Hi, I want to talk to about how to introduce yourself as a coach.  This really has us tied up in knots as coaches.  So if I’m at any event, I could say, “Hi, I’m Karen.  I’m a mentor coach and I work with coaches to help them build and grow their businesses with success that comes with ease and joy rather than hard work and effort.”  And I could say that.

But it kind of bores me a little bit.  So here I’ve created this introduction called, “the elevating introduction” and it really really makes a lot of sense.

Now the first sentence in the introduction is, “I work with the best clients in the world.”  And then tell a ‘before and after story’ of a client that you just love to work with the got great results.  Then the last line of your introduction is, “I’m so proud of him (or her).”

So this is how it goes, “Hi, I’m Karen and I work with the best clients in the world.  In fact, I had a client a couple of years ago who was a life coach and wanted to become an executive coach and she took some training.  She also did her inner work of meditation every day.  And about three months later, she & her husband were at dinner with the next door neighbors.  The next door neighbor said, ‘What are you doing these days?’  And she said, ‘I’m an executive coach.’  It turns out he was the HR director of a very large pharmaceutical company.  And he hired her to do a project that he had.  And it’s so interesting.  I’m so proud of her because she was able to do her inner and outer work and get that gig.”

Okay, there’s an elevating introduction and that’s how to do it. You can just do a ‘before and after’ right in the middle of the two phrases.  Remember, the first phrase is, “Hi, I’m (your name).  I work with the best clients in the world.”  Then you give a ‘before and after story’.  Then you say the second phrase, “I’m so proud of him or her.”

What this does is it puts you in such a great feeling and excitement about speaking about your clients.  It’s not boring.  It’s exciting 🙂  And you can do this in a one on one introduction.  You can do this with a group.  It works every time.  And what you want to do is also tailor this introduction if you have a few ‘before and after stories’ of clients.  Whoever you’re in front of, you want to look for the people that have the same before story as the client story & share that story with them.

So that’s my elevating introduction.  It will put you in a great energy and a place of glow.  Hope you like this tip and if you want more, you can go to the CoachingSuccessClub.com  or go to my Resources Page where many resources are there for you, free!  🙂    Signing off for now with lots of joy, Karen