karen-brandtalesI wanted to give you a heads up about a super FUN and gem packed interview that I did with my friend, Holly Chantal of The Land of Brand®.

Holly just launched her podcast called Brand Tales, featuring the stories behind the biggest brands in the coaching industry.

It’s super casual and you get to learn all sorts of things about me that you didn’t know. Holly’s not afraid to ask tough questions and draw out stories that I haven’t really shared before. Plus, we play games and share quirks—it’s definitely not your typical “hum drum interview.”

One of the big topics we talk about is why I decided to use my name as my company name, and how to decide what is best for YOU in your coaching business. Important stuff!

Check out our episode here!

Here’s a sneak preview:

  • How to name your business – and come up with taglines that really work.
  • Why you should OWN your intuition in your business.
  • The epic fail moment that turned into the perfect lesson of knowing your audience.
  • When the right time is to start delegating in your business.
  • I also share my guilty pleasures, fave business tool, and my own personal superpowers!

Plus, My Big REVEAL! Check out my new hair color in this episode…

I would love to hear if our interview inspires new ideas for you – please let me know!