In this podcast, Jeneth Blackert of interviewed me about client attraction through inspired actions. Jeneth, LLC is a change agent for the new wealth experience.

You can listen to the Client Attraction through Inspired Actions podcast here.

Jeneth and Karen spent an insightful 30 minutes discussing Karen’s spiritual steps – and her inspired actions – for booking public speaking engagements, and attracting new clients. Jeneth posed questions about marketing through spiritual intelligence and the Law of Attraction.

Learn Karen’s secrets about what she calls her “inner game” – as well as the “outer game” of creation – whether it’s getting new clients or developing your public speaking engagement list.

Your Inner Game determines 80% of your success at booking speaking engagements.

The inner game includes your personal presence as a coach, receiving your speaking topic, and engaging in “Astral Advertising.”

Your Personal Presence as a Coach

One of the first things I do every day is get my personal presence really strong. I could use any kind of technique for clearing myself, letting go of limiting beliefs, NLP and EFT – so many of these coaching tools are available. I clear myself and maximize my personal presence before I do anything. As Jeneth shared, “Create space in your body so your Fairy Godmother can get in and give you your wishes.” 🙂

Receiving Your Topic

The second part of this is to prepare myself so that I’ve created the space to RECEIVE my topic, instead of getting into my head about what to do. For instance, if I look on my bookshelf and notice how many books I’ve collected about a particular topic, that is a good indication of my heightened interest. I’ll also ask myself before I go to bed what would be a really good topic for me to speak about, and it’ll be foremost in my mind when I wake up. The speech will be about something that I find myself so compelled, so excited, so passionate to talk about. The foundation is receiving a topic that you are completely excited about, and this really helps you to book your speaking engagement. Within a minute or two of sharing your topic with people, you’re going to bring people in.

The deeper that my topic comes from inside me, the more energy, excitement, enthusiasm, and passion I will have when I’m speaking about it. The law of attraction works with my energy. The more excited I am with my topic, the easier it is to attract people to that topic.

Astral Advertising

There’s more to this personal presence that I stumbled upon accidentally when I first started coaching. I love to speak so I booked speaking engagements in Tucson with some Rotary luncheons and even a few breakfasts (not too many, I’m not great in the morning, LOL). The week before I’d have a speaking engagement, in the time before I’d go to sleep, I did what I call, “Astral Advertising.” I would visualize the people that needed to have this information. I’d energetically connect from person to person for the entire week before. Then I would go to sleep. My intention was that during my sleep time (because I like to leverage my time!) I would be connecting spirit to spirit. When I woke up, in the morning or sometime during the next day, I would be filled with ideas of what to put into my speech or receive some questions to include, and take inspired actions based on that “spirit to spirit” info I was receiving.

I did get a lot of intuitive hits about what to include or tweak in my speech. What fascinated me is that when I arrived at the speaking engagement and while I was welcoming everyone, I really felt a sense of familiarity with the people in the room, as if I had known them already. I had no hesitation speaking, even though I had never met the listeners face to face before.

Incidentally, Jeneth and I used this intuitive method to connect with each other. 😉

Your Outer Game comprises 20% of the success you’ll experience, though many of us have grown up thinking actions were far more important.

The outer game works when we’re taking inspired actions as a result of the inner game.

What is the #1 way to get new speaking engagements?

The #1, easiest, most natural way I have found to book speaking engagements, is by referral through other people. Often I’ll say, “I’d like to have some speaking engagements, what groups do you belong to?” And often the response is, “Oh Karen, we’d love to have you speak at our group!”

One great example is that a friend of mine said, “You know, Karen, you remind me of this woman who spoke to our group and she was fantastic. You two should really meet for coffee.” So we did and as I was telling this woman about my signature speech she said to me, “I did this speaking circuit of 10 events. Here are the names of the program chairs.” She gave me the names and numbers of all 10 program chairs, right then and there. And I was able to use her name when I reached out to the program chairs. They’d say to me, “Oh, she was such a good speaker, and we’d love to have you, Karen.” Talk about synchronicity and being in my own energy – I was filling in for several cancellations and it really just worked out incredibly well.

Can “cold calls” work for you? (And how can you make it “less cold”?!)

As with any inspired action, I would recommend cold calling only in the case of first getting into your personal presence, clearing, preparing your signature speech. But yes, it works! I had the best speaking engagement of my life for two years at Catalyst Ranch in Arizona, the #3 spa in the world. I had been there a couple of times and it had been my dream to speak at Catalyst Ranch. My coach partner and I had cold called them because we were excited about it. The night before our meeting I did Astral Advertising and connected with the woman we’d been meeting. The next day my partner and I discussed our pitch and prepared ourselves for how we’d sell it. Then when we arrived, the woman in charge of speaking engagements handed us this calendar and said, “Here, book yourself for two speeches a month.” We asked, “Don’t you want to ask us any questions?” She replied, “Right now we need speakers.” Wouldn’t you know, a month later they were all booked up again. I’m sure they audition everyone nowadays!

Do keep in mind when booking, some people will simply say no. Just stay with the process. Go back to the personal presence. Go back to the clearing. Go back to the Astral Advertising. Until you feel strong and confident and clear and then take your inspired actions.

I want to thank Jeneth for sparking this uplifting conversation!

What are some inspired actions that delighted you with amazing results? We would love to share your stories below!