Speaking In Front Of GroupsI have become a contributing author to a new online magazine called Healers Unite! My article entitled “Speaking in Front of Groups: Gulp, I received my first invitation, now what?” is featured in  the March issue in the category: Anxiety No More.

I would like to share an excerpt from my article and invite you to share YOUR stories about speaking in front of groups…

Do you ever experience “dread energy” when creating your presentation? Take a moment to reconnect with your source. Be fully delighted as you recall your stories. Visualize the listeners as they become engaged and moved during your presentation. Imagine meeting up with these same listeners, perhaps a year later, and picture them telling you how much you inspired them. Your presentation will support your listeners to get the results they want in ways that are completely authentic to them. My hope and wish for you is that this process will also be filled with ease and joy for you on so many levels.

Congratulations on booking your speaking engagement! You have manifested a wonderful opportunity to share your gifts with the world. Embrace it, enjoy it. Know that the universe is supporting you all the way and will cheer you on. And now, I invite you to write your presentation with ease and joy!

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