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What is your target market thinking?

You can find out ahead of time which programs and products your community will purchase from you by using this free survey tool. You can also receive valuable information about your complimentary consultations. SurveyMonkey is one of the world's most popular online survey software programs with customers like FACEBOOK, Samsung, and Kraft Foods. They make it easy to create polls and survey questionnaires and they even have an Analyze Tool that helps you turn survey data into insights and create professional reports. The website takes you step by step through survey question creation. It collects your data in one handy URL and gives you numerous reporting options to help you gain valuable insight into the trends that can most affect [...]

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Mastering the Enrollment Conversation

Since the individual coaching conversation is such a personal, and many times even intimate, one, there has always been some sort of a complimentary session that I have had before beginning with any client. Even with those clients who have heard me as a trainer or speaker; I still want to have that session. I want to determine the fit, the rhythm, and the likelihood of my client achieving their goals with me as their coach. Complimentary sessions are also way to develop a practice quickly. First, they give the coach more experience in the coaching conversation. According to the ICF, it takes 2500 hours of coaching to master the profession. So, the more hours of coaching we do as [...]

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A free way to send emails for up to 2000 people on your mailing list!

A couple years ago, I joined a program where I needed a different email service to capture email addresses than my main service (for reasons that are not relevant to this conversation). With this new program, I received hundreds of new emails per year, so it was worth it to set up a parallel system. For the parallel system, I was referred to a very affordable plan with Mail Chimp. In fact, it was only $10 per month for up to 500 names. I registered, and have been paying monthly for a couple years now. Recently, I was taking a look at any money leaks in my business, and I found out that I could downgrade my plan to a [...]

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My super FUN interview with Holly Chantal, about Branding!

I wanted to give you a heads up about a super FUN and gem packed interview that I did with my friend, Holly Chantal of The Land of Brand®. Holly just launched her podcast called Brand Tales, featuring the stories behind the biggest brands in the coaching industry. It’s super casual and you get to learn all sorts of things about me that you didn’t know. Holly’s not afraid to ask tough questions and draw out stories that I haven’t really shared before. Plus, we play games and share quirks—it’s definitely not your typical “hum drum interview.” One of the big topics we talk about is why I decided to use my name as my company name, and how to [...]

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Ready to Have Your Marketing Brochure Designed for just $5?

Fiverr is one of the world's largest online marketplaces for service. Fiverr's basic services are $5. Yes, you can actually have a brochure designed for just $5! Fiverr's purpose is to provide a platform for people to buy and sell a variety of digital services typically offered by freelance contractors, such as writing, graphic design, and programming. Each service offered is called a "Gig." Once you purchase a 'Gig' it can take anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks for delivery (all outlined before you purchase). Typically sellers will allow 1 edit at no charge, and you can purchase 'extras' which may include an editable file or additional edits. More than 3 million Gigs are available on the site, which [...]

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Free calendar scheduling tool

I've used and recommended different online scheduling tools through the years, and I've come across one that I especially like. It's called Calendly, and it interfaces beautifully with Gmail and my Google calendar.  It even interfaces with my calendar on my MacBook Pro laptop. At first, I bought the year-long subscription, and segmented all of my appointments. There's color-coding (which I just love), and there are welcome and reminder emails, which are so helpful! You can set up time between appointments, so they don't end up back to back. And last but not least, you can black-out how many days before an appointment can be set. No surprise last-minute appointments will show up on your calendar. :) What I noticed [...]

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Find your ideal coaching clients quickly and easily!

I'm so excited to share the news! My new book "The Clients You Are Seeking Are Also Seeking You" is now available on Amazon! If you want to develop a highly successful coaching business with ease and joy, and grow your profits to their full potential, this book will teach you how. Though it may not seem that way at times, the clients you are seeking are also seeking you - in fact, everything you need is hiding in plain sight! This is an actual spiritual truth that will support you fully as you grow your coaching practice to the next level, whether you are a new or seasoned coach. Discover the perfect blend of being and doing for yourself, [...]

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A single page that can help you connect deeply with your clients

I love Brene Brown, the amazing author and scholar. Whenever I read something she wrote, I think, "That's how I feel." And yet I've never met her, or even seen her in person yet. What has created this deep bond between us? Well... even before I saw her TED talks on YouTube, or read her books on Kindle, I came across this one infographic that just opened my heart. It is call the Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto. And even though I'm not a parent, this message touched me to the bottom of my heart. It was then that I realized that this one-page manifesto was a very powerful marketing piece. It got me thinking, what if I could make my own [...]

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Ever wonder how other busy coaches are able to post to social media every single day?

Don't you wish you had all the time in the world to post interesting and relevant content to all your social media platforms? Ever wonder how other busy coaches are able to post every single day? The answer is Hootsuite! Hootsuite allows you to schedule your social media content and see the big picture of what's happening on all your platforms, so you can respond appropriately. Just register for free, add all of your social media accounts and passwords, and you have one dashboard where you can schedule out all your posts for the future. Not only that, you can post once, and send to all your social media accounts at the same time - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+. My [...]

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Need to Set up a Teleseminar or Quick Conference Call?

Need to set up a teleseminar or just want to have a quick conference call with a coaching client with the ability to record it? Free Conference Calling is your best bet and the name says it all - FREE! Once you enter your e-mail address, you'll be provided with a dial-in number and Meeting ID for immediate phone conferencing. Your teleconferencing line is available 24/7 and there's no need to schedule or make reservations. Each conference call account accommodates 1,000 callers on an unlimited number of 6 hour free conference calls. Best of all, you can provide your coaching clients an audio file of the recording so they can listen for reinforcements of your comments and suggestions. This will [...]

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