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Select the perfect images for your marketing materials!

When posting your blog or designing your information products and landing pages, a photo can help make everything pop. Fotolia offers affordable creative imagery and gives you more than 20 million inexpensive royalty-free images. Fotolia is the first worldwide microstock organization to offer both crowd-sourced and professional images on one site. They have a vast community of artists, graphic designers, and a select list of well-known agencies to choose from. Tens of thousands of images, illustrations and videos are submitted every day. Here are 3 simple steps to purchase images from Fotolia: Create a free account Choose your purchase [...]

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Marketing Your Group Coaching

How do you market group coaching? This is a big question, and can have as many answers as there are coaches.  Marketing your group depends on your ideal client, how they like to be communicated with, and what has gotten you the best results in marketing your individual coaching. Have an ideal client in mind, with a compelling challenge that they want to solve. When your marketing is focused on a certain client and a challenge that keeps them up at night, it will have a greater chance of being successful.  Here are some examples -- For example, the ideal [...]

Do You Find Your Niche or Does Your Niche Find You?

Figuring out a niche is perhaps one of the most perplexing and nerve-wracking things for a new coach. Some marketing experts will say you choose a niche. Others say to decide on a niche.  And still others say you must find your niche. I’d like to take another perspective here.  I’d like to request that you let your niche find you, or that you receive your niche.  Unless you are very clear about who you want to coach, it can be premature to decide on a niche as a new coach. A niche consists of a group of people who [...]

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Affordable resource for your courses and preview events!

A leveraged way to build trust with your community - Instant Teleseminar! And each unique link is available immediately after the call. There's no uploading of audios or need for a VA to create links on pages. Try it for a buck! You get a unique URL, display slides and interact directly to answer questions in real time. The ability to record your events allows you to schedule broadcasts whenever you want and replay gives your clients a great resource. Being able to host up to 50,000 (!) participants in a Live WebCast makes this a very powerful tool. You [...]

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The Hidden Benefits of Laser Coaching in a Group Coaching Experience

I received this question on group coaching a couple of months ago: “I'm thinking of doing no "teaching" but doing laser coaching for each person so that everyone can get some experience of my coaching. Is that a good idea and any recommendation on how to best do this?” First of all, this is a GREAT idea!  “No teaching” is actually the best way of being a group coach.  This allows you to focus on bringing out the wisdom of each person in the group, rather than sharing your own. And laser coaching in the group will not only help [...]

Addressing Individual Needs within Group Coaching Sessions

How do you coach a group and still make impact on each individual in the group by being able to address their individual needs? When coaching an individual client, you can easily address their needs by listening deeply to them.  The client sets the agenda, and lets you know what is working along the way.  If their gremlins come up, they can be taken care of.  You can hear the right question to ask because there is only one person talking. In a group, this can become exponentially more complicated.  With more people there are more agendas, more gremlins and [...]

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