Ceremony for Winter SolsticeThis year, the 21st of December is not only a power day, it’s a super power day. It’s the last day on the Mayan calendar and the winter solstice. The numbers 12/21/12 really line up together. Whenever there is a power day like this, I feel like there is a wind beneath my wings. I know that whatever I do that day, the results will be amplified.

For the winter solstice this Friday, and I am getting together with a group of good friends on a conference line to do a small ceremony. Getting together with an intimate group, and energizing your intentions, is a wonderful way to manifest.

The last time this particular group got together was in 2006, on the 21st of December. We did a very simple ceremony, and I’d like to share it with you.

First, we envisioned ourselves in a circle. Next, we looked to the southern direction and let go of anything that had not served us well in the year before. Each of us took a turn to say out loud what we were releasing. I remember letting go of judgment (of others and self). Next, we faced a northern direction, and brought in the qualities that we wanted to embrace more of in the new year. We each shared that out loud, too. I remember bringing in love and acceptance (again, for both others and myself).

While each person was speaking, the others were sending positive energy, to support the intentions. It was a very simple and powerful ceremony. I personally received a transformation less than 10 days later, in the form of a relationship that was very rich for me, that I did not see coming.

So, I encourage you to do some type of ceremony on the 21st. It can be with others, or even on your own. You can look at what you want to release from your business (or your life), and what you want to bring in. And know that whatever your intentions are, they are magnified on this day. There is wind beneath your wings!