Group Coaching Certification


Would you like to coach more people, create deep transformations for them in a group setting, and as a result receive an additional stream of income and have more time for yourself?

Is there a way to coach your group so that each person receives exactly what they need, without leaving you feeling drained or depleted?

From: Karen Cappello, Mentor Coach
The Foothills of Tucson, Arizona

Dear Magnificent Coach,

So many coaches love to work with groups and are really good at it, yet they are not sure how to fit their past group facilitation experience into a group coaching. 

Have you been wondering exactly what group coaching is and why you should offer it in your business?  Well, it’s simple…

  • Every coaching business needs some type of group program
  • Very few coaches have been trained to do group coaching
  • It’s financially affordable for your clients, while leveraging your time – a true win-win

Most coach training programs do not teach how to do group coaching in their core curriculum, so it is natural to wonder about how to use your coaching skills in a group setting.

group coaching photoIf you have questions about group coaching, you are not alone. If you are like most coaches, you began to create your business with 1-1 clients. This is because you learned how to work with individual clients in your training, and this is the fastest way to build a strong foundation for your coaching practice.

Yet, there is a limit to how many 1-1 clients you can serve. Group coaching is the answer when you are feeling that you have tapped out your coaching hours with 1-1 clients, or when you want to begin expanding your individual coaching practice to be able to serve more people.

How to know you are ready to add group coaching

You know you are ready to add group coaching when you want to:

gold checktransform more lives

gold checkhave time for your self-care

gold checkhave a 6-figure coaching business

gold checkadd another lucrative income stream to your business

If this is you, you are in the right place. I understand what you envision. When I began my coaching practice, I wanted to add this powerful offering to my repertoire and did not know exactly how to do this. So I set out to learn how to create the most amazing group experience ever!

What I learned surprised and delighted me. I found out tips and secrets (most having to do with mindset and the inner game) that were not apparent to me as a member of a group that I want to share with you so you can know them too.

Group Coaching is the solution to freedom and flexibility!

Dawn Lamond photo

Confident that I can perform group coaching with consistently beautiful results

I wanted to be a group coach before I even knew what one was. I would hold groups of people and we'd work together, and sometimes it would be beautiful, and other times it would be a train wreck - I could never tell what the difference was, except that something was missing from the ones that would go off the rails.

After working with Karen - now I know. I know what makes the difference, and now I'm confident that I can perform group coaching with consistently beautiful results. 🙂

Dawn Lamond, The Empathic Coach
Reston, Virginia

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Anne Kelly photo

A great way to test out new ideas and practice the skills

This group coaching course covered everything I need to move forward and create powerful group coaching events.  Karen covered not just the skills of how to successfully coach a group, but also the pragmatic details of how big your group should be, how to choose a topic, and how to set pricing! 

To complete the training, we had hands on real life experience at coaching a group on the topic of our choice.  What great way to test out ideas, and really develop and practice the skills.  I'm walking away a better coach, and able to bring more value to my clients.

Lori Howard, Career Transformation Coach, CSC, CPRW
Chicago, IL

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Marcia Smtih photoThis training is paying off in more ways than one!

I am a Health Coach, who wanted to launch out into the world of group coaching. I felt I lacked the skill and tools to effectively get this off the ground. Based on a discussion I had with Karen, I felt this course would give me the tools I needed to get my coaching group going.  This had seemed difficult until I started the course.

It was such a learning environment and hands-on from the very beginning. I saw my confidence levels rise with all the presentations that came forward on the calls. It was as if someone knew exactly what I needed and provided it all. Each call provided a new tool. I was able to put together my own group coaching program and launch it.

I am very excited. I am proud to say that my programs are filling up. I also got a job today to create a two-day workshop for executives and managers.  Karen, your training is paying off in more ways than one!

Marcia Smith CPC/CHHC
Trinidad and Tobago

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Deborah Lindholm photoConsistently over-delivered on my expectations

When I began this course, I was fuzzy about how to conduct group coaching. I didn’t feel confident and I worried that I might lapse into group counseling or too much teaching.
Now I am totally clear on how to conduct group coaching and my confidence has soared. The structure that Karen taught us to use for group coaching was superior!

Her style and approach as a coach helped me to step out of my comfort zone more than once. She’s a pro and you’ll be in good hands if you decide to work with her!

Now I have the skills, experience and confidence to effectively lead group coaching programs. I’m clear about the differences between group coaching, group counseling and group teaching. I have valuable tools and resources that will benefit me greatly in conducting my group coaching programs.

Thank you, Karen! You consistently over delivered on my expectations for the course.

Deborah Lindholm, MACP
Financial Therapist & Strategist
Chester, VT

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A Phenomenal Group Experience Feels Like 'Coming Home'

It all started with my coach training program at Coach For Life. I was blown away by the phenomenal group experience. After that first experience, I began to take more and more courses with CFL, just to be able to be in that group energy. I felt like I had come home.

Next, I volunteered to be part of the Foundation for Inspired Learning, and became certified as a master in the model of group facilitation and coaching. And after joining International Coach Academy, I was privileged to practice these principles for many years and thousands of hours as a trainer.

everything about coaching graphicDuring this time, I developed a model of group coaching with one of my esteemed coaching colleagues, Kate Harper. This model has both the practical and spiritual components of group coaching. The first time we gave this training, both of our coaches took the course from us! We were honored.

Then, I created one of my first information products on the Art of Group Coaching, and it has been a guide for many coaches over the years, and has allowed them to create deep and quality coaching experiences at an affordable investment for their clients.

Over the years, group coaching has allowed me to support thousands of my ideal clients (really, I counted them up!), have a 6-figure business and live a life that is filled with freedom and flexibility. The same can be true for you!

If you are someone who has a background in education, training and teaching, or have already given lots of workshops and retreats, you will especially resonate with this model and benefit from this information!


The Group Coaching Certification Program

raining down money photoBecause most coach training programs do not teach how to do group coaching in their core curriculum, and because this is such an essential part of the practice of any successful coach, I have created this certification program just for you!

The certification program will include content with both a step-by-step structure and a strong spiritual foundation. With the simple steps and tips that I will show you, you will be able to begin coaching a group in a very short period of time.

You will also have the opportunity to be a group coach. In the practicum portion of the certification program you will try out your group coaching skills in real time to a ‘live’ virtual audience. This will all be done in a very safe environment. Once you have successfully completed the practicum portion, you will be certified as a group coach.

In the certification course, you will learn how to:

gold checkAttract your ideal clients to your group experience

gold checkCreate a high quality group experience that will have your ideal clients coming back, again and again

gold checkSet up the group so that each person is able to achieve their individual goals within the group setting

gold checkPromote your group with 'done for you' templates

gold checkBe a group coach in and create a group experience in a safe environment

gold checkExperience being a group member in group coaching experiences

Pam Rudisill photo

Karen’s knowledge, experience and heart-centered coaching is invaluable

This course creates the perfect environment for learning.  Each student feels supported and appreciated, which in turn helps them support and appreciate their fellow students.  Karen has a way of putting people at ease, allowing them to do their thing more comfortably. 

What I learned from Karen's knowledge, experience and heart-centered coaching in her group coaching training is invaluable!  Thank you, Karen!

Pamela Rudisill, CPC, GCC
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erika feresten photoMy confidence increased tremendously, and I also experienced great personal insights and growth

I wanted to take the Group Coaching Certification course so that I could learn how to effectively coach a group and increase my confidence as a group coach.

Not only did I learn the logistics about how to plan and implement group coaching; my confidence increased tremendously. During the course we actually designed and facilitated our own group coaching session with our peers. I was absolutely thrilled that this course also gave me 12 CCEs!

Karen created a safe and supportive structure that allowed me to put my concerns about conducting a group coaching session aside and just do it; this was priceless. In addition to my goal of learning how to conduct a group coaching session, I also experienced great personal insights and growth through participating in my classmates coaching sessions.

Karen’s group coaching course is like the gift that keeps on giving as I continue to receive benefits from the course even after it’s done!

Erika Feresten

Life Coach

Los Angeles, California

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Here’s how it works. When you register, you will be sent 5 hours of audio content on exactly how to run a group, coordinate the logistics, and promote your coaching group. After listening to these audios, you then will participate in a group practicum for 8 weeks. In this practical experience, you will run a coaching group at least once, and be a participant in other’s group coaching experiences on the other weeks.

Once you have completed part 1 (audio content) and part 2 (group coaching experience), you will receive a certificate as a Group Certified Coach. You will also receive 12 CCE’s in the ICF Core Competencies and 6 CCE's in Resource Development.

Part 2, the group coaching practicum, will begin on Wednesday, September 23 at noon Eastern US / 9am Pacific US. The group calls will run for 8 Tuesdays (ending on Tuesday, November 11). They will run up to 90 minutes each.

*** This is the only Group Coaching Certification course this year that is personally taught by me. I don't know when the next time I will be teaching this course is going to be. If you want to take this course with me, now is the time. ***

Investment for this Program

With the confidence and credibility that this certification course will give you, you could easily create a 3-month coaching group, with 6 participants who would invest $97/month, and bring in $1500+ worth of income.

The good news is that this program will not cost you $1500. I want to make this easy for you. The investment for the entire certification program, including a signed certificate delivered to your inbox and a lifetime credential is $997 USD.

Here is a sample of the certificate you will earn:

group coach certification certificate graphic

Just think about it, on their own, the three parts to this program add up to over $2000.

You will receive:

  • Part 1, self-study course, with information on how to design and promote your group, including: ($397 value)
    • Scripts to use during group meetings
    • Complete list of group guidelines
    • Exercises to make your marketing attract your ideal clients to your group
    • Exact information on types of groups this model can be used with, including optimal size, meeting frequency, recommended financial investment and preferred meeting times for each one
    • A process to measure the effectiveness of your group experience for each participant
    • Ways to add value that don’t cost you any time or money
    • A checklist for in-person group coaching sessions
    • Instructions on taking payments, including when to use guarantees, how to handle cancellations and how to create additional revenue from your group
    • A marketing calendar template including optimal time frames and methods of promotion
    • A done-for-you email sequence, where you can just plug in your own information
    • A demonstration of a coaching group, led by me, where you can be a fly on the wall and observe how a group meeting is conducted.
    • A process for creating a strong foundation for your coaching group
    • Sample coaching agreement
    • Step-by-step outline of a proven group coaching model

  • Part 2, practicum, with 12 hours of rich experience in group coaching: ($997 value)

gold checkBe a group coach and create a group experience in a safe environment

gold checkExperience being a group member in group coaching experiences
  • CCE’s, 12 hours of core competencies, which can cost up to $100 each: $1200
  • Laser session with me to prepare for your session as a group coach

continuing coach education and group certified coach logos

Daisy Johnson photo

Loved the shared experience of the group

I love the course.  It was very informative and helpful.  It was a good learning experience and very supportive.  

I am glad to be in the course so that I now know how to do group coaching.  I love all the information and the experience of all the group coaching sessions.  I was able to learn from them and especially the shared experience with others in the group.

Daisy Johnson
Chicago, IL

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Scott Masciarelli photo

A winning process to lead dynamic group sessions

Prior to attending Karen Cappello’s Group Coaching Certification course I have always felt comfortable within a group as a manager and leader, but I never had the chance to lead a group as a coach. 

This course has been absolutely perfect as I now have a winning process to design and lead dynamic group sessions.  It has been a great experience to learn from Karen and the other talented participants.

I now have the confidence and a structure to put together my first group.  I highly recommend this course!

Scott Masciarelli
Reston, VA, USA
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Leslie Gross photoI am confident in my group coaching abilities

As a new coach who has always loved the group process, Karen Cappello’s Group Coaching Certification course was just what I was looking for. This course helped me to develop the skills and confidence I needed to get my coaching business started. Karen brought together professionals with different passions and styles in a way that we all learned from one another.

Now that the course is finished I am confident in my ability to create and facilitate amazing group coaching experiences.  Thank you Karen!

Leslie Gross
Tucson, Arizona

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Remember, you can use what you learn in your certification program for:

gold checkCoaching Groups

gold checkMastermind Groups

gold checkTeleseminars

gold checkTraining Courses

gold checkWorkshops

gold checkFacilitation

gold checkAnytime you are working with a group

great group of girls with their thumbs up smiling photoWith the structure you learn in part 1, we will create a firm foundation for any group experience you choose to offer.  With the practicum in part 2, we will anchor in the specific skills that you need to create a phenomenal group coaching experience for your ideal clients.

Since the group size is limited to 6 participants you will receive the individual assistance you need to get your group started.  You will even receive a laser session with me before your group coaching session so that you are completely prepared.

The entire certification process will support you in getting your message out in a much bigger way!  Not to mention you will get a beautiful certificate to print out, more letters to put after your name (GCC), and an icon to put on your website, in addition to 12 Core Competencies CCE’s and 5 Resource Development CCE's..

continuing coach education and group certified coach logos

And the best part is -- this certification is good for life! There are no renewal requirements or annual fees.

This will be the only certification that will be personally led by Karen Cappello this year!!

Eight 90-minute classes
Dates: September 23, 30, October 7, 14, 21, 28, November 4, 11
Time: Noon NY/Eastern
Click here for your time zone.

gold check
gold check

Audios of each class, including your own group coaching facilitation, and the input from group members so that you can listen long after the course is over.

gold check
gold check

12 hours of Core Competency CCE’s and 6 hours of Resource Development CCE’s

gold check
gold check

The Art of Group Coaching program, 6 hours of audios, slides, templates and transcripts. (Value $297)

gold check
gold check

Bonus >> 1:1 laser session with Karen to prepare for your experience as a group coach

gold check
gold check

Premium Bonus >> Authentic Practice Development series, 5 interviews with top coaches, worth $297

gold check

Premium Bonus >> 1-1 Mastery session with Karen, to go over what happened in your group session, and find ways to increase your effectiveness as a group coach

gold check

Early-bird Investment (Register by September 18, 2015)

US $997
US $1097

Regular Investment (After September 18, 2015)

US $1097
US $1297

Purchase in One Payment

Single payment
US $997
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You already know that you need to have multiple streams of income to make your coaching business grow. You want to expand your core message to serve less people in more time. And you want to multiply your revenue, while still offering a high quality coaching experience. And do all of this while having more time to attend to your own self-care.

Love and great joy,
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P.S.  If you have any questions about the course, please send an email to and we can set up a time to chat. Your questions are important to me!

P.P.S. This is the only certification Karen will be offering for the rest of this year. If you have always wanted to experience working with Karen, now is the time!!

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