Thanks again for sharing the enrollment process, Karen.
I tried it out today with a prospect, in person, and it really went well for me. I felt really comfortable using it and more like I was coaching, rather than selling. It did take a bit of time, about an hour, and I am comfortable with that at this point.
My intention for the conversation is to discover more about the client, where they are looking for support, and whether I feel I can support them. I don’t want to rush through that as I think it’s an important piece of establishing the relationship and I want them to have a quality, valuable experience.
For the women I am working with, it is often their first time reaching for support in this way, and I want them to feel heard. The fact I was able to do it in person makes me feel even more confident, That was my first in-person prospect session and I thought it would be really stressful. Not at all — it flowed beautifully!

Tara Harkins, Working Mother Coaching, OradellNJ