You are in for a treat! There are so many great resources to help you grow your business, many of which are free or very affordable. Over the years, I have compiled a long list of resources that I share with my VIP and group clients. I have made a decision to share these with you, so you will be receiving emails about these in the coming weeks.

You may notice an occasional ezine from me, yet for the most part, my commitment is to deliver high value resources to your inbox on a regular basis.

The first resource I want to share is a completely free resource to make beautiful photo posts. If you are connected with me on social media, you may have seen these photo posts with different backgrounds and my quotes on them.

To make your own posts, go to It will literally take you less than 5 minutes to create a photo with your quote on it. Let me know how it goes.

I have asked my assistant, Jaimie to walk you through the process:

Here’s one of mine for an example:









Go ahead and create a quote from you and get your message out there. There are those who have been waiting to hear it!