I want to talk to you about your essence energy and what that might mean for you and hiring team members.  It’s such a great question that I got on LinkedIn actually too.  And I had an interview with Jill at the Extraordinary Coaches Telesummit.  I was talking about essence energy and the concept of essence energy.  Everyone has a certain energy that is,,,  it fills their body … and their spirit when they’re most alive.

So, you can name your essence energy different names.  A coach I know named her essence energy, Tulip.  I named my essence energy, Tender Exuberance.  This coach was wanting to know if you could use your essence energy when you’re hiring your assistant.  And that’s such a great idea!  And so he was asking, “do you want to have similar essence energy that actually relates to yours, resonates and amplifies yours? Or do you want your team members to have an essence energy that’s a little bit different than yours and compliments your essence energy?”  This is such a great idea and question 🙂

So I say that you want your team to have a very similar essence energy to yours.  In terms of skills, you want your team to compliment you and have different skills that they bring to the table.  But you’re essence energy is kind of like your branding.  It’s like the colors that you put out or the feeling that people have when they get into your space.  So you want their essence energy to be very similar.

And you know, it is kind of interesting because I was looking for a person to help me with customer service for many years and I had a lot of different people.  But I did get someone recently, Sarah has joined our team.  And it’s so interesting that one of my coaching colleagues says, “her energy is just like yours”.  And I realized that I feel so good about having Sarah on the team because she does match my energy.  She matches that Tender Exuberance very well.

So when you’re thinking of hiring any team member, including any kind of assistance, look for that energy that matches yours; An energy that goes well with yours, that will kind-of extend yours out into the world.  For skills, look for something a little different. But for essence energy, you want that to be very compatible with yours.

That’s our tip for today.  If you’d like more tips like this and more in-depth information, you can join our Coaching Success Club.  We’re actually having an Implementation Day tomorrow.  So if you joined today, you would get in on that.  To resonate with this idea and this message, this essence energy actually, we’d Love to have you in the club.  You can easily find us at CoachingSuccessClub.com. Signing off now with lots of Love & joy.  Thanks for being here, Karen

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