I recently shared the six-step model of group coaching that has supported countless coaches over the years and helped them get their core message out in a bigger way.

The 6-step model begins with Step 1, the Connection.

In this step, the coach facilitates the connection with the group members and helps them bring their full presence to the group. The connection allows you to shift the energy from wherever the group members have been previously, and bring them fully present for the group. I’d like to share a couple of ways of creating connection that you may wish to adapt for your own groups:

Connecting members to each other

In this type of connection, you want to call out the group member’s names, and connect them to each other.  You can have them visualize themselves around a campfire, or in a circle holding hands, or anywhere that it would make sense for the group to come together.  Remember to call out your own name too, as you connect the group.

Connecting members to the theme of the group

In this connection, you can connect each group member to the topic of the group, or to a quality that is important to the theme.  For instance, if the group is one of parents of teens, you can connect each person to the love that they have for their teenager.

Connecting with an inspiring quote

Sometimes, there is an inspiring quote that is just perfect for the members and theme of the group.  You could use this quote in the connection.  In many of my coaching groups with coaches, I have used a quote from a song by Josh Groban, “Through the darkness, I can see your light.  And you will always shine.  And I can feel your heart in mine.”

For coaches, this is a very inspiring quote, as they will think of what they are feeling for their clients.  It will put them in a very empowered state as the group coaching session begins.

You will want to have a connection ready each time your group is meeting.  One good way of creating connection is to have a group member volunteer to do this, after it has been demonstrated in a few sessions.

Magnificent coach, thank you for investing your time, talents and treasures in being a group coach for those you are called to serve. Thank you for being willing to keep your channel open. I wish you love and great joy!

Karen Cappello is what Malcolm Gladwell calls an “outlier” in Group Coaching. Coach Karen has spent over 10K hours in the past ten years learning about, being trained on, and conducting group coaching and facilitation. In March 2013, Karen Cappello is premiering a Group Coaching Practicum and Certification for coaches wanting to create deep and quality coaching experiences at an affordable investment for their clients…with a spiritual foundation. Coach Karen truly enjoys connecting with other coaches on Facebook and Twitter!