Hi!  Today I want to talk to you about how I brought in eight paying clients in my first month of coaching.  The idea is I’m going to show you how you can too.  For those of you who don’t know me, I help coaches build and grow their businesses with ease and joy.  My specialty, I recently realized this with my coach, has been working with coaches coming out of corporate, just as I was.  Helping those who are wanting to build a business or executive coaching business.  So that’s my sweet spot.  I want to talk about my first month of coaching and how I brought in eight paying clients that started all in my second month and how you can do this too.

I came out of the estate planning field and I was making really good money.  I was really successful.  I made a million dollar roundtable my second year and …. I was exhausted.  I was working 60 to 70 hours a week.  I came into coaching and I had all of those contacts.  Because to create an estate plan you need an estate planner, you need a financial planner, you need an accountant, and you need an attorney.  All of those people were people that were already in my circles that I was already working with on a day by day, week by week, month by month basis.   They were with me.  And so I started.

I took my coach training at the end of January that year.  I had signed up around Thanksgiving the year before and I took December off just to enjoy myself.  Then January, I decided, “Okay, what am I going to do this month to really get my coaching business going because I wasn’t taking my formal training until the very end of the month.”  What I did was, I thought, “Okay, I’m going to give free coaching in the month of January to anyone who wants it, anybody that I know who wants it.”

So I contacted all these people I knew from my former life and I let them know that they could have anywhere between one, two, and three sessions in January and it was completely free.   I remember I also called my sister in Chicago and she was in real estate, so she sent me some people.  This was actually done through just a few phone calls.

I ended up with 16 people in the month of January that want to be coached.  Some of them once, some of them twice, some of them three times.  So I did it.  I coached them and I gave it my best shot and I gave them my best.  I wasn’t even formally trained but it was interesting because in that month, people started moving forward.  We know this in coaching. Just listening to people makes a huge difference for them so that they can reflect and hear themselves think.

At the end of the month, the very last week of the month, I went to my coach training.  And before I completed in January with each of my clients, free clients, I said, “Okay, let’s set a time in the first week of February to go over what we did to complete out our coaching and just see if there are any next steps.  Great, then I did that.  After I came back from coach training I met with all of my clients.  I said, “Okay, look what has happened, what are the results, what’s going on?”  And now, since I have completed my first base of my coach training, I’m going to charge for coaching.  Out of the 16 people, 8 of them said, “Yes!” because they’ve already had an experience of me.  That’s how I got eight paying clients in my first official month of coaching.

And I’ve heard this strategy with some of my clients over the years.  I know a little bit more now than I knew then. Here’s what I would change & what I would do.  I would, instead of only calling people, I would send an email to people I know.  I would get on social media and post it.  I would really use all of my contacts and all of the ways that I could contact them. People I thought that were really high centers of influence, I would contact them by phone.  But the rest I would just put out a wide net.

The other thing I would do is I would charge something for this month of coaching, but something very minimal so that people had some skin in the game, so that they were invested, even like $97.  Something like that for a whole entire month of coaching.  It’s almost unheard of.  Or $100, make it really even.  Make it something that people could easily say yes to but that showed that they are willing to pay and to invest in themselves.

The other thing I would do is make sure that it was tied to some type of a certification.  Now, this is what I did because I took phase one of my coach training at the end of that month.  So, coaches who are graduating from their coach training this is a great strategy to use because then when you graduate you can say, okay now I’m charging, I’m no longer a student. If you’re taking a certification, if there’s any kind of a benchmark that you can bring, bring that benchmark in and say, “okay now I’m charging and there’s a reason for that”.

The other thing I would do that I didn’t do but that I share with my clients now, is choose a specific result.  When the client comes in, the pro bono client or the, $100 client for the one month of coaching, ask them what the result is that they want to get by the end of the month.  Pick one thing, one thing that’s very specific.  And think about whether it’s realistic.  If it isn’t, talk to the person about what would a realistic goal be but something that’s exciting to them, something that they could work on.  I would have them choose a specific goal.  Then I would also have them answer a measurement, like a scaling.  “On a scale of 0 to 10 where are you now with this goal?”  Then at the end, you could ask them the same thing.

Maybe it is that you’re working with a small business owner and they want to get one new client.  You talk to them about it and they have a process about getting this client.  You could say, “Okay great, let’s get one new client this month and let’s use this process.”  Or maybe it’s to learn a new skill or to complete something that they haven’t completed yet.  Whatever it could be, just measure it when you start and measure it when you end.  Also, then when you end & have that completion session, that meeting… talk about all the acknowledgments, look at what has been done, and then, of course, make them an offer.

What I would do now that I didn’t do then is I would give them some type of a bonus or an incentive to move forward.  One really easy bonus is to give them a jump start session instead of just the first coaching session.  Make it a little longer and make it a foundation session.  Let them know that you’re going to take them through some type of a values clarification or purpose or mission or authentic self-exercise.   Make it really special for them.   If they’re willing to register and continue on with their coaching, you will do a jump start session in place of that first session.

So these are some things that I would do now.  This strategy really does work beautifully.  Let’s go over that again. Send out an email, phone call, contact to anyone who would like to have a reduced rate coaching just for a month.  You could also say that you’re getting hours towards your certification which would be a great way to justify the pricing.  Then use some kind of a benchmark at the end of the month so that you can charge at that point.  Choose a specific result that you’re going to take your client through.  Have them have a specific result.  Measure when you start and measure when you finish.  It’s just a simple scaling like “on a scale of 0 to 10, where are you now”.   This way they can see the difference.

Plus at the end of that month, if I have those 16 clients and I had taken measurements, I could have said 90% of my clients moved 40% or more towards their goal, an increase.  Additionally you can take testimonials, you can do all kinds of things when you have measurements.  Then when you get into that completion session, share the wins, share the successes, and make an offer for further coaching, while adding some type of incentive.

So that’s a really simple strategy.  And who knows, your results could be even better than mine since we’ve tweaked the strategy now.  If you have a take away from this that you want to share, I would love to hear it.  What did you hear that really helped you to have a new insight or see things differently?

If you have any questions about this, or if you would like me to do further training on something like this, just comment, send an email, connect 🙂  My team & I are here for you.

Until then, I really wish you so much success with lots of ease and joy.  OH, if you put this strategy into practice, I’d love to hear how you did!