Hello.  Today I want to talk to you about Jumpstart Sessions, a little jump start program that I talked about last week.   These are sessions that you can offer to your clients. Maybe, starting out with a 90-minute to a two hour session; also with a follow up session.

And here are some statistics that I think are really, really interesting.  There are actually 2.1 billion active users online. For YouTube, 5 billion videos are watched per day. Amazing, huh? For iTunes, 42 million people listen weekly. And for a blog posts, 346 million people around the world read those. So conservatively we could say if you do a video and send it to all these different channels, that you could actually get in front of seven billion people. That – is – a- lot – of – people!

And so this is one of the things that I offer my Jumpstart people when we do our sessions.  We talk about creating a 10 minute video. And I’ll share the process.  By creating a 10 minute video every week and sending it out to all these different channels and getting in front of seven billion people. So that’s a really easy way to get visible.

Let’s get visible coaches!  And have our clients, our ideal clients find us. So here’s how it goes. If you’re a life coach, you want to start by doing a Facebook Live video just like I’m doing. Then you send it to YouTube.  So you can get your assistant or even you can do this process where you can download the video and upload it to YouTube.

Now if you’re working with businesses or if you’re a career coach, you want to start with LinkedIn. So you can create your video on YouTube and then post it to LinkedIn. So those are the two different starting points.  After that, it’s completely the same. So either your video is starting on Facebook going to YouTube or it’s starting on YouTube going to LinkedIn depending on which audience that you want to get in front of first.

Next what you can do is download the audio only of that video and you can put it onto iTunes. So you’ll get a lot of play with your audio. Next you can get that audio transcribed and you can send it to your blog.  Now, you get play from your blog! So what happens with that 10 minutes that you have given, per week (I would say per week to do this), that 10 minutes turns into getting in front of the possibility of seven billion people in many different channels. And as we know as coaches, people like to consume information differently. Some are auditory, some are visual, some are kinesthetic. So when you do that one video, you can send it out to many different places. Now I do my videos on my own and I have my magnificent assistant, Sarah, do this.

Sarah tells me that it takes her about 45 minutes to send these out to all the different channels (including transcription editing time). So with 10 minutes plus 45 that’s under an hour. If you learn this and wanted to even do it yourself, it’s one hour a week. That’s amazing. And of course, you want to do more with these videos than to send them out to these channels, obviously. But this is a great start to get in front of those seven billion people.

And this is one of the things that I work with my clients on in a Jumpstart session. We work on what is the topic of the video that’s really going to make sense to their ideal clients. We also work on creating launches, like maybe quarterly launches.  So that these videos are all connected to an offer where they can get paid.  Because of course, it’s great to do the videos and share your message with the world. But as coach, you want to have a business and make money with this.

Those are a couple of things we work with in our Jumpstart sessions, some things that you too can do. I wanted to just give you an example of something that could be done in a Jumpstart session. And then of course, once you create this map of the videos in your 90-minute or two hour session at the beginning with them, then you want to have a follow-up session to see how it’s going, to see if your clients have run into any snags along the way that you can help them with.

So let’s get visible coaches!  And you can do this with your clients in Jumpstart sessions. Also, you can do this with your coach and map this out for yourself. I really, really hope that you get in front of your ideal clients, that they hire you and they get their lives transformed by you.

This very simple process that takes one hour, maybe 90 minutes if you want to give it a little more time per week, has the possibility of getting you in front of seven billion people! Pretty cool, huh?

Thanks for reading this today.  Wishing you lots of love and great joy!