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the best and easiest elevator pitch ever…

Years ago, I partnered with a very experienced sales coach on a program. When it came to teaching about that dreaded 30-second introduction, or elevator pitch as it's called, I shared a 9 word sentence that I used that took literally less than 10 seconds to say. And she thought it was brilliant! I thought it was full of ease and joy and authenticity, that's why I like to use it. When someone asks, "What do you do?" here's the response I give: "I work with the best clients in the world." (btw, it's the truth!!) The next thing the person usually says is "Tell me about your clients." At that point, I share a story of a client [...]

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What to do when a client doesn’t show up for a session

Sometimes, a client doesn't show up for a coaching session. Or maybe even a few sessions. As their coach, I want to encourage them to stay with the process, and have them be there to receive what they came to coaching for. When I first started coaching, and someone didn't show up, I took it personally.  I thought that maybe I wasn't a good coach.  I questioned myself.  And felt like I might not be enough. Here’s what helped me let go of those limiting beliefs. The first thing that I did was change how my clients paid. Instead of having clients pay by the session, I organized my coaching into 3-month programs.  That cut down on clients not [...]

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Ready to find out who is opening your emails?

SIGNALS by Hubspot (a free program that you can add to your Chrome browser) gives you an opportunity to find this out and increases your ability to respond nimbly in the client acquisition process. Imagine if you were sitting at your desk and you got a 'ping' that someone opened your follow up email. You could send another email right away and they even might think you are reading their mind. And not only that, you can see how many times the email is opened. That means you can see if they are coming back to it and reading again and gauge their interest in your services. There is a FREE version for individuals. It allows you to get [...]

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Magic Money Spreadsheet (and real client example)

Today I'd like to share a very simple yet powerful resource with you that I use with my VIP clients. It's a weekly tracking spreadsheet. We call it the Money Magic sheet, and I am including a copy below with actual numbers on it that one of my magnificent clients tracked in July. Used with her permission, of course. There are 4 different numbers to track each week: total hours worked, intro calls, new clients, and weekly income. We track the total hours worked, as there is a tendency for entrepreneurs to work more hours than we realize. It's okay to consciously work extra hours in certain weeks when we are really on a roll. We just want to [...]

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Send a demonstration of a process or procedure for FREE!

Jing by TechSmith is a service that lets you capture basic video, still images, and even animation and share them on the web.For example, let’s say you want to show someone how to naviagate a particluar website. Jing offers a simple and efficient way to visually and verbally communicate exactly the steps to take. In fact, every “HOW TO” Resource segment I share with you, my Virtual Assistant Jaimie has created with Jing. Another great feature about this FREE service is that the video can be accessed over and over again with a unique link which can be sent in an email, allowing your virtual assistant, clients, etc. to review as needed. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel [...]

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Schedule with ease with this TIMELY resource!

TimeTrade lets you share available times for potential appointments so your clients can pick the time best suited for them. This simple-to-use program integrates with either Outlook or Google calendar. Online appointment scheduling software is a big help to a coach for scheduling appointments with clients and prospective clients alike. And re-scheduling is a breeze. There is a free version as well as a number of paid ones that you can try 30 days for free. My assistant Jaimie, is going to share in this video on how you can use TimeTrade. Here is the link: HOW TO USE TIMETRADE I hope you enjoy this resource! You can access at timetrade.com. Save

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Select the perfect images for your marketing materials!

When posting your blog or designing your information products and landing pages, a photo can help make everything pop. Fotolia offers affordable creative imagery and gives you more than 20 million inexpensive royalty-free images. Fotolia is the first worldwide microstock organization to offer both crowd-sourced and professional images on one site. They have a vast community of artists, graphic designers, and a select list of well-known agencies to choose from. Tens of thousands of images, illustrations and videos are submitted every day. Here are 3 simple steps to purchase images from Fotolia: Create a free account Choose your purchase option Search and Download images at as low as .19¢ My assistant Jaimie, is going to share in this video [...]

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Affordable resource for your courses and preview events!

A leveraged way to build trust with your community - Instant Teleseminar! And each unique link is available immediately after the call. There's no uploading of audios or need for a VA to create links on pages. Try it for a buck! You get a unique URL, display slides and interact directly to answer questions in real time. The ability to record your events allows you to schedule broadcasts whenever you want and replay gives your clients a great resource. Being able to host up to 50,000 (!) participants in a Live WebCast makes this a very powerful tool. You have 21 days to use it for free with no risk or obligation to continue. There are a number of [...]

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What it Really Took to Get my MCC

The very first time I applied for my MCC was on June 30th, 2007.  The reason I know the exact date is that my beloved father died 2 weeks earlier. My dad had what I would term a 'good death.'  He had lived a good life, and was well-loved by family, friends and strangers alike.  He had grown up in a modest Italian neighborhood in Chicago. With only a high school GED, he started a company, and put all his kids through college. He went to daily mass, and became a member of the country club. He led a very fulfilled life. And... even though he had an exceptional life, and even with my experience as a hospice volunteer for [...]

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Consistently and effectively keep in contact with your prospective clients!

Would you like to easily keep track of potential clients' information with options to send emails and keep notes about your interactions with them? A history of activity is important to following up with both clients and prospective clients. Zoho is a free contact management system where you can keep a record on each person you contact. You will be able to see exactly when and how you have connected with them, all in one place. Just imagine following up with a prospective client and seeing a history of each email, phone call and resource you have sent them in the past. My assistant Jaimie, is going to share in this video how you can use Zoho to integrate your [...]

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