I want to talk to you today about a hidden secret for bringing clients and you know, I put in the title the hidden secret with these exclamation points because it’s such a marketing term that there’s all these “hidden secrets”.  But this one I’m about to share with you today is a little bit hidden, and I haven’t really heard anyone share about this like I have. So I’m going to share this secret with you.

Before I do, the importance of this secret is that I hear all the time that coaches want more clients; they want to fill their groups. They want to do all these things, and they want to do it with ease. They don’t want to do anything that’s “salesy” or “markety” or anything like that.  So I have a technique that I‘ve used since 2002. Yes haha, that’s right, since 2002. And it has to do with something that I stumbled upon, and I call it astral advertising and I’m going to share with you how this secret works.

So when I was first starting out, I was doing a lot of speaking engagements here in Tucson.  The groups were small, maybe 30, maybe 40 people in these groups. And I was doing probably 1 a month, and I would get two to three clients. At that time, I did not even have a website! I didn’t even have a business card! And I would get a couple of clients from every single one of these speaking engagements.  And I really attributed this to this concept of astral advertising.

So, there are a few steps to astral advertising.  And by the way, you can use this for an enrollment conversation the next day too. The first step is once I had secured the speaking engagement, once (you) have something on the calendar about a week ahead of time right before I would go to bed, I would closed my eyes. And I would have the intention that my higher self would connect with a higher self of whoever was going to be there. So whoever was going to be in the room or whoever I was going to be speaking with, and that’s all I did.  I had that intention and then I went to sleep.

And when I woke up, I would just pay attention to anything going through my mind like a person’s name or a song .. sometimes, or words, or colors, or anything that was going through my mind when I woke up.  And I would take that as a sign that I could incorporate that either into my conversation or into my speech.  And so I would.  I would do this every night for a week before the event. And what happened was when I come to the event, it was kind of interesting. I looked into people’s eyes and I felt like I knew them, like we had been connecting all week already energetically. And they were very warm to me.  I think they felt like they knew me too.

So this is how to do astral advertising.  And you can use this for an enrollment  conversation. If you’re going to have a conversation with someone, even if it’s like, you know, in 48 hours or 24 hours. Before you go to sleep, just have that intention that your higher self will connect with the higher self of the other person. And that you’ll be able to receive any information you need to serve them the best and that they’ll be able to receive any information they need to feel the rapport with you; to feel a sense of safety with you.  And this is all it is.

But this is kind of a hidden secret because it’s something that I do that you’ll never see on the registration page, or you’ll never see it even talked about in an any open forum. But I believe that this has gotten me more clients than anything else. I feel really connected with my clients. They feel really connected with me. And in that moment, that astral advertising has really paid off.

By the way, the name came from one of my friends who was a spiritual medium and I was asking her about this.  I just started doing it. I didn’t understand what it is.  And she said, “I’ve never heard anyone talk about it, but I would call it ‘astral advertising’.”  So I thought that was really, really interesting.

Anyway, if you if you like this tip: use it.  Let me know how it goes.  You know, one time I was speaking to a group of like 300 people and the night before I was feeling a little nervous, and I actually looked at the list. I had a list of all the people that we’re going to be there.  And I just looked at each name on the list and made a heart connection with them.  It took me a second, so it wasn’t that long.  But I remember I got some clients from that.  I got some other speaking engagements from that.  So astral advertising,,, I’m a walking testimonial for how it works. Check it out.

If you want more tips like this, I am teaching a course.  Starts next week, based on my book, The Clients You are Seeking are Also Seeking You.  It’s an Amazon bestselling book.  And there’s some really, really great techniques and things were going to go over in this course. This is just one of the many.  So if you’re interested in that course you can go to Clients Seeking You course.

If this resonates with you, if you feel very close to this information, if you’re spiritual coach, you’re going to love it! Then go ahead and register to be with us next week.  Alright, hoping everyone has a great day, sending you love and great joy.