eBook - The Clients you are Seeking are also Seeking You! by Karen Cappello, Mentor Coach

The Clients You are Seeking are Also Seeking You
Help Your Ideal Coaching Clients Find You
Quickly and Easily!

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by Karen Cappello, PCC, BCC


If you want to develop a highly successful coaching business with ease and joy, and grow your profits to their full potential, this audio of my book will show you how.

It's immediately downloadable and is read by the author – me!

We will send you to the audio page where you can download the audio and save to your iPhone, Android or favorite listening device.

Read what Marina rediscovered when she heard my book:

Hi Karen, I am almost to the end of your book, and it is awesome.

I am answering each question in each chapter, and it is like entering into the center of me along the way while reading your incredible content. I am so grateful for your book, Karen!

I have been so stuck in a triple-decker sandwich lately, parents, kids and grandkids, I totally forgot why I became a coach. Your book is rekindling something major in me right now, and catapulting me into a new future.

Thank you again Karen, thank you, thank you!
The Very Best to YOU.

About Karen

Karen Cappello, BCC, PCC is a 6-figure mentor coach who works with both new and seasoned coaches to increase income and create the lives they have dreamed of.

She is the former Chief Learning Officer of International Coach Academy and has trained thousands of coaches for three different coach training organizations.

Karen’s passion for both the outer and the inner game is a hallmark of her work. With her exuberant style and her commitment to living by her own values, vision and purpose, Karen is a role model for other coaches who want to grow their practices and achieve success with ease and joy.


What Clients are Saying About Mentor Coaching with Karen

Received the inspiration and confidence to successfully launch the foundation of my life's work

Karen has magical powers. I say this with a smile on my face, but in its own way, it’s true. It’s one of the reasons I chose to work with her as my mentor coach for the launch of my online school and coach training program.

Karen draws from a vast experience supporting coaches to build their businesses. She accesses a deep well of knowledge gained through many years of experience building her own successful business and mentoring countless others to do the same. Each session with her was loaded with ideas and strategies that ultimately helped me to completely fill my first online course within 48 hours of opening it for registration. That is an amazing result!

Even more importantly, Karen has a soaring spirit that is born of great love, and the outworking of her spirit gave me great inspiration and confidence to do what I have never done before: to successfully launch the foundation of my life's work. I cannot speak to the importance of this aspect of her being enough, for it is the source of her magical powers.

I am eternally grateful for Karen's presence in my life.

Leon VanderPol
Founder & Director
Bali, Indonesia

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I now have a deep trust in myself which has allowed me to help twice as many people and multiply my income

Coaching with Karen has been one of the best business investments I have made. Her support has been truly invaluable. One of the biggest things I've gotten from Karen, is a deep trust in myself that radiates in everything I do.

Before working with Karen, I had the skills, marketing know-how, and drive to reach my goals, but I needed someone who "got me" to help me put all of the pieces together. Karen's business savvy and loving nature help me make smart, confident decisions, and not over think things. Karen has brought a much-needed EASE to my business that has allowed me to help twice as many people as when we started, and multiply my income (both of which are now growing exponentially).

Without Karen, I may have given up. I am not one that gives up easily, but I started to feel isolated and alone in my business and the day-to-day stress was not sustainable. It was even putting a strain on my close relationships, which are a high priority in my life.

Karen Cappello is more than a coach & mentor. She is a connection I will always cherish-- a kindred spirit, a trusted advisor, and inspiring colleague. I feel truly blessed to know her, and my only regret is not having hired her sooner!

Danielle Louise Ross
Portland, Oregon

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