford

...I am so incredibly grateful for Karen’s support and guidance. As a result of having worked with her, I’ve doubled my income and have a business that brings me so much joy, I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning. Nothing in my business feels like work anymore because I’m having so much fun! And amazingly, that fun and joy I’m feeling has translated into a LOT more money. I'm working with people I love doing the work I love to do and every day I feel blessed. None of this would have been possible without the support and guidance I received from Karen’s coaching. Karen, I LOVE YOU!!! And am grateful every day for your incredible [...]

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Brenda Owens, Cedros Coaching ,Solana Beach

Karen Cappello has a wonderful combination of pragmatism, spirituality, and heart. She has a powerful, non judgmental ability to ask the difficult questions that lead to insights. As my coach, she provided excellent guidance and insight while supporting me in creating my coaching practice. Working with Karen enabled me to become clear and focused and I'd recommend her highly to anyone wanting to build or grow their practice.

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Scott Masciarelli, CPC, BCC, Clear Insights Coaching

...Karen has been the perfect coach to keep me on track, focused, held accountable and I cherish the relationship that we have developed. She is brilliant in that she is always bringing it back to what is important and - most of all - what matters to me as I build my business so that it is the most congruent with my personality and spirit. Through her I have found the confidence to narrow my niche to leadership and business....

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Nicki McClusky, Find Your Voice Coaching, St. Louis

...Utilizing a signature program combining her "Find Your Voice" workbook and one-on-one coaching, she is able to be of great service to her ideal clients. Nicki helps them change their voices from the inside out. Because of the income from her coaching practice, her husband John retired from the university 3 years early. He hired Nicki to coach him about his consulting practice, which became wildly successful right off the bat. Nicki and John take two big trips and two small ones every year. They are able to help their kids financially, in addition to spoiling their grandchildren. After coaching with Karen, Nicki says, "I have so much confidence in my coaching that I would coach anyone on the planet!!"

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Jamee Tenzer, CMQ Coaching, Los Angeles

As soon as I earned my coaching credential, I looked for a mentor coach who could not only support me with my coaching skills but also help me build my business. Karen Cappello was the perfect choice. Within 6 months of coaching, I created my niche and a marketing plan, gained 15 new clients and was invited to co-author a best selling book; "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life." Karen took me AND my business to the next level.

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Tara Harkins, Working Mother Coaching, Oradell

Thanks again for sharing the enrollment process, Karen. I tried it out today with a prospect, in person, and it really went well for me. I felt really comfortable using it and more like I was coaching, rather than selling. It did take a bit of time, about an hour, and I am comfortable with that at this point. My intention for the conversation is to discover more about the client, where they are looking for support, and whether I feel I can support them. I don't want to rush through that as I think it's an important piece of establishing the relationship and I want them to have a quality, valuable experience. For the women I am working with, [...]

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Jennifer Padawer, Certified Personal & Professional Development Coach

Karen Cappello's Fill Your Practice Now program gave me both the direction and motivation to finally get my practice up and running. From the very first class, I have taken away priceless information about how to determine and narrow my niche so that I can show up in a way that future clients see me. Karen is so talented in her ability to meld spiritual principles with specific tools to create a coaching practice that you love in a crystal clear way. Thanks Karen!

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Kaitlin Eckler, Career Coach/Consultant, Toronto

....Karen, thank you so much for your valuable insights, professionalism and generosity in sharing your knowledge. In the past I worked with great coaches, however their focus was on coaching me personally, you focused on growing my business! I have had many successes (plus pressure) in the past, but now I am successful and happy, and my clients are growing fantastic, value-driven businesses. All the best to you.

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Maria and Dorothy, Love-based Leadership Team, Hereford

.....set up a VIP Day with Karen to talk about LBL's signature system, Love-Base Leadership. We were definitely VIPs in Karen's eyes from the moment she greeted us, giving each of us a thought-filled, meaningful gift, to the gourmet lunch she catered. Karen rolled up her sleeves and worked hand-in-hand with us to explore our larger vision, purpose and mission, and core conceptual model that we intend to share with the world. She was amazing!

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Glenda Cedarleaf, MSW LICSW Clinical Hypnotherapist

Karen Cappello is an authentic, spiritual and wise coach for entrepreneurs. She has provided me, through her coaching, with valuable expertise including ideas that I have put into place in my marketing that have made a significant difference in effectively reaching my "tribe". She listens deeply and has identified next steps for my business that I had not yet seen for myself. Karen has educated me on affiliate programs and how to create an effective joint venture partnership. Because I am a heart centered spiritual entrepreneur, it is essential to me that the people from whom I receive guidance are authentic and ethical and understand my gifts. Karen and I did a podcast a few years ago about the value [...]

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