I’ve used and recommended different online scheduling tools through the years, and I’ve come across one that I especially like. It’s called Calendly, and it interfaces beautifully with Gmail and my Google calendar.  It even interfaces with my calendar on my MacBook Pro laptop.

At first, I bought the year-long subscription, and segmented all of my appointments. There’s color-coding (which I just love), and there are welcome and reminder emails, which are so helpful!

You can set up time between appointments, so they don’t end up back to back. And last but not least, you can black-out how many days before an appointment can be set. No surprise last-minute appointments will show up on your calendar. 🙂

What I noticed as I used this calendar is that most of my appointments are 50 minutes or less. So recently, I switched to the free version with one appointment type, and all of my favorite features are still available. That was easy!

Check it out at https://calendly.com and see what you think.

It creates lots of ease when you have an online calendar, where your clients and prospective clients can schedule and re-schedule their appointments with you. Not to mention the time it saves (especially with re-scheduling) and the professionalism it shows.

I hope you enjoy this resource!