Here’s an inspiring story told by Gary Douglas of Access Consciousness

I knew some people who wanted to sell their ranch. They’d had it on the market forever at $12 million, and it hadn’t sold. Their realtor said, “We need to drop the price to $9 million.” I asked the ranch, “What do you want to sell for?” It said, “$15 million.”

Can you imagine the realtor’s face when the people raised the price to $15 million? The realtor said, “You can’t do that!” They said, “Yes, we can; we’re raising the price to $15 million.”

Two weeks later they had a full price offer from some buyers who were looking for a ranch just like theirs. The buyers had decided the ranch they wanted would cost $15 million. They weren’t looking in the $12 million price range. They wanted to pay $15 million.

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Who is looking for you and your coaching, and in what price range?

The next time you set your pricing, connect with the spirit of your business and ask what the right price range is for you. You may be surprised at the answer you get. And you may be even more surprised at who shows up to make that investment.