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4 Truths About What it Takes to Win Your Biggest Coaching Client

If you've come out of corporate into coaching, I want to support you to win your biggest client yet.  And whether you want to work with professionals such as business owners, doctors, or lawyers, or in corporate with leaders or executive coaches; I can help you identify and get the attention of and win your best clients. What I’m sharing today helps all coaches, but really works best with people coming out of the corporate arena into coaching and you've had lots of success in corporate.  You're known for getting things done.  And you're wondering how to have the same success in your coaching business.  The good news is you can leverage all of your time, talents and treasures and [...]

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How to Facilitate Transformation in Your Clients

Hi, today I want to talk to you about how to facilitate transformation in your coaching clients.  And of course, we're taught this in our coach training programs.  And you know, we’ve probably been doing this all our lives of people around us.  And yet sometimes, if we're in a business or an executive setting or if our clients have some really really big goals and really firm goals, we may forget about the transformational part. So first of all have the intention to create transformation and know that no matter what goals the client has, what they’re really there for is to become someone else, to be someone else, that can really create goals and results the rest [...]

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What to Include in Your Foundation Sessions

Hi.  Today I want to talk to you about what to include in your coaching foundation session.  This is the very first session of coaching and many coaches will do a longer session to really get to know their client very well.  I know one executive coach who, for his foundation session, he takes his client out golfing.  I know another takes his clients out sailing.  So you can be as creative as you want. But the foundation coaching session is the very first session and it’s the session where it's your agenda rather than the client’s agenda.  It's your agenda to really support your clients in having a firm foundation for coaching.  There are a couple of things that [...]

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Can You Coach Someone on Something You Haven’t Accomplished?

Hello!  Our question today is, “Can you help someone achieve success in an area where you have not achieved this same success?”   It's really a good question because most of the time, people will hire coaches based upon their own successes.  You know if I've had success in business, people want to hire me to be their coach.  If someone's had success in losing 10, that last 10 pounds, people want to hire them for that.  And the truth is, we know this as coaches, coaching is such a special methodology and that the client is the expert in their own lives.  So in a way, it would be even better if we had no success in that area [...]

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Your Coaching Presence

Hello there.  I was talking to a coaching colleague the other day about coaching presence.  It's so important, coaching presence.  In fact, one of the most important things I think. If you have coaching presence, then the questions will come up. You're listening & they will simply come up.  Your acknowledgments too, will all come out just from your coaching presence. And by coaching presence, I mean being fully present with your coaching client in that moment and just allowing all of the magnificence between you too to occur. So we were talking about what is it (?) that helps create a very strong coaching presence in our coaching sessions.  And actually it's what we do outside of our coaching [...]

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How to go from Your Six Figure

Hello!  Today I want to talk about how to go from your six figure income in corporate to a six figure coaching business.  You may be a coach who has come out of corporate.  You had a great success in a great job there and now you're looking to create that same type of success in your coaching business.  The good news is you can leverage all of your talents and your credibility to do just that.  So I'm going to give you three keys today to make that happen. The first key is confidence.  You need confidence.  There are many people coming out of corporate into their own business who feel that “impostor syndrome”.  You know, you have so [...]

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How to Introduce Yourself as a Coach

Hi, I want to talk to about how to introduce yourself as a coach.  This really has us tied up in knots as coaches.  So if I’m at any event, I could say, “Hi, I'm Karen.  I'm a mentor coach and I work with coaches to help them build and grow their businesses with success that comes with ease and joy rather than hard work and effort.”  And I could say that. But it kind of bores me a little bit.  So here I've created this introduction called, “the elevating introduction” and it really really makes a lot of sense. Now the first sentence in the introduction is, “I work with the best clients in the world.”  And then tell a [...]

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How to Cut Through all the Noise

Hello coaches, I want to talk to you about how to cut through all the noise out there from both ways.  So here's what I mean by that:  I had a coach who had replied to one of my emails this week.  She said, “Karen, I'm getting so many offers.  I’m,  I'm just completely overwhelmed by all of the different programs out there for coaches!  It seems like everyone's got a program out there for the coaches and I just need to sort through them.  And it's just overwhelming.” I understand that.  I get it. You know, it's interesting because when I started out in coaching back in 2002 there were very few programs.  In fact, one of my [...]

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Inspiring Hiring Tip

I want to talk to you about your essence energy and what that might mean for you and hiring team members.  It's such a great question that I got on LinkedIn actually too.  And I had an interview with Jill at the Extraordinary Coaches Telesummit.  I was talking about essence energy and the concept of essence energy.  Everyone has a certain energy that is,,,  it fills their body … and their spirit when they're most alive. So, you can name your essence energy different names.  A coach I know named her essence energy, Tulip.  I named my essence energy, Tender Exuberance.  This coach was wanting to know if you could use your essence energy when you're hiring your assistant.  [...]

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Better Coaching = Better Marketing

Let’s first talk about coaching skills themselves.  You know, I got an email from one of our subscribers saying, “you know Karen, you talk a lot about marketing.  But what about my own coaching skills, about getting better at that?”  And I thought that is such a really good point.  One of the reasons I talk a lot about marketing for coaches is that's kind-of our pain point.  I don't talk as much about coaching skills because I think that's what we love to do and love to master.  But there is a correlation between the two that I’d like to talk about today. So there is a connection between your coaching skills and marketing.  And if you'll remember, I've [...]

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