Discover How to ​Bring in Clients Authentically and Consistently​…

~Design and implement an effortless enrollment process

~Create a ​signature program that is guaranteed to sell​

~​Know exactly what to do to bring in high-end clients

~Develop a system that you can simply rinse and repeat​


You’ve had a very successful career working and you have decided to cultivate your own coaching practice. You are committed to make a positive impact on the world through serving others and changing global consciousness.

You have a message that you need to share with the world, either through speaking engagements, writing your book, or creating more sustainable corporate cultures as a change-agent. You have an incredible depth of experience and want to share that value with others.


You’ve been building your coaching business for a while now, and you’ve tried numerous programs, but nothing has generated the success you’ve anticipated. You’re still waiting for that “Tipping Point” when all the work you’ve done finally pays off!

You’ve chosen a niche, have a website and created a free offer. You’ve had a couple clients, but you don’t have a cohesive, scalable marketing plan to consistently bring in your ideal clients and replace your corporate income.

This is creating some stress in your life as you really want this to work. You’ve been so successful in your corporate job, and now you are wondering how long it will take to have that same amount of success in your own business.

The idea of doing all of this without a systematic process is overwhelming.  You don’t know where to start.  And if we’re really being honest, you sometimes experience self-doubt, wondering if you will really be able to make a ‘go’ of your coaching business.

Even so, you are committed to making this work, and are ready to dedicate your energy and time to taking the actions that will make your business grow. You are willing to do whatever it takes.


Clear step-by-step marketing plan to attract your ideal clients consistently and effortlessly!

You need guidance on how to bring all of the pieces you’ve built into a cohesive, sustainable lifestyle business. You need clear direction on how to consistently bring in cash flow on demand.

In addition to a group of templates, forms and step-by-step systems, you also need mindset coaching in order to move past any unconscious blocks that come up as you implement these.

You need a clear business model to get you the success that you know you deserve, and easy-to-follow, proven strategies that you can implement to bring in your ideal clients, and leverage all the influence and credibility you have built up over the years.


I’m Karen Cappello! I used to work in Estate Planning, helping high net worth individuals prepare for retirement, working over 60 hours per week. I was successful, making good money. I qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table in my second year. And I was exhausted.

I knew how to have success by working hard, but I wanted something more – I wanted to build my own company and help others craft their legacy while experiencing greater ease and joy.

In 2002, I left the corporate world to start coaching. Within 9 months, I had accumulated 250 hours, enough to apply for my Associate Certified Coaching degree. In 2015 I attained the Masters Certified Coach designation – the highest credential awarded by the International Coach Federation (only 4% of coaches worldwide attain this level of expertise).

Today, I am enjoying a six-figure living in one of the most prestigious areas in Tucson, Arizona. I wake up without an alarm each day and wear comfy clothes to work. I laugh a lot many times in a day. I help lots of people achieve their dreams. My life is integrated. I get to be myself in both my personal and professional lives. This is what I want for you!

HOW I CAN HELP: Mastermind Intensive

I have trained and mentored thousands of coaches from over 65 countries since 2002. I specialize in integrating your authentic self and personal aspirations with your professional brand and your business goals so that you can experience a richer life and more meaningful, profitable work.


Together we will:

~ Tighten up Your Niche: Ensure that your niche is distinctive and attractive to those you want to work with.

~ Design Your Signature Program: Based on the process you are already using, we will articulate the steps of your coaching program in a way your clients completely understand and desire

~ Insure that Your Free Offer is Compelling: Multiply the number of potential clients in your community (on your mailing list) with proven strategies to make your free offer even more attractive that it already is.

~ Design Investment Opportunities and Programs: Make sure that your pricing will insure that you meet your financial goals, is completely aligned with the true value your clients receive from their coaching and easy to say ‘yes’ to

~ Craft Your Signature Speech based on Your Signature Program: Create an engaging presentation that will automatically lead clients right into your signature program.

~ Develop a System to bring in Complimentary Conversation Appointments: Plan and execute an organized system that runs on its own to bring you into conversations with potential clients, consistently, month after month.

~ Implement Winning Discovery Conversations: Put an effortless coaching enrollment process into action

~ Master Your Energy Through the Process: This may be written last but is certainly not least. In fact, if you master this, the rest is easy.


In our six-month transformational Mastermind Intensive, we have attracted a powerful community of coaches who are committed to building meaningful businesses with greater ease and joy!

✔ ​3 group calls with your tribe each month (18 intimate calls with me​ and up to 8 other coaches​!)

✔ Unlimited support through an online group

✔ Complete templates and step-by-step processes for each of the steps

✔ Support for your energy mastery throughout the entire 180 days we are together

✔ Coaching session with me to set you up for success with your personal launch plan

✔ Private coaching session with me anytime during the course of of the program for extra support

✔ Savings on technical support from my team

In each group call, ​the agenda will be created by the group.  The calls are meant to support group members in real time.  Spotlight coaching, mastermind brainstorming, and/or mentor coaching by Karen will be included, depending on what is needed.  The conversation can be continued in the on-line group if necessary.

I will provide the curriculum and systems for you to develop the structure you need for increasing profitability while establishing sustainable lifestyle boundaries. We are going to walk you through the steps to expand, capitalize, and monetize your business. We’ll work through every aspect, from the mundane daily tasks to empowering your mindset, and everything in between! 

Time and Dates – Wednesdays at 12 noon Eastern, November 14, 28, December 5, 12, 19, January 9, 16, 23, February 6, 13, and 20. March 6, 13, 20, April 3, 10, 17, & 24.

TECHNICAL LAUNCH BONUS: Session with Andrea Cinnamond to go over any logistical questions you have in order to implement your launch plan. Don’t get stuck in the ‘HOW’. Ask her questions about how to set things up, tools to use, and how to keep it simple and functional.

BONUS: The Clients You are Seeking are Also Seeking You – this program that will take you through the inner game of growing your business, filled with exercises to keep your energy strong. ($597 value)

BONUS: The Art of Group Coaching – here’s a simple, step-by-step structure to support you in designing, running and filling your groups. ($797 value)

BONUS:  Design High-End Programs webinar – learn a system that will support you to see how you can create more value for your client and more revenue for you ($97 value)

BONUS:  Your First Corporate Contract webinar – whether you’re working in corporate or not, you’ll find techniques that will help you get coaching contracts with organizations ($97 value)

EARLY ADOPTER INVESTMENT (expires October 17, 2018)

$3,500 Full Pay or $600/month for 6 months

Full Investment 

$4,000 Full Pay or $750/month for 6 months

Full Pay – $4,000

Buy Now

Payment Option – 6 X $750

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Karen is the best mentor coach I’ve ever had

Before I started Karen’s Mastermind Intensive, I had participated in different coach mentoring and training programs, yet, I was still feeling that my marketing/client enrollment activities for my coaching business were inconsistent and not entirely cohesive. Also, I was feeling a great deal of overwhelm regarding how to systematize these activities to make them easier and more automatic to undertake. Added to this, I did not feel I was attracting clients who were the best match for my services, consistently.

Since I started participating in Karen’s Mastermind Intensive, I have developed a focused, high-touch system for building referrals and developing speaking opportunities geared towards my most ideal clients. I have increased my fees and repackaged and upgraded my services to include some VIP offerings. Within a month of doing this, I sold three private, half-day VIP intensives!

I have received numerous other benefits through participating in Karen’s Mastermind Intensive, including concrete, practical solutions to specific business challenges that arise, as well masterful support in identifying and releasing mindset limitations. The curriculum that accompanies the program is top-notch and goes way beyond the basics. I have learned new and innovative approaches and ideas that have helped me to be more effective both as a marketer and as a coach.

Karen is, hands-down, the best mentor coach I have ever had, and participating in her Mastermind Intensive is the best investment I’ve ever made in my business.   I have received very personalized and high-impact coaching from her, as well astute and skillful support from the other coaches in the program. Karen’s ability to seamlessly integrate the “practical” and the spiritual and to facilitate a powerful group experience keeps me wanting more. I know that participating in this Mastermind Intensive will be the single, largest factor in the continuous growth of my business. The return definitely exceeds the investment by far.

Mary C. Davis, Business & Prosperity Coach| Toronto, Canada | www.theprosperoushealer.com




Best investment in my coaching and myself

I registered for the Mastermind Intensive because I was stuck in my business development. Since I had no desire to work for someone else, I needed to step up and invest in myself.  Karen’s marvelous way of approaching both the “branches” of the business tree (business development activities) and the “roots” (our own feelings and beliefs – the “inner game”) resonated strongly. I felt an immediate connection and knew this would be a game-changer for me and my business.

I had read too many blog posts and articles about various business development tactics, and I was overwhelmed. I didn’t have a client attraction strategy, and I didn’t have confidence in my ability to develop one.

Karen’s business savvy and spirited warmth create a safe space to question and a fantastic learning environment. I’ve been able to cut through the clutter and focus on figuring out what works for me. I’ve received amazing coaching and support from Karen and the other members of the group.  The mastermind intensive is the best investment I’ve made in my coaching and myself.

In my time in the Mastermind, I’ve finished my website, developed my signature program, and created my first lead magnet. I’m working on two other pieces of my marketing funnel, and have created a client attraction strategy based on my own strengths and energies. 

Alex Carter, Ph.D., CCP | Washington, DC | www.alexcarter.com




My entire coaching practice has gone through a makeover
If you’re in the process of building or expanding your practice and are looking for support, guidance or mentoring from an exceptionally talented coach then I highly recommend joining Karen Cappello’s Mastermind Intensive. You’ll be joined by a few other like-minded coaches that add an extra layer of support and connection.

I just completed the six-month mastermind program and my entire coaching practice has gone through a make-over. I have a completely rebranded site, a signature program and group coaching program all launching by the end of the month. It’s really been an awesome and life changing experience. I wouldn’t be in this position to accomplish so many of my goals and dreams if it wasn’t for Karen’s program.

Jonathan Hermida, ACC, CPC | Berlin, Germany | www.jonathanhermida.com





Contact Karen at karen@karencappello.com or phone her at 520-299-0001 (US Arizona time zone) to apply.



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9:00 am – Connect at La Paloma Country Club

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