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SIGNALS by Hubspot (a free program that you can add to your Chrome browser) gives you an opportunity to find this out and increases your ability to respond nimbly in the client acquisition process.

Imagine if you were sitting at your desk and you got a ‘ping’ that someone opened your follow up email. You could send another email right away and they even might think you are reading their mind.

And not only that, you can see how many times the email is opened. That means you can see if they are coming back to it and reading again and gauge their interest in your services.

There is a FREE version for individuals. It allows you to get 200 Notifications per month in reference to Email openings and Website clicks, along with email support.

Time is money and knowledge is power. SIGNALS also has an app for your mobile phone and tablet, so you will be able to see this information wherever you are.

My assistant, Jaimie is going to share in this video how you can use SIGNALS to find out who is opening your emails. Here is the link:


I hope you enjoy this resource! You can access at

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