Abstract yellow backgroundWhat if there was one single action you could take that would exponentially enhance your marketing results? What if it was a shift in perspective? As coaches, we know that perspective is a powerful tool.

The one single action I am talking about is that each time you do any type of marketing activity, put on your marketing hat and take off your coaching hat.
As coaches, we learn that when we are in a client session and want to share our own perspective, that we can take off our coaching hat and share our perspective, and then put it on again. What happens is that we get so used to having our coaching hat on (as it works so well in many areas of our lives, not just a coaching session), that we forget to take it off when it is appropriate.

When you put on your marketing hat, you are able to deeply relate to your potential clients, and this will greatly enhance your results.

Here are 3 benefits of putting on your marketing hat for marketing activities:

1. You see things from the client’s point of view, rather than your own. Or better put, from the problem side rather than the solution side. Coaches are so positive, so optimistic, that we tend to focus on the solution rather than the problem.

When we are too focused on the solution, our potential client can feel that we don’t really understand them. We don’t know what they are feeling at their core. When we focus on the problem side, we are able to communicate compassion. We are saying “I understand. It’s tough.”

Once they know how much we care, they will come to us for the solution.

2. You are able to understand their vulnerability in seeking out a coach, and the gremlins that come along with it. When a potential client comes to a coaching consultation, they are admitting that there is something that they have not been able to do on their own. There is a sense of failure associated with that.

When we are focused on whether they will become our client or not, we miss the tenderness of their position. We miss the courage that it took for them just to make the appointment to have the session.

Then when they have an objection, we miss that this is a gremlin speaking. We think they do not want it enough. When we understand that they are scared, we create safety for them. We remind them of their strengths and let them know that they can do this.

3. You can use your coaching skills in a different way in your enrollment conversations. An enrollment conversation is not a coaching session, and we are leading it, not the client. We lead the session so that the client can overcome their gremlins and get help toward realizing their dreams.

Just because it is not a coaching session and we are leading, does not mean we can’t bring in power listening, acknowledging and powerful questions into the session. We just use these tools in a different way.

We can listen for their dreams and see if they are the right fit for us. We can acknowledge their brilliance and courage. And we can ask questions that support them in realizing what it is costing them not to go for those dreams.

Using the single action of taking off your coaching hat and putting on your marketing hat will support both you and your clients to get to their dreams. And it will greatly enhance your marketing results!