Are you seeing the forest or the trees?I had a very productive VIP day at my home awhile back with an amazing group of coaches who are bringing love and transformation to businesses and organizations.  The women in this group are beautiful and talented, and all very accomplished, with advanced degrees (2 have their PhD’s and one is working on hers).

And as smart as they are, their answer to one of the first questions I asked them astounded me.  When I asked them their intentions for the day, they all had some very specific and tangible outcomes that they wanted to walk away with.  Everything that they wanted was very do-able.

What surprised me was that my intention list for them was much longer and robust (and just as do-able).  In fact, all of our intentions for the day were met easily.  And there was lots of laughter and connection in the process.

It got me thinking about the metaphor of seeing the forest for the trees.   When it comes to my own business, it is easy for me to see the trees that are in front of me, and to overlook those that are further away.  And it was the same for this wonderful team.  They could see what was next:  the trees closest to them.  Yet, as their coach, I could anticipate what was beyond that: the trees that were further away in the forest.  And I could prepare them for what was coming up.

This is the value of coaching.  My own coach asks me questions and supports me to look beyond where I am seeing to what is up ahead that I have not thought about yet.  She prepares me for what I may have not anticipated, but is sure to come.

So, here is my challenge to you.   If you are working with a coach, ask what their intentions are for you.  You may be surprised.  The answer may take you to a place that is beyond where you can even imagine now.

And, if you don’t to have a coach to work with, send an email to and request an appointment for a complimentary strategy session.  I promise I will share my intentions for you with you, even after that first session.  And I bet that you may be surprised at what some of them might be.  :)

Wishing you a most wonderful week!