How do you market group coaching?

This is a big question, and can have as many answers as there are coaches.  Marketing your group depends on your ideal client, how they like to be communicated with, and what has gotten you the best results in marketing your individual coaching.

Have an ideal client in mind, with a compelling challenge that they want to solve.

When your marketing is focused on a certain client and a challenge that keeps them up at night, it will have a greater chance of being successful.  Here are some examples —


For example, the ideal client could be a mom of a teenager and the challenge could be how to improve communication.   Then your group would be for moms who want to improve their communication with their teens.

Or you could use the same ideal client, mom of a teenager, and a different challenge, such as how to take care of yourself while taking care of others. This would actually make a great follow up group to the first example.

Or you could use a different ideal client, such as a manager, and the same challenge as the first example, how to impr
When you know have an ideal client and a compelling challenge in mind, then just ask yourself, “How does this person like to be communicated with?”ove communication.  Then your group would be for managers who want to improve communication with their team.

Determine the best way to communicate with your ideal clients

There are so many channels to use to communicate these days – social media, emails, phone, texts – it’s important to determine what works best for your clients.  The moms of teens may be on mobile Facebook, while the corporate managers are on LinkedIn.  Some of your clients prefer phone calls, while others want to receive the information in an email.

Last month, I was at my aunt’s funeral, and Anne, a family friend who went to college with my youngest sister, came up to me.  She held out her smart phone, and showed me how she is receiving all of the posts on my Facebook page.  She reads them before she goes to bed at night – she loves them!

This made me stop and think about the other side of sending out posts, and how they are being received.  So, think about the channels that make sense to use with your ideal clients, and use those.

Use methods that have already gotten you the best results

When I began my coaching practice, I did lots of what we used to call ‘sample sessions.’  These were sessions with potential coaching clients so that they could get a taste of coaching.  Now we call them discovery sessions or enrollment conversations.

In my first 25 sessions, I registered 24 clients, and lots of them were for group coaching. I knew that if I could just talk to someone, they would see the value of coaching and enroll in my groups.  You could say that these conversations got me the best results.

One of my clients went out on speaking engagements, and every time she spoke, she received clients. Speaking worked best for her.  For others, writing works.  Find whatever works for you, and focus it on enrolling your ideal clients in your groups.  Just use the methods that are authentic and already getting you results in your individual coaching, and apply those to group coaching.  Ease!

These are just a few tips to get you started on your marketing.  Try them out and let me know how they work. I hope they create more ease for you!