Hello!  Today I want to talk about how to go from your six figure income in corporate to a six figure coaching business.  You may be a coach who has come out of corporate.  You had a great success in a great job there and now you’re looking to create that same type of success in your coaching business.  The good news is you can leverage all of your talents and your credibility to do just that.  So I’m going to give you three keys today to make that happen.

The first key is confidence.  You need confidence.  There are many people coming out of corporate into their own business who feel that “impostor syndrome”.  You know, you have so much success over there and you’re not sure how it translates over here.   Many of my clients come in like that.  And so we are able to build their confidence and help them to understand who they are and what they’re bringing to the table.  That’s the first key.

The second key is you need a coach toolkit.  I know many of my clients come in with lots of certificates, certifications, to many different assessments.  The thing is, you need to know when to use those assessments to get the best results for your clients and how to use those assessments in a corporate engagement.  That’s a second key, knowing all of that.

The 3rd key to getting your very same income in coaching, in your own coaching business, is to have this authentic power… to be able to exude authentic power.  So in corporate you may have had to be very ‘buttoned up’ and maybe have been wearing some type of a mask to be able to make it in the corporate world.  And now coming into your own business, how do you create your own authenticity, being yourself, being the leader that you actually have longed to be?  How do you create being able to do things on your own terms & in your own way?  So that’s the 3rd key,,, it’s to learn that.

And I’ve seen my clients over and over going through this.  They become more confident. They know when and how to use those tools.  And they’re able to exert their own authentic power.  So if you’re interested in something like this, put a comment here saying, “I’m interested!”

Right now, I’m in the process of creating this report.  And if want it, I’ll send you the report outlining these three keys showing how you can take your six figure income that you made in corporate and now that you’re a coach, how to make that in coaching too 🙂

Signing off for now by wishing you lots of great success and authentic success in your own way, on your own terms.


Oh, if you’d like a perfect example:  Case Study: Scott