Hi, today I want to talk to you about how to facilitate transformation in your coaching clients.  And of course, we’re taught this in our coach training programs.  And you know, we’ve probably been doing this all our lives of people around us.  And yet sometimes, if we’re in a business or an executive setting or if our clients have some really really big goals and really firm goals, we may forget about the transformational part.

So first of all have the intention to create transformation and know that no matter what goals the client has, what they’re really there for is to become someone else, to be someone else, that can really create goals and results the rest of their lives.

I want to tell you a story about an executive coaching client I had.  We were talking about acknowledging his team.  He said to me, “I really want to learn to acknowledge my team.”  He went on to said, “You know, my father never acknowledged me.”   And his father was very critical of him.  He said, “and I really want to learn this thing called ‘acknowledgement’.”

I knew he had a son and I said to him, “If you learn to acknowledge your team, what’s possible for your son?”  And there was silence on the phone.   You know really deep silence.  When he came back, his voice kind of cracked.  And he said, “Everything is possible for my son if I learned to acknowledge.”

He realized that he could break a legacy of a lifetime right there with learning acknowledgement of his team.  That was such a transformational moment and it can happen in any type of coaching.  So just a reminder to really look for those moments where you can help your client transform in addition to going for the goals & results (which are always a great things).  There’s also something about who they’re being and who they’re becoming that is really about the magic of coaching.

That’s my tip for today.  If you like these kinds of tips, you can find more.  Go to the Coaching Success Club.  If registration is not open at the moment, you can leave your name and sign up for the waiting lists and the next time they open, we will invite you in.  For now, I wish you lots of love and great joy and transformation for you and your clients.