Use the Law of Attraction to Grow Your Coaching Business

A behind the scenes look at the spiritual underpinnings of a successful coaching business with Karen Cappello, MCC

In this training you’ll learn:

  • About the link between the law of attraction and growing your coaching business
  • How your personal energy affects your business outcomes
  • Highly effective tips and techniques for energy management
  • How to keep your energy strong when things are not going as you’d like
  • How to use the LOA to up-level your clientele
  • …and much more!

Your coaching business is one of your more powerful self-development tools. Learn how to develop yourself, while building and growing your business with ease.

Sign up below and you will get the full details on being part of this training on Tuesday, February 27th at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific)

The most important thing I’ve learned is that I could build my business so that it is the most congruent with my personality and spirit.
–Scott Masciarelli, ​PCC​, BCC
Washington, DC

Karen is so talented in her ability to meld spiritual principles with specific tools to create a coaching practice that you love in a crystal clear way.
–Jennifer Padawer,
Certified Personal & Professional Development Coach,
New Jersey