Hello!  Today I want to talk to you about asking a different question.  And the reason that this topic came about is because I had a couple clients in my Coaching Success Club who were asking questions that were not going to get them the answers they wanted.  And when we asked a different question, all of a sudden the answers appeared.

The first one was a seasoned coach.  She had done lots of speaking engagements on this one topic.  She had discovery sessions and some of the potential clients move forward and some of them didn’t.  And she really wanted a better result.  So she said, maybe I will create a second signature program, put that out there, do talks on that and see if it is better received.   And that’s a great idea actually.

So when she came into our coaching session.  I asked her a little bit about what she had done with that first signature program.  It turns out that she had done some of these discovery sessions, but she had not followed up… to the degree that I think it would be worth doing.

There’s so much noise out there.  There’s so many things happening that if you follow up, chances are that you will get more results.  Repetition creates recognition, is what I always say.

Then I asked her, “can you go back to all of those people and follow up at least a few more times?”  There’s a statistic in sales that says, 80% of sales are made in the 5th contact.  And so if you haven’t made five contacts, try making more contacts with the people that you’ve already been in touch with rather than starting out with another whole program.  And she got it and she said, “Oh gosh, this, this will make things so much easier than creating another whole program and doing all the rest of what that would take!”

So that’s one different question we asked. You know, the first question was “how I create my second signature program”.  But the different question was, “how do I follow up with the people from my first program to really make that connection, to go even deeper in relationship”.   As coaches you know, we love to go deeper.  So that was really resonant with her.

There was another coach, same kind of thing.  She posted in the Facebook community, in our coaching success club that she was starting a group.  She had sent out a couple of emails, two emails.  And she had a pretty big list for being a new coach. She also had a few people sign up for her group.  I think a couple of people signed up for the group.  But no one else had.  And she was wondering if she should cancel the group.  It was about three weeks away.   So her question was, “should I cancel the group or should I go ahead with these two people?”

The different question that I asked her was, “how could you follow up more with the people that you’ve actually already have talked to, and have sent those two emails? Can you send a few more emails? Can you look at your group and find some people that you want to be calling one on one, checking in with them?” Perhaps send a couple of emails, like one email you could send as a testimony of somebody that’s worked with you.  Another email you could send is a bullet points of benefits.  You can send another email with an article that’s related to what the group is about.

So the different question was, “how can I follow up more and deeper in an easier way?”  Because once she has all these follow ups done, all these emails created & this process created, she can do that for her next group and her next group & her next group.  So creating this follow up process may take a little bit of time for the first group.  But then after that, you can use it for any other group you want.

So this is why I say to ask a different question.   The truth is that when you’re stuck as a coach & when you don’t have that answer, lots of times it’s because the question that you’re asking isn’t the proper question for you to get the answer.  So think about rather than saying, oh, what could the answer be, look at the question.  And see if you can ask a different one and get a better answer for yourself and for your clients to, of course because you know the clients you’re seeking are also seeking you.  And so you want to help them find you.

There you have another tip 🙂  If you’re interested in being part of our coaching success club where I give tips like this and a lot more, go to coachingsuccessclub.com.  If there’s a list just put your name on there and will let you know the next time that the club is open.   Thank you for reading today.  Tips like these bring you success with ease and joy.