Hello coaches, I want to talk to you about how to cut through all the noise out there from both ways.  So here’s what I mean by that:  I had a coach who had replied to one of my emails this week.  She said, “Karen, I’m getting so many offers.  I’m,  I’m just completely overwhelmed by all of the different programs out there for coaches!  It seems like everyone’s got a program out there for the coaches and I just need to sort through them.  And it’s just overwhelming.”

I understand that.  I get it. You know, it’s interesting because when I started out in coaching back in 2002 there were very few programs.  In fact, one of my colleagues told me that coaching coaches was not a good idea because they had just spent all this money on their coach training that they wouldn’t spend money on getting coach on building your business.  And boy, was that not true.  But anyway, I felt so inspired and so passionate about coaching coaches that I went ahead anyway.  I wanted to help.  Now the market is just completely saturated with people wanting to help.

So how do you make a decision?  Well, let’s talk about that.  One of the things I do to cut down on the overwhelm and the noise is pick three mentors, pick three coaches, pick three people that you really resonate with; that actually align with your essence energy.    Pick those that have a message such that when you read it, you’re really inspired!  Stay with those three people and unsubscribe from everyone else.  This is because there are so many different perspectives, so many different ways of doing this that you want to pick the mentor that you really resonate with.

Another thing that you can look at is, who is the mentor that has the business you want to have eventually?  If you want to be a million dollar business coach and you want to have a big team and you want to do a lot of live events, whatever you want to do, pick the mentor that’s doing that.  If you want to be more of a boutique firm and have a small team and work less hours per week.  In fact, that’s kind-of what I do here.  I do not want to have a huge team.  I’ve already been president of Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.  I know what that’s like.  So I keep everything very small and simple.  This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a six figure business?  This is true too.   So pick someone who is where you want to be and then follow that person.

I say three because it’s so interesting I find that in my life I can support three different things at the same time.  When I put a 4th thing in, it gets overwhelming to me.  If I have my business and my personal then maybe one other focus, it works out beautifully.  When I put four, I start feeling overwhelm.  So think about what that is for you.

But let’s just use the number three.  Find 3 coaches, 3 mentors, 3 people that really inspire you, that you really resonate with, that are where you want to be.  And unsubscribe from everything else.  Make it really easy for yourself.  You don’t have to go through and look at every single thing out there.  You can use your intuition.  You can use your feelings to help you with this too.

So then when you decide on those three people and you’ve unsubscribed from everyone else, make sure that you “white list” their email addresses.  In Gmail there’s a “promotions” folders.  Otherwise you could miss some things there.  You can miss things if they go to spam too.  So look for those people and make sure that they are coming to your inbox.  You can filter them into their own special folders you create so you can look at what they’re doing.

When you take three people it still gives you what you need and it really cuts down on the noise.  It cuts down on what you have to look at.  And then go deep.  Of those three people, start getting their emails, start looking at whatever they’re doing to see what you like.  Soon, you will see what does and doesn’t resonate with you.  Find the one that you really want to hire as a mentor.  This is a great way of doing it all and of not being too overwhelmed.. what I’m calling “cutting through all the noise!”

The last thing I want to say about this is there are a lot of programs out there.  They can be very expensive.  I’ve seen people take money out of their 401ks.  I’ve seen people put money on credit cards.  That’s a lot for a little business.  So if you’re in the first 3 to 5 years of your business, well, I’ll say the first five years of your business watch.  Unless you’ve hit that six figure mark, watch what you’re investing in.  Take one person, one program and invest deeply and move forward.  And then once you get a certain amount of financial success, then invest in the next program.  That’s my advice and guidance today on cutting through all the noise and finding out what’s really going to work for you.

If you do resonate with me and my message, we have a very affordable program.  It’s $67 a month right now and we give weekly calls.  We do implementation Days.  We’re starting some Enrolling Conversation Clinics.  We’re here to support you.   If you’re in, especially the first year of your business, this is the perfect program for you.  But we have people that are in their years 2, 3, 4…. and they’re still getting quite a bit out of it.

I invite you to look at CoachingSuccessClub.com and join us.  And I invite you to have me as one of your three coaches.  Just let me prove myself 🙂    Listen to my videos.  See if you like my style and see if  it helps you to get more clients because that’s kind of the bottom line,, getting more clients, more business.  With that, I’ll sign off for today.

Wishing lots of love and great joy, Karen