Hello!  Our question today is, “Can you help someone achieve success in an area where you have not achieved this same success?”   It’s really a good question because most of the time, people will hire coaches based upon their own successes.  You know if I’ve had success in business, people want to hire me to be their coach.  If someone’s had success in losing 10, that last 10 pounds, people want to hire them for that.  And the truth is, we know this as coaches, coaching is such a special methodology and that the client is the expert in their own lives.  So in a way, it would be even better if we had no success in that area or no knowledge of that area and that we could help the clients.  That is the truth.  And yet they do hire us because of our expertise.

I’ll give you a quick story that I thought was kind of funny.  You know, I’m not a golfer.  I do know a lot of golfers.  My dad golfed a lot.  My mother did in the early days.  And one of my dad’s friends contacted me and asked, “Could you help me with my golf game?”  I had just become a coach.  So I said, “Well, coaching can help with a lot of different things.  Let’s try it out.”  And so he came on the line, he started talking to me about his short game and his long game.  I didn’t even know what these were, but his long game, he was really good at.  And his short game he wasn’t doing as well as he wanted.

So I said to him, “What do you do in your long game that you’re not doing in your short game?”  And he thought about it, and he said, “You know, when I’m walking or when I’m even in the house, I’ll stop and put my body in a certain stance for golf.  And I’ll do a shadow swing.  I’ll pretend I have a club in my hand and I’ll swing.  So I’ll practice my swing like that.”

I said, “Have you practiced it on your short game like that?” and he said, “No, I haven’t.”   So I said, “Why don’t you try that?”  And he also said, “When I’m on my short game, I tend to tense up.  I’m feeling really,, ,,  I can feel it in my bones when I’m on that short game.”   So I said, “Well, what relaxes you?  And right away he said, “My grandchildren.  I love my grandchildren.”  🙂

By the way the short game is the putting part of golf, just in case you didn’t know.  And the long game is the driving.  But I said, “And I said, “Well, before you get on the putting green just take a moment, take a breath and think about your grandchildren and bring up a memory of them that you really love.”  And he said, “Okay, I’ll do it.”  It was kind-of funny because the next day he calls me and he says, “Oh my gosh!  I had the best short game I’ve ever had in my life!”  So he just tried these two things and he knew about them.

The reason I tell you this story is if you have somebody that wants to coach with you and you haven’t exactly accomplished what they’ve accomplished, just remember you’ll be able to help them.  And if you tell them that coaching is a very specific methodology, and “I’ve been trained to do this, to ask questions and to find your most creative answers to your challenges that you’re facing, I don’t have to know what those challenges are.  The fact that you know about it is the most important thing.”   If you do share something like that, you may make a new client and it may open your eyes up to a whole new place in your life.

Now I know a little bit more about golf, although I really am not a golfer still.  It didn’t bring me into the game.  But I was really excited to see that coaching helped even though I didn’t know what he was talking about at the beginning.  So that’s our tip for today.  I really, really appreciate you being here with me and being a coach in this world.  I know there are people who need your talents, whether you feel you’ve accomplished something or not.  So get out there and coach!

We have some great, great resources at RESOURCES FOR YOU.  Some are free.  Some cost something, but check out the page and stay in the community to continue receiving more tips.  Signing off for now with a lot of love and great joy.  And wishing you success with ease and joy, Karen