Hello!!  Today I want to talk to you about a question that came through in our Coaching Success Club.  “What’s the connection between your signature program and your signature presentation?”  Such a great question for coaches!   So your signature presentation is a talk, presentation, PowerPoint or otherwise that you give for free to groups in your community.  Or it could be a free webinar that you give online that really speaks to your expertise and what people are going to get when they’re coaching with you.  In your signature presentation, you want to share what people need to know and why it’s important.  So that’s the first point.

Your signature program is actually just a series of steps that you take your clients through, which will help them learn how to do something.  So let me give you an example.  I also work with some corporate clients in addition to working with coaches.  I’m going to give you an example from my corporate program.  We offer a Leverage for Leaders, coach training for managers who want to become better managers and learn coaching skills.  And in that coach training program, we teach four basic coaching skills; which you’re going to know these skills right away: Presence (executive presence), questioning, listening and acknowledgment.  Those are the four skills that we train the managers in, to become better managers and leaders.  We show them how to do this.  We show them how to use coaching skills in their jobs.

The signature presentation that actually leads into this, which is a slide share that we’re creating, goes through what we do.  Our presentation is titled, “The solution to most (if not all) of your management challenges”.  It can be given to anyone in corporate who is hiring people to help their managers become better managers.  So it shares the four coaching skills.  It doesn’t share anything more than that, but also shares why it’s important.

“The solution to most (if not all) of your management challenges” is about one of the most important things you can do that can really transform your managers into leaders.  We’ll go through this signature presentation.  We’ll let them know “what’s one of the most important things they can do”.  And the most important thing they can do is … teach some coaching skills.  And then we go through, “here are the coaching skills that you’re managers need”.  We give them the four coaching skills that I shared.  So then when they’re saying, “Well, we see this is important.  We see that the managers need these skills.  Now we know that we can hire the team of Leverage for Leaders to show our managers,  ‘How’.”

Thus, your signature presentation is leading your ideal clients right into your signature program.  So that’s the connection between the two of them.  If you want some help on creating your signature program or your signature presentation, please look at the Coaching Success Club which is a group of magnificent coaches.  They get together every single week and do things that are helping them grow their businesses with ease and joy.  Take a look at that at coachingsuccessclub.com.  This is a great time to join as June 10th the pricing is going up so right now’s the best price possible.  And we also have a great Implementation Day coming up by June 8th.  So, if you sign up before then you’ll get to participate in that!  If you’re reading this later, reach out to use and find out what is coming up as the club is packed with consistent support for growing your coaching practice.

Whether you have your signature presentation or your signature program done or not, we would welcome you to join us and get it done or tweaked with the help of an amazing community (& me) there for you.   So for now, I’m wishing you lots of love and great joy.