the best and easiest elevator pitch ever…

Years ago, I partnered with a very experienced sales coach on a program. When it came to teaching about that dreaded 30-second introduction, or elevator pitch as it's called, I shared a 9 word sentence that I used that took literally less than 10 seconds to say. And she thought it was brilliant! I thought it was full of ease and joy and authenticity, that's why I like to use it. When someone asks, "What do you do?" here's the response I give: "I work with the best clients in the world." (btw, it's the truth!!) The next thing the person usually says is "Tell me about your clients." At that point, I share a story of a client [...]

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What to do when a client doesn’t show up for a session

Sometimes, a client doesn't show up for a coaching session. Or maybe even a few sessions. As their coach, I want to encourage them to stay with the process, and have them be there to receive what they came to coaching for. When I first started coaching, and someone didn't show up, I took it personally.  I thought that maybe I wasn't a good coach.  I questioned myself.  And felt like I might not be enough. Here’s what helped me let go of those limiting beliefs. The first thing that I did was change how my clients paid. Instead of having clients pay by the session, I organized my coaching into 3-month programs.  That cut down on clients not [...]

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Marketing Your Group Coaching

How do you market group coaching? This is a big question, and can have as many answers as there are coaches.  Marketing your group depends on your ideal client, how they like to be communicated with, and what has gotten you the best results in marketing your individual coaching. Have an ideal client in mind, with a compelling challenge that they want to solve. When your marketing is focused on a certain client and a challenge that keeps them up at night, it will have a greater chance of being successful.  Here are some examples -- For example, the ideal client could be a mom of a teenager and the challenge could be how to improve communication.   Then your group [...]

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The Hidden Benefits of Laser Coaching in a Group Coaching Experience

I received this question on group coaching a couple of months ago: “I'm thinking of doing no "teaching" but doing laser coaching for each person so that everyone can get some experience of my coaching. Is that a good idea and any recommendation on how to best do this?” First of all, this is a GREAT idea!  “No teaching” is actually the best way of being a group coach.  This allows you to focus on bringing out the wisdom of each person in the group, rather than sharing your own. And laser coaching in the group will not only help the person who is being coached; there are hidden benefits for everyone in the group.  Laser coaching of an individual [...]

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Addressing Individual Needs within Group Coaching Sessions

How do you coach a group and still make impact on each individual in the group by being able to address their individual needs? When coaching an individual client, you can easily address their needs by listening deeply to them.  The client sets the agenda, and lets you know what is working along the way.  If their gremlins come up, they can be taken care of.  You can hear the right question to ask because there is only one person talking. In a group, this can become exponentially more complicated.  With more people there are more agendas, more gremlins and a bunch more questions. Right?  Well, yes and no. While this is true, it is only partially true.  As a [...]

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Price Management for Group Coaching

As someone who plans to set up group coaching during my first year as a coach, and would still be on a steep learning curve, could you suggest a rough correlation as to the cost for group coaching for an individual as compared to 1-1 coaching? Setting up a coaching group in your first year as a coach is a great idea!  It gives a more affordable rate for clients to access your coaching.  They can get an experience of you, and you can receive more income per hour with a group.  Once they get to know, like and trust you through working with you in the group, then you can enroll them in future VIP programs or individual coaching. [...]

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Group Coaching – Inspired Ideas for Action

If you have questions about group coaching, you are not alone. When I began my coaching practice, I wanted to add this powerful offering to my repertoire and did not know exactly how to do this. So I set out to learn how to create an amazing group experience! The six-step model of group coaching has supported countless coaches over the years and helped them get their core message out in a bigger way. So far we’ve shared: Group Coaching Step 1: Connection Group Coaching Step 2: Group Agreements Group Coaching Step 3: Content Group Coaching Step 4: Coaching Group coaching is an important key to your business success! Now let’s reveal the last two steps for effective group coaching. [...]

What it Really Took to Get my MCC

The very first time I applied for my MCC was on June 30th, 2007.  The reason I know the exact date is that my beloved father died 2 weeks earlier. My dad had what I would term a 'good death.'  He had lived a good life, and was well-loved by family, friends and strangers alike.  He had grown up in a modest Italian neighborhood in Chicago. With only a high school GED, he started a company, and put all his kids through college. He went to daily mass, and became a member of the country club. He led a very fulfilled life. And... even though he had an exceptional life, and even with my experience as a hospice volunteer for [...]

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The Main Attraction: Group Coaching

The six-step model of group coaching has supported countless coaches over the years and helped them get their core message out in a bigger way. So far we’ve reviewed: Group Coaching Step 1: Connection Group Coaching Step 2: Group Agreements Group Coaching Step 3: Content In step 4, we arrive at the main attraction…Coaching! Group members are given an opportunity to share their challenges, any confusion or limiting beliefs and be coached around them. Group coaching uses the same ideas that are true for individual coaching. All group coaching clients are infinitely resourceful and know their own answers. As a group coach, you elicit the magnificence of each group member and facilitate their individual learning and growth. You do this [...]

Group Coaching – Visualizing Your Ideal Group and Topic

We’ve been talking about the six-step model of group coaching. Now it’s time for the juicy part…the CONTENT! In the third step of a coaching group, the coach provides thought-provoking questions—or jumping off points—that are related to the group theme or topic. In order to do this with ease, there are a couple pieces that need to be put into place: visualizing exactly who is your ideal group member; and determining a topic that is very juicy for this person! First, get yourself in the receiving frame of mind. You may want to step away from your computer. Instead, this is the time to nourish your creativity. Do you like to journal? Go find that beautiful pen and lovely journal. Burn [...]